EWR airtrain to Manhattan Penn Station

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EWR airtrain to Manhattan Penn Station

We have a 7 and 1/2 hour layover in Newark, (2:30 - 10 pm) before leaving on an international flight on a Saturday evening. I have heard a little about the monorail and airtrain that connects to Manhattan Penn Station, but could really use some wise counsel on getting there and back. Could someone help me with the details of how this all works. I am a little nervous about Penn Station (being so big) and finding our train to get back. Also, what time would you leave Penn Station? Our luggage will have already been checked through from our 1st flight, and we will just have a backpack when we go through security, no other carry-on luggage. Are the trains usually busy on a Saturday evening? Thanks for your help!
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From Newark airport, you can ride the AirTrain to the Newark Airport train station. Then at Newark train station take the New Jersey Transit train into Penn Station. The NJT runs quite frequently to/from Manhattan.

The one and only time I used the AirTrain, one of their train was down, and it ended up taking over 45mins just to get from the Newark Airport station to the terminal. Obviously, that happens rarely, but just give yourself plenty of time.

Here is the Newark Airtrain website which can give you more details:
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The AirTrain is "free" when you ride it from EWR's terminals to the Newark Airport train station. I put "free" quotations because the cost is added to the AMTRAK or New Jersey Transit tickets when you buy those tickets.

I don't know about the other terminals, but at CO's Terminal, you can buy the New Jersey Transit ticket there before you ride the AirTrain. Or you can wait until you're at the train station. Either way is fine.

AMTRAK is going to cost a lot, so no reason to ride that into Manhattan. NJT is about $11.55. After you get off the AirTrain, you'll walk to the train station. Trains towards Manhattan will use platforms 1 and A.

From Manhattan, you can ride any of the NJT trains on the Northeast Corridor Line (train towards Trenton) or the North Jersey Coast Line (train towards Bay Head). They will likely use the same or adjacent platforms as the ones you arrive in New York Penn Station. So, just keep your eyes open when you get there and you'll know how to get back.
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In addition to that excellent advice, I must add that the trains stop at both

Newark Penn Station and
New York Penn Station

Don't get off at the first!
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While Penn Station is fairly large, if you follow the signs, you should have not problem getting out onto the street level. Simply follow the signs that direct you to 7th Avenue and you'll be in good shape. (Of course, you can connect to one of several subway lines if you have a particular destination in mind.)

When returning, simply come in the main entrance on 7th Avenue (under the large sign for Madison Square Garden) and follow the signs for NJ Transit/Amtrak. Both their trains leave from the same area.

Just be aware, there may not be a separate sign indicating "AirTrain" on the depature board as the Newark Airport Station is one stop on at least two separate train lines. There are usually uniformed NJ Transit employees near the departure gates and they can easily direct you.

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There are wonderful "greeters" at EWR to guide you through the process. It is relatively fast, although we waited quite a long time for the NYC bound train to come.
You will need to get back to EWR by at least 7:30PM and go through security. On a Sunday evening a month or so ago the lines were horrendous.
So doing the math, if you land at 2:30, leave the train station by 3PM, ride an hour=4PM, find your way out of Penn Station by 4:30PM, you may have an hour to do something before again finding the train, and possibly waiting for it.
For an outgoing international flight I am not sure you really have time.
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Penn Station sounds a lot more confusing than it is. The train ride is simple and exits are clearly marked.

I'm with Gretchen though, not sure with actual flight times if you really have enough time to do anything.

Good luck either way!
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I agree with the previous two posts: whilst 7.5 hours *seems* like enough time to nip into Manhattan and back to make your flight, in reality you'd be terribly pushed for time and clock-watching all the time. Penn station, as other respondents have noted, isn't too difficult to navigate, but under the circumstances I wouldn't fancy trying to find my way back to the NJT platforms.

Anyway, that's just me. If you decide to go for it, you're in pretty easy reach of Times Square and all the midtown stuff, and of course the Empire State Building is a couple of minutes from Penn Station.

Hope it all works out!
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Let me add the loyal opposition opinion - 7.5 hours is plenty of time for a quick jaunt into the city using the Airtrain. Purchae your RT ticket from the machine at the airport station (I also go with NJ Transit at about 1/2 the Amtrak fare), get a copy of the timetable and be sure you know what return train you will take. Once at New York Penn Station, walk outside, stroll midtown, grab supper and do some window shopping then head back. Saturday night is not particularly busy at EWR, you should not have to contend with large crowds. Do get back there, though, in plenty of time to get through security and to your gate.
Guess it comes down to a question of 7.5 hours in an airport versus 3 or 4 hours in Manhattan plus transit time. EWR is one of the nicer facilities, but 7.5 hours is a long time... as the song goes, "I'll take Manhattan"
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Be sure to check the Saturday train schedule. The are fewer NJ Transit trains on Saturdays.
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Just remember if your International flight is at 10:00 pm, you'll need to be checking in and going through security around 8:00 pm. Deduct two hours from that 7.5 and you now have 5.5, figure an hour each way for travel, work around the train schedules, usually 1 train per hour on NJT on weekend evenings, and you should have about 3.5 hours to do something in NYC. Good Luck!
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Thanks for the great response. VERY helpful. Ryan, you noted we could connect to a subway. Can you do that right in Penn Station, or do we need to go outside? We want to go to Battery Park and walk around the tip of Manhattan, overlooking the statue of liberty, etc. Which subway would work the best and which one back? Thanks!!
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The 1 or 9 subway line will take you all the way to lower tip of Manhattan, right in the general area of Battery Park. I think the stop is called South Ferry (You could take a free ride on the Staten Island Ferry right there if you had time and get a nice view of lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty).

The 1 and 9 has a stop inside Penn Station, so you won't have to walk outside. Just follow the signs inside Penn Station to the subway stop. Also make sure you take the Downtown subway train to get there or you'll end up in the Bronx. Then just take the Uptown 1 or 9 train to Penn Station when you want to come back.
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Topping the post you had from earlier this month. Maybe this might be more helpful then asking the same question as you'll miss some good info on this thread.
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Last Sunday I took the #1 subway to Battery Park. MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN ONE OF THE FIRST 5 CARS...we had a pretty good laugh afterwards...because instead of using the door between cars...we got off and ran to the next car...in a rush amid other people several times...I finally caught on when we were seated and I looked at the door between the cars. Our "Out of Towners" moment has been a humorous one to share.
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