Dou you tip MORE at luxury hotels?

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Dou you tip MORE at luxury hotels?

Normally, I do NOT. However, I just read an article that said the amount of the tip should depend on the type of hotel you stay in. You normally should tip more at luxury hotels.

So what say you? For me, I tip the following at ANY hotel:

Valet: 2.00 when he BRINGS me my car. Nothing when I drop it off.

Bellman: 2.00/2.50 per bag for bringing them to my room. Couple bucks more if he goes over the room with me. Nothing for taking it out of my car.

Room service: Nothing if tip is already included in bill.

Maid service: 2.00/2.50 per night.

Concierge: Never used them.

How much do you tip?

Do you change the amounts based on the type of hotel?
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I tip the same amounts as the original poster.
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If I'm staying at a $500-800/nt hotel, tipping the bellman $4.00 for delivering 2 bags would seem too little, while at a $100/nt hotel it is acceptable IMO. I will typically tip $10 for 2 bags at very nice hotels. I carry my own bags at cheaper hotels.
If you ask the valets and bellmen, I'm sure you'll find that the tips vary by hotel price range. I know I've personally seen the the difference in tip size at blackjack tables in Las Vegas. The higher the limit, the bigger the tips are (on average). I would think the psychology is similar, though the circumstances are obviously very different.
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It takes a valet a couple of minutes to bring you your car; it takes the bellman maybe 5 min. to bring your bags up and he has a cart. It takes the maid 10-20 minutes to clean up your room, more if you left a mess. You can cough up more than $2. for that.
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Ted, so you tip differently based on the hotel? Is it because you think the luxury hotel employees expect more or deserve more because they give better service?

soccr, your argument makes sense. I only tip what the norm is. I wonder though. Should housekeeping get more or the others less? But it does seem unfair that they get the same amount when housekeeping seems to do more work.
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We were at the Boca Raton resort last week,, and they add an 18% service charge on everything now; I bought a cigar at the bar for my husband and there was the 18% service charge, the transaction took 45 seconds. Even the spa adds it; of course not the gift shops, but I looked twice at the bill....

So we tipped no one except the bellmen.
I'll look at our bill for parking charges and see if the service is included on that; it would not surprise me.

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Good question, T-I-G. I hadn't given it any thought. The quality of service is indeed better. When a bellman delivers bags at a very nice hotel, I am typically given a brief tour of the room, rundown on unique amenities, they'll offer to layout or even unpack bags in some cases, offer to go get ice for a quick refreshment, etc. If simply delivering a bag is worth $2/bag, then I think the proportional increase to $5 at nicer hotels is primarily due to better and more complete service. In truth, I'm not sure I'd ever consider what the service people EXPECT to receive. More important is what is fair and what does the market dictate they should receive. I've occasionally tipped $20 for a couple bags to bell people who were not only genuinely accommodating, but funny/witty, and seemed to actually enjoy their jobs. I think it's important to reward people who go above and beyond the call and do so with a smile.
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Room service: When a hotel charges $4.00 delivery and 20% gratuity we don't tip. But if there is a 15% gratuity we may add a little more.

Valet: we are too cheap, we park our own car

Bellmen: $2 per bag

Maid: $5 first day, $2 every day ater

Concierge: only if they handle a big reservation for us, or go the extra mile

Doesn't matter if the hotel is luxury or not
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I stayed at a hotel where they said the tip was included in the "resort fee" and this also included the valet. But I was uncomfortable in not tipping the valet so I tipped him every time I asked for my car. None of them said a thing. I was too embarrassed to ask about it..even though I shouldn't of. Has anyone had any experience with this?
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Troy, I've stayed at places where they charge a resort fee, but don't recall them saying the tips were included in that.

I'd tip the valets anyway. Like you, I'd be too embarrassed not to.
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