Disney with triplets and 12 year old

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Disney with triplets and 12 year old

I avoided Disney for 57 years. Never had an interest in going and wasn't about to spend that kind of money for a trip like that. Give me Cancun, Paris Italy or anywhere else. But my DD wanted to take her family so I really didn't have much of a choice. I didn't even want to ask what this was costing her. There were 7 of us. 3 adults and 4 children.

We headed to the airport at noon. Our flight was leaving at 4 pm and that would allow us enough time to drive the 45 minutes and get us checked in. But Lord the day of was crazy. We had gotten everything packed and ready days before, but bathing, dressing, feeding and loading everyone into a rented van was exhausting. I was ready for a nap by the time we got to DTW.

Unloading 11 pieces of luggage was a feat within it's self. But we did it. Checking in was much smoother that we thought it would be. The triplet's were out of their mind excited. We needed a wheel chair for Gage, as he has Cerebral palsy and wears braces up to his knee's and it would be too much on him to walk to the gate. Of course the wheel chair was on the other side of the check in terminal. But we grabbed it and got through security quickly. Now unto the gate that was on the back 40. We had to take a tram and that was exciting for all the kids. Once we reached the gate everyone was hungry again and they all headed to get a snack while I watched the luggage.

Side note. My DD booked the airfare through Expedia flying on Delta. And since it was the lowest class seats we were not able to book our seats together on Expedia. But, a huge shout out to Delta who I called like 5 times, made an exception and arranged for all of us to sit together. Well, not my seat as the seating was 3 3. I was seated behind them and that was perfect. Now mind you I was having nightmares about the kids flying for the first time. You know, screaming fits, not wanting to sit next to this one or that one and so on. They were angels! The flight crew was so impressed. And it did help that each kid had a TV in front of them to watch movies, games and music. We did bring ipads, but no internet. So that was so in our favor.

The Triplets thought they were getting a meal served to them. My fault! I showed them youtube video's of plane rides and they got the idea off that. But we had snacks and the Flight attendants couldn't say no to the request for one of each snack. And of course they all got Delta wings to wear. They were totally thrilled at that.

I must say that our flight was delayed for almost an hour because some moron ran over the water line that was filling up the tank on the airplane. So they had to wait to see if they had a replacement part. Which of course was no where to be found so they ended up draining what water was in the tank and we had no water for the flight. They filled the sinks up in the bathroom with wipes and off we went. Of course each triplet HAD to use the bathroom on the plane. I took Erika (the baby of the triplets) into the bathroom and she freaked out a little bit when she seen the toilet. But she did her business and back to her seat. Of course not without saying hello to everyone down the aisle.

We landed pretty smoothly and getting off the plane was a chore. We had 8 pieces of luggage to take with us off the plane. Jaxon the middle triplet has had open heart and has a trach and a feeding tube, so we have to carry an emergency bag and a suction machine. Thank God that isn't considered a carry on, but never the less, trying to keep 4 kids together and all this luggage was a challenge. But we finally got off the plane and to retrieve the rest of our luggage. We found a cart and loaded that sucker up and followed the signs to our Disney transport. All the while I was saying the rosary under my breath...The stress level was mounting for my DD.
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Keep going!!
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I'm impressed already.......keep it up !
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Getting to the Disney transport seem like it took forever. But we finally made it just to stand in line to find what number bus we had to take. Lucky #7 to Pop Century Resort. The bus was just about full when we boarded. None of us really got to sit together and there wasn't much to see at this point as it was dark and 8:30 pm. We made a stop at another hotel and we were able to move around and sit with each other. When we arrived at the resort there wasn't anyone out to help us with the luggage. I wasn't impressed. And oh Lord the line to check in was huge. My DD got in line and my SIL and I took the kid's to the dining hall to feed them and get them out of the way. That dining hall is huge. We were able to get them some mickey mouse waffles and bacon which seemed to keep them busy. My SIL and I shared a Quiche. By the time we were done my DD had gotten our room number and we didn't need a key as we had the bands. We lugged all of our tired bodies to one room as we were going to be moved to our new rooms in the morning. The room we had for the night was on the 4th floor. That was not really working for us as my GS couldn't do stairs. We took the elevator.

The room was small and not updated and the 7 of us slept (hardly) in 2 queen beds. I could have slept in the hallway I was so tired. I should have taken a picture of us. What a sight.

I was up at 5 am and dying for a cup of coffee. I took a shower and was at the dining hall with many other's waiting for the gate to open and let us in. The coffee wasn't bad at all. We had the Disney cups that you could refill all you want. But there was no way I was drinking coffee out of a plastic up. So I asked for a hot cup with a funny look from the cashier. There would be many more looks and questions about my request.. After 2 cups of coffee I went to wake up my DD so we could make sure all arrangements were made for us to move to our 1st floor renov. rooms. We got lucky and no one was in line. The ladies at the front desk tried to tell us that we were going to be in the room we had with one other next door. NO WAY. We have a child with CP and we had already made arrangement to have rooms on the 1st floor near the bus stops. So after a half hour all was arranged. The ladies asked us to have all our luggage packed to be moved. I wasn't too happy about that, but I just went along with it. We were going to be in the 90's building with connecting rooms. Thank God. We went back got everyone up and dressed and heading to our first breakfast with Lilo and Stitch..

This breakfast was one of many. But first we had to meet the company that was providing the stroller service in the lobby. We had reserved a single and double stroller. That was a God Send. Saved our butts many times. We also had to get a red handi cap sticker for Gage. That way we were able to get the stroller on the bus and have it anchored down instead of folding it up and holding unto to it. What bothered me about this is that people in scooter's thought they had the right away above handicap children. Disney is Stroller and Scooter [email protected]

Busses, Trams and boats...

Everywhere you go, it's gonna be a transfer crazy train. We caught the bus to the Ohana and then a boat to go to breakfast. The place was a madhouse. Ain't no 2 ways about it. And with 7 people and stroller's it was a lot of work. But the kid's loved every minute of it. I wasn't overly impressed by the breakfast. They give you a big pan full of eggs, bacon, sausage etc. It wasn't the greatest food, but the kid's had a blast. That's all that matters. Our server was wonderful. We asked for more bacon and he brought us a platter. And if I ever see another mickey mouse waffle, it'll be way too soon.

We ended up walking around after Pic's with Lilo checking out the hotel. By the time we got done taking the boat back to the buses I was ready for a nap. And so were the kids. We heads to Magic Kingdom and I was just like a kid. Totally impressed.
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Got ahead of myself here...

We ended up going back to the hotel after breakfast. It had been a long time getting there and out to the boats. We had read the news that the weather was going to be cold the next day (little did we know) and wanted to let the kids going swimming and rest up for the Hoop Dee Doo Musical. I'll get back to this my computer is acting up and I have to fix it.
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Great report so far! Looking forward to the rest.
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11 days at my DD and everyone including myself had the flu. Oh Lord, talk about sick. Thank God this didn't happen at Disney.

After swimming we went back to our room to rest up, shower and change. Once I was ready 2 of the triplets were asleep. And I mean dead to the world. So my SIL stayed with the kids while 3 of us went. Now we had to board a bus and take a boat to Pioneer Hall which was at the Campsites of Disney. It was so cold on the boat. And don't you know we got off at the wrong place. After going inside looking for this Pioneer has a host at the front told us it was on the other island. She also informed us we could take the trail if we wanted. It was a mile walk. That lady must have bumped her head. Ain't no way we were trucking a mile down a trail with a stroller. Thank God a boat was there and he didn't wait for anyone else to board and took us right over to the place we needed to be.

The line to get in was huge. But it moved really quick and we were escorted to the 2nd floor where they had a table for 7 set up. Side note...If you missed your reservation you are charged 10.00 per person. But our lovely waitress from Spain Nina informed us we would not be charged for the other 3. Whoo Hoo, that was a relieve.

The Hoop Dee Doo Musical is set up family style. Once we were seated and brought our drinks the food started coming. We were served in metal buckets..
Fried Chicken, Ribs, Mashed potatoes, Mac and Cheese, some dang good cornbread and much more. It was all pretty good. The only thing hot was the Fried Chicken. Then the show started. It was really fun! All kind of set in the early days of America and all comedy. My oldest GD just turned 12 and one of the actresses came up and had her stand up so everyone could say Happy Birthday, that was the highlight for her. Our Waitress feel in love with Jaxon, she couldn't get enough of him. He loves drumsticks and she brought him several of them. He has a trach and a g tube so whatever we can him to eat is a joy. We really loved this show.

Before it was over we were making a bee line to find a cab to go back to the hotel. We didn't want to repeat the boat/bus trip. However, we were informed by an employee that the buses go straight to Pop Century hotel. Thank God. So we made it to the bus stop and were one of the first people on. This is the first time I ever felt unsafe at Disney. The bus was loaded beyond capacity. I mean really packed. And it got unto the highway hauling [email protected]@. I was worried to death thinking if this bus crashes were dead for sure. I did the rosary most of the way.

We finally go back to the hotel. Cold and tired. One of the trip's was still sleeping. But not Erika. That's the one you want to keep sleeping. If she has a power nap, look out. Gage the other triplet slept 14 hours straight. Finally by midnight both rooms were quiet and I sat outside doing emails and smoking a cigar. I was so tired but my mind wouldn't take a break. Finally at 1 am I was out like a light.

We had a early reservation at The Crystal Palace for breakfast. I was up by 6 am, went to the dining hall for coffee and snuck back in the room and started getting ready. I woke up my DD to tell her how cold it was outside. In was in the 40's and we did not come prepared clothes wise. So she and I snuck out to by some clothes for the kids. Funny how the day before I didn't see gloves, hats or any cold weather clothes at the gift shop. Today it was stocked up with it all. We ended up buying each kid a sweat suit, hat, gloves and almost 500.00 dollars worth of clothes. When I pulled out my Am Ex my DD said "mom, this may be one you don't want to buy" but I had planned on buying the kids some little things through out the trip. So I would much rather buy them something they really could use. And this was it...

My DD and I got back to the room, woke everyone up and got them dressed in the new outfits. And I can tell you it was so cold when we walked out of the room. But the sun was shining and everyone was excited for Magic Kingdom.

The line for the busses were long, but we had the handi cap pass and were the first one's on. Some of the scooter people were not happy about that. It was something we would experience through out the trip. Whatcha gonna do?

Now, I totally understand the reasons for all the security. But those lines were out of control. We have to carry a suction machine and emergency bag where ever we go because of Jaxon. Having to go into the search bag line is a pain. And the magic bracelets didn't always work. We all ended up getting our pic's taken if further problems arise. I was ok with that. Especially when we all made silly faces for the pic.

Walking into the park was surreal. I have seen that castle for my entire life on TV and etc. But seeing in person was awesome. We couldn't just stand around an gawk, we had to run to our breakfast reservation.

I was really impressed with our breakfast here. Especially after that crappy one the day before at Ohana. This was totally different. Crystal Palace was very nice and they had hot chocolate for people waiting in line. We didn't have to wait to long before we were seated. We had a great waiter who was fantastic. My DD tipped every person that waited on us 20.00 when we were seated. Tip is included with all the meals we had, but hey, were in the restaurant business and we understand. We asked out waiter to bring a plate full of bacon for Jaxon right off the bat. And he was one happy boy.

The buffet was set up well. There was 2 sides to serve and that kept it from being mayhem. I was impressed with how clean and well run it was. All the food that I ate was hot and really good. But one again, if I see another mickey mouse waffle, I'll lose it.

The character's here were Winnie the pooh and crew. The kids went nuts when they came around. We got some awesome pictures. We never felt rushed while we were there. I can't say that about other reservations we had through out the trip. Finally after over an hour the kids were ready to see the park. I got a refill on my hot chocolate and off into the cold sunny day we go...

Thank god for that skip the line pass. It came in handy through out the trip. Because of our handi cap pass we were able to push the stroller right up to the ride. However, they have this who stroller moving around thing going on. You go into a ride and come out and your stroller has been moved. I figure out after a while that when people get off the rides and grab their stroller, the staff start moving the strollers around to make room. But if your not knowing that it can be scary looking for your stroller. I had read people will steal your stroller and that was confirmed by employee's at the parks. They said it happens mostly at the holiday's. Great Merry Christmas someone stole your stroller.

After walking around for hours we had a dinner reservation at Cinderella's Happily Ever after at Disney's Floridian Resort. They took a boat ride to get too. This place is huge and top shelf. The lobby is huge and we sat there for over an hour waiting. My DD actually fell asleep on the chair. I was so tired and kept thinking "I have to get through the next 2 hours awake and alert. Nap time would be great right about now.

They had the dinner set up in a room towards the back of the hotel. My GD Alyce and I went wondering around looking for the restaurant we were supposed to come back and have a one on one dinner later that night.

Finally they let us in the room. I was so not impressed. I thought it was a after thought kinda of deal with the hotel. But hey, it's about the kids. Our waiter was not so friendly and I really did not appreciate that. But Prince Charming and the rest of the staff made up for it. I'm in love with the wicked Step Mother. She was fantastic. Totally into her role. We got the biggest kick out of her mean act. My GD Alyce loved it. And so did the triplets. This was one of the rush, eat, pictures and sign the book place. But I was ready to leave at that point. And thinking of coming all the way back here later was bugging me.

We headed back to the Pop Century and going through security at the hotel was swift. We boarded a tram then a bus. I couldn't wait to sit in the hotel and relax.
There was no way I was going back out for dinner. My GD felt the same. So she and I walked around the hotel, had a little dinner at the dining hall that was totally out of control with people. I figured out once the parks were closed people came back and headed right to eat.

It was getting so cold outside we ended up going back to the room. Everyone was asleep. Jackpot! We just laid around and played on ipads and watched TV. It wasn't long before we both fell asleep.
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How old are the triplets?
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Wow! Just saw this! Can't wait to read your wonderful TR!
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I can't believe Alyce is 12 already! I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your trip report. How old are the triplets now?
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The triplets are 4 years old! And I can't believe it myself. They are like little adults. Smart beyond belief. They amaze me everyday. The grandbabies are my best friends. I hardly go to the restaurant because I'm at the point in my life I choose them over business. I didn't have that choice when my DD was growing up. I had to work 7 days a week. Hard to believe I was up almost everyday at 3:30 am for 10 years. Thank God those days are done. Well, at least I pray they are.

This trip was so stressful I was hoping my DD would cancel as she had been talking about it a few weeks before because the kids were sick AGAIN and now that I'm at Disney I was so glad she didn't. I'm truly impressed by everything we have seen and all the people we have interacted with who work for Disney. Especially at the hotel. Jaxon had picked up a stuffed animal from the stroller without us seeing him and as we were leaving the gift show my DD noticed it and made him get out of the stroller and go to the counter and say he was sorry. And as we were leaving one of the employee's came over and gave it to him and said it was on the house! I was so impressed and touched by it I cried as we were leaving. I truly was amazed at the loving way the lady had treated him. I was not happy with my DD making him go back and making a big deal of it. But, she reminded me that would be something I would do to her when she was growing up. And yes, I had to admit I would have. I was very hard on her and the results are showing all the time. She is me, but harder. Well, that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it...

Friday Jan 19 the proved to be a little warmer. Not much at first but better than the day before. Of course I was up early on the hunt for some good coffee. We did have a coffee machine in the room, but it didn't brew a strong enough cup for me. I was sitting there enjoying my coffee and people watching in the dining hall. It was started to get really busy and I knew I couldn't sit too long as we had a breakfast appointment at Epcot. I was really looking forward to Epcot. Heard and read so much about it.

My DD was up and getting the kids ready when I walked into the room. So I jumped right in and started helping. We had a lot to prepare as we had 2 reservations at the park that day. And we loaded 2 strollers up with stuff and backpacks and of course Jaxon's equipment. That was really a pain to carry around, but they are must have items. And they searched the heck out of that stuff at the parks. I thought it was a little over the top because they have special needs children everywhere and they could see we had a child with a trach. It's hard not to miss it and Gage being in braces up to this knees as well.

Finally we got to the bus stop and it was crazy! The line was huge, but once again Disney impressed me by having 3 busses in line to get all the guest's on the bus. We got on the second bus. The bus driver was super cool and got right out to lower the bus to load the double stroller. Gage was having a fit because he didn't want to sit in the stroller. He wanted to sit on the seat like everyone else. The bus driver was kind enough to load the stroller and let us take Gage out to sit with us. Folding the stroller is one thing. Folding that double bad [email protected]@ one was another. And the fact you had to take everything out of it to fold it up. But Gage got his way and tears were dried and he got to look out the window all the way there. I was one happy Mamaw.

Epcot had every line open to enter, but once again all our stuff had to be gone through. We now had a system. DD would get all the bags and go into the search line and we would all go through the no bag line. But it seems like it was taking forever to get through. So she had us head to our breakfast reservation a head. We kept saying we'd stay as a group no matter what but that didn't happen all the time. So the 6 of us went a head and finally found Akenshus Royal hall. We checked in but they wouldn't seat us until our party was all there. After a few minutes the kids and me were freezing. It was still cold outside though the sun was shining. The lady took pity on us and let us wait inside. Now I could see why they didn't let us in. The lobby was small and we couldn't get out of the way of the people no matter were we stood. After 10 minutes my DD made it. And they sat us down to the second worst breakfast.

But, they had all the princess' there and the kids loved it. This is another place that serves a big plate with all the breakfast fixing's. I don't like that as you just don't know when it was made and how long it's been sitting around. And those freakin mickey mouse waffles again! Our waitress was trying her hardest to do a good job but we could see she was overwhelmed and over her head. We asked a bus person for more bacon for Jaxon and it took forever. But finally the plate of bacon arrived and all was good. I didn't hardly eat. And the coffee sucked. But hey, it's not about me. And every park we went to had a starbuck's so everyday I got my grande latte with 8 sugars. Those places were always jammed out the door. Money making machines. I was jealous...If only I had that kind of business. Then I'd think...Watch what you wish for.

We were hurried out as they have these breakfast's timed so that the next wave can come in. As we left the line was massive. And the stroller game had begun already. We had to wade through a million strollers to find ours. But the day had warmed up. We started peeling layers away and it was going to be a great day!

There are not so may rides at Epcot and I did not keep track or journal about the rides. I do remember most of them, just not exactly where. We ended up walking back to the front to get coffee, Thank God my DD loves the Mamaw. A high school band had started to play music on a stage near there and all the kids got out to dance. I wish I could load the video here, it was awesome. People around us were amazed at them. They truly are beautiful. Yes, they have many moment's but all in all they are very well behaved. And my DD run's the family with the iron fist. "Like you did" is her answer when I question her. Once again, watch what you wish for...

After some rides and walking around it was time for our lunch reservation. I was really excited about this one. Epcot has food from around the world section and it was so cool. We were having lunch at Chefs de France! And my DD told me all the restaurants there have people from the country working in each place (I'm not sure I'm saying that right) and that was exciting. Hopefully I'd be speaking with some people from France. And yes, that's exactly how it was. Everyone at the Chefs de France are from France. My SIL speaks fluent French and I loved the fact he was speaking with all the people that waited on us in French. Our waiter was telling him about how they come to Disney for a year and earn a Visa to come back. Our waiter was from the south of France. Not only sexy and handsome, but very humble and he brought many other staff over to see the triplets who were repeating the French their Dad was telling them to say. Adorable!

I had Nicoise (?) salad which was outstanding. The waiter asked me did I know it had "raw tuna" on it. I said yes and thought I bet some of the guest's don't like it that way and likely get it and freak out a little. We had all the traditional French foods as well. French Onion soup, Beef Bourg, Veal, awesome Salads and of course French Desserts. I really think this was our best meal and we had such a good time there. Though the place was jammed outside with people waiting to get in, we never felt rushed and enjoyed our French pressed coffee.

The triplets were out of their mind tired at this point. My DD suggested they all head back to the hotel and Alyce and I could stay at Epcot and ride the bigger kids rides. Alyce was out of her mind happy. So while she watched a team of French people and mimes (?) out in front of the restaurant, me and DD went through all the bags and got stuff ready for them to leave. We had bought a ton of stuff for the kids there and we had like 8 Disney bags stuffed. We had to repack everything so it would be easier for my DD and SIL to handle everything. When that was all done off they went. I felt a little sad breaking up our little team, but the look on Alyce's face was priceless.
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Epcot is pretty huge. Where to start? I ask Alyce..So what would you like to do? Of course she wants to do a few rides. They are way up front so we decide to walk around the nations. Were in France which by the way is done very well. Can you close your eyes and think your in France? No! But the gardens and buildings are done beautifully.

We start by heading to Morocco. We see a lady doing Henna so of course Alyce wants Henna on her arm. She picks a design and of course it seems everything you want to buy starts out at 30.00, no joke. So by the time the lady is done it's 40.00 tip included. Ok, now unto Japan. We get lucky and watch a show done by 3 women. They are playing these huge drums and it's great. We look around the buildings that are very well done in design. I ask her does she want a shot of Sake and we laugh and move on. We pass on the American Adventure cause hey, were already on the American Adventure and head to Italy. Then to Germany, China, Norway and my sweet Mexico. We just browsed and moved on. Now unto a ride she wanted to do. Mission Space.

Now there ain't now way I'm getting on any ride that may be like say...The tilt a whirl. I went on every ride but 2 cause I was worried about getting sick. I had a bad experience years ago and I won't take any chance. So I think this one may have some kind of whirling so I pass and take a seat while she goes in. She's back within 25 minutes. She said it was a "Joke". Great all this and she wasn't happy with it. While I was waiting I kept hearing car's roaring above my head. It's a test track by Chevrolet. I tell Alyce, hey let's check this one out. So we walk over (missing that fast pass right about now) and get in line. 1/2 way through they announce that they have having a problem with the ride and it would be fixed soon. People start heading out exit doors and we decide we've waited this long let's hang in. Within 10 minutes the line starts to move again. It's really cool too. You start by building your own car and all this high tech stuff that Alyce is really into. Maybe we have an engineer on our hands.. When we finally get to the ride itself it's a car that rides on a track from in the building to the outside back into the building. It was fast and when we got outside on the track we were doing close to 68 miles an hour. AWESOME! We had a great time. And as we left we got to see our results and they have you exit through a Chevrolet showroom. So I got pic's of Alyce in all the cars/suv and head out to go back to the hotel. She's been dying to get our portrait done at the hotels lobby. So we board the bus and back to the hotel we go.

The guy in the lobby is doing the funny portrait's of people. He's really good and we wait our turn. He does Alyce first and then me. I'm wearing the Chewbacca hat my DD got me as that is my favorite of Star Wars. The portrait comes out beautiful. 50.00 dollars later we go into the madhouse Dining hall so she can get an ice cream and more junk. I'm praying at this point the kids are asleep as we walk back to our room. As we go into our side of the connecting rooms there sit's Erika on one of the beds waiting for us. All she wanted was to sleep with Mamaw. Can't say no to that. The rooms are trashed. Clothes and pizza boxes. What the heck happened? My DD and SIL were exhausted and let the kids have a free for all. We'll clean up in the morning...
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Are you the former “Mamaw”?!!I remember you!!

also wanted to say we should all have your positive attitude!
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Yep! I'm the Mamaw from before here on Fodor. I couldn't acsess my old account, total bummer. So I had to,start a new one. Thank you for the compliment. Staying positive is my motto. Most times I can, but other times I can just lose it. But, I'm the Mamaw and someone has to stay level.
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Soo Sorry it's taken so long to finish this. Triplet's have had the flu 3 times this season. This last round was horrible. I have never seen kid's throw up and poop like this EVER! I' m pretty sure people just send their kid's to school sick and it's a plague. And my DD home was plague infected. We told everyone not to come in the house. Everyone got this last round expect for me and I'm scared to even mention it for fear of getting it.

I can hardly remember where I left off, I have to refer to our reservation notes.

Minnie's Seasonal Dine at Hollywood and Vine. What a dump. Sorry to say it, but that place seemed dirty and I really didn't even want to eat there. I was already full from breakfast at the hotel and I feel bad as my DD has paid for all these meals upfront. The place is a total madhouse. Kids running everywhere, touching the food and desserts. All I kept praying for was Mickey and Minnie to get to the table and get this over with. Our waitress was flush, sweating and so overwhelmed. I truly felt so sorry for her. She did her very best. She made the huge mistake of bringing one flashing plastic light bulb to the table in Alyce's drink. That was holy hell! Finally she scrapped up 3 more for the triplet's. Thank God, that could have been a terrible scene.

Finally we could get free of that place. We had a dinner reservation at 50's prime time but ended up cancelling Thank God and going back to the hotel so we could chill and take the kids to the pool.

We got back and got all the kids ready and headed to the pool. It was beautiful and the pool wasn't too crazy. While Alyce hung out with some kids playing pool volleyball and Gage sat on the side of the pool watching I took the other 2 to get their faces painted and buy some chips and a strawberry smoothie to share. As I got the kids stuff all set up on a table in the pool area they ate some chips and wanted to swim. So I let them just doogie paddle around where I was sitting. They had on life jackets the whole time so I wasn't too worried about them. But then....Jaxon's trach plug fell off when he got water in his mouth and I totally freaked out. I ran over and jumped in the pool clothes, shoes and all and throwing down the smoothie I had in my hand. A man who was right behind Jaxon could see the situation of me jumping in the pool and calling his name. The man grabbed Jaxon by the life jacket and lifted him out of the water. I was able to grab the cap/plug as it's bright red and get it back on him. The lifeguard had seen this whole thing and jumped in after me. I got Jaxon out of the pool to check him and the lifeguard and 2 hotel people came along with me. They were as freaked out as me. I told them all was well and a really nice hotel employee came back to the table with another smoothie. They were very concerned and sincere. I was really impressed. The lifeguard said he was so glad I was paying attention to my children as lots of parents don't. I didn't say I was the Mamaw.

I had told my DD and SIL to go out and have some fun earlier and I would take care of the kids. Thank God nothing bad happened as I always say "not on my watch". Alyce was having a great time with the friends she had made so I ended up taking the triplet's to the kiddie pool as it was movie night and I wanted to be near the area where the movie was being shown.

As much as I tried I couldn't convince anyone to eat dinner. They were having way too much fun. Finally the movie was about to start. I got myself and the triplet's all set up front row when one of the girl's running the movie came over and asked if the triplet's could intro the movie. How cute! They had the Hollywood thing that you snap and say action. So the kid's got up and took turns saying "light's, camera , action!" and got to snap. It was a fight who was going to do the snapping. So they all got to take turns. Right before the movie started the girls running the show came over with the board they had snapped all filled out with the kid's name and date. That was Awesome. I am so impressed with Pop Century hotel. Total class act. They even had popcorn for the kids and I was over the moon because they had cheese popcorn, the only kind Jaxon will eat. Let the show begin. We all lined up in the front row and the triplet's were so good. 1/2 way through the movie my DD walks up. I'm like "what are you doing here" and she said they were bored without all of us. Are you kidding me? So she laid down on my chair and we watched the rest of the movie.

Alyce made a friend. She came over and introduced him to all of us. OMG, she's growing up so fast. The boy she met is from Texas and she wanted to know could she change and go hang out with him in the arcade until 9 pm. I was all for it, she's a good girl and has a good head on her shoulder's . We met the Dad and Grandpa and her mom agreed. Alyce was so cute. She went and got all cleaned up and took off before he mom could change her mind. DD and I had a long talk about letting Alyce have a little more freedom.

When I was growing up I was able to run the neighborhood until the streetlights came on. We were able to go to the store when we wanted and hang out at other people's houses. Alyce gets to do none of these things. My DD won't let her walk up to 7/11 for a slurpee. She's not allowed to ride her bike off the block or go into anyone's house. I understand these are crazy times, but I feel like she should have some freedom. But my DD is really tough on her (My DD throw's it at me all the time about how I was so hard on her) and gives her little rope to work with.

Alyce is back at the hotel room before 9. She had a wonderful time. I was hoping she could hang out again tomorrow, but the family was going home in the morning. They come to Disney a lot as it's not too far for them travel wise. Alyce thought that was awesome. We stayed up late just talking. We didn't have anything planned until noon the next day. Thank God. I was a beat.

Of course up early on the hunt for coffee. I sat alone in the dining room just thinking about what a great trip we were having. It's Monday morning and we leave tomorrow. I was dreading all the packing up and getting to the airport with this crazy 7 person caravan, but on the other hand I just wanted to enjoy the rest of the time we had together.

I got back to the room and woke everyone up and SIL and I took all the kids to breakfast at the dining room while DD took a shower. We are headed to Livery Tree Tavern for lunch. I picked this place out so it better be good. so it was off back to Magic Kingdom for lunch.

We got back from breakfast and loaded everything up and go the kids strapped into the strollers and off we went to the buses. The bus area wasn't too crowded and either was breakfast. Monday's are a little slower according to the bus driver who was super sweet with the kids. He said "they are so well behaved" we didn't say otherwise.
Magic Kingdom enter wasn't crazy at all. We got right through. We were 2 hours early and wanted to enjoy the park and let the kids run off breakfast. We went on a few rides, bought some toys and candy. Finally it was time for lunch.
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Mar 18th, 2018, 11:58 PM
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Figures. I'm home for one last night and I can't sleep. So might as well do some of this trip report. And my computer is slower than the traffic here on I 94 at rush hour.

Finally time for our lunch at Liberty Tree. The place is a total zoo. But, they have a place for the kids to sit down and color, that's good. After about 15 min after our reservation time we get seated. Another place that looks dirty and the bathroom ain't so pretty. And the lock on the door is just a hook in the eye. And of course everyone has to go to the bathroom. so that is many trips. We finally get all settled and decide to go with the family meal. My word it's a ton of food. We are served a big bowl of salad and the lettuce looks like it's been around the world at Epcot. But we are all hungry and dig in. Then here comes all the food. Turkey, Pork, Beef, Potatoes and green beans. And I must say the food is pretty good. But just way too much. We ain't getting no carry out bag to haul around. I wouldn't recommend this place unless your a huge group and really hungry.

We got our broad together and headed out into the park. Our last day and we wanted to make the most of it. But we took a vote and everyone wanted to go back to the hotel and swim. That was totally fine with me.
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Mar 19th, 2018, 04:09 AM
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Great report. Disney World is wonderful but exhausting!
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