Cancun, all inclusives

Aug 21st, 2003, 02:22 PM
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Cancun, all inclusives

My husband and I would like to travel to Cancun over spring break with our two sons, ages 13 & 16. We would like to stay at an AI as they like to sleep in and we like to be up reasonably early. The reviews on RIU sound wonderful and I am leaning toward this but wonder if anyone has had any experience with the Xpu-Ha Palace AI. I have found info on their web site and the little "huts" look like fun, but I have not been able to find anyone who has stayed there. My questions are as follows:
1. Has anyone had any experience at the Xpu-Ha palace and is it appropriate for my family?
2. Would the RIU provide enough for teens to do at the beach, and how is the beach?
3. What have your experiences been regarding the "spring break" drinking binges with teens and young adults. We are definately not interested if we will have loud partiers keeping us up all night
4. What about the water, drinking etc. and cleanliness of the resorts? Can you request ice in your drinks or will you regret it?
Thank you will any help you can provide me!
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Aug 21st, 2003, 07:01 PM
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I'be been to Cancun numerous times, but never have stayed at Xpu-Ha. The RUI was just being completed when I was there in March, so don't know about that one either, although what I saw on line is beautiful. Didn't encounter many spring breakers. Have only stayed at Camino Real in the Hotel Zone, and Hotel Margaritas downtown. The RUI beach is facing Isla Mujeres, as is the Camino Real. The beach is great, calm waters because it's on the protected side facing Isla Mujeres. Always have ice in my drinks everywhere in Cancun with no problem and always use ice from the ice machine at Camino Real. Still have a tendency to drink bottled water, though, even though the hotels in the Zone have potable water. This hotel doesn't allow spring breakers so never have problems anytime I go. Not sure of the cleanliness at other hotels except at the ones where I stay, and they're meticulously kept. Only time I ever became ill was during a trip to Chitzen Itza.
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Aug 22nd, 2003, 07:48 AM
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As most everyone knows on this board, Cancun Palace is my favorite place to stay - because the hotel is very nice, immaculate, the pool area is great, the food is great and the beach is large and very nice. They have two 18-hole miniature golf courses on the property, excellent activities director with something going on for everyone. Xpu-Ha Palace is pricier and not as nice in general, in my opinion.

The RIU looks very nice. I have not been to Cancun since it was completed but had friends who went there the first part of July and they loved it. They said everything was very nice and the food was good. They have a nice beach, small, but nice.

Most of the upscale resorts have purified water systems and the water is safe to use and drink. So are the iced and frozen drinks. In all the years I have been going to Mexico, I have not become sick from anything I ate or drank at the hotel. Stick with bottled water when away from the hotel just to be safe.

Personally, I tend to stay away from Cancun during Spring Break time because of the crowds. If you will do some checking, there are several resorts that do not allow students during this time. Most of the spring breakers stay in the hotels in the northern end of the hotel zone. If you book something in the southern end of the hotel zone, you can probably avoid many of the partiers and revelers unless you venture out from the hotel. There may be a few at your hotel but if you ask for a room on a higher floor, you should be able to escape the occasional "noise."

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Aug 23rd, 2003, 09:50 AM
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I just got back from staying at the Moon Palace for 8 days and would not recommend the palace resorts to anyone. I was there last May and had such a good time my husband and I went back this August with another couple. A lot has changed in a year. It wasn't as clean and not as accomodating as it was last year. We had a problem at check-in, requested to speak to a manager, and were treated very poorly until we requested a phone to contact our travel agent to transfer to another hotel. We booked our trip 7 months in advance, requested a certain section in the resort to stay which was close to the pool and lobby and were told it was no problem, we would have the rooms we requested. When I finally got to a phone to call my travel agent, they found two rooms across from each other, but not in the area we requested. And they shrugged it off like what do you want us to do about it. The "so-called" manager said something to the girl helping us in spanish then said "I'm going to lunch" without a care whether we stayed or left. The service at breakfast and lunch was very poor and the lines to get into dinner at night had no rhyme or reason. It was basically the first who pushed to the front of the line got in, period. I would not suggest taking your children there if you're from the US. A lot of European women thought it was ok to sit by the pool topless, even though there was a sign by the towels to please keep your tops on. I was only offended when there were young children around, especially because all the young boys felt it necessary to keep circling the topless women. I thought it was very inappropriate. We had ants in our room the entire week and were given a can of raid when we called the front desk and our shower was broken, even after someone came to fix it. As for the Cancun palace, we had gone over there one night on the way into town and I personally found it worse than the Moon Palace. When we got there they had a contest going on right in the lobby of people doing body shots at the lobby bar and they had no air conditioning in the lobby. It was definitely a "party hotel" and not very family oriented. I would defintely not stay at a palace resort again.
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Aug 25th, 2003, 07:13 AM
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devitoc - I am so upset by your post. I just booked the Moon Palace for November - my husband and I and our 3 year old son. I was so looking forward to our trip. What am I going to do now? Now I'm just going to worry about it.
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Aug 25th, 2003, 07:37 AM
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Mrs. Molly, please don't worry about your upcoming stay at Moon Palace. It is a huge resort and I'm sure for every one person who thinks it's a horrible place, there are a hundred or more who had a wonderful time during their stay.

Just keep a positive attitude and enjoy your vacation. Cancun is a great vacation spot.
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Aug 25th, 2003, 08:32 AM
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I hear great things about the Riu in Cancun it is right nect to Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach which is a great beach small but the ocean is so calm there, It is also a great location,right across the street is a mall there is a lot to do with your sons. I would definitely try it. Keep looking on this web site and also try trip Good Luck
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Aug 25th, 2003, 10:11 AM
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Sorry, but I just posted my opinion of my second trip there. My first trip was wonderful last May, that's why we decided to go back. I'm sure it had a lot to do with the time we chose to go. Since you're going in November, it will be the off season there and hopefully will not be as crowded and the staff can be more attentive. Sorry if my post made you worry. I didn't try to ruin anyone's vacation, I just wanted to let people know exactly how I felt about the Moon Palace this August. It just wasn't up to par.
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Aug 25th, 2003, 10:15 AM
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Mrs Molly, the Moon Palace is said to be a European resort which means that topless is tolerated. Any travel agent should know this and inform their clients. The Moon Palace in August was 100 % full so I guess the manager had a difficult time trying to place someone with a special request so that they can just save a few steps everyday after all you would think they would want to walk a little more to work off the all you can eat.
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Aug 25th, 2003, 11:03 AM
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Just a reply to Dondiega and anyone interested - There was a sign at every towel counter in every language possible (it seemed) asking women to keep their tops on as it was a family resort and topless would NOT be tolerated.
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Aug 25th, 2003, 11:36 AM
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Well, I stayed at the Cancun Palace and there were no such signs and there were no topless at the pool either, so what does that tell you.

I did visit the Moon Palace and there were multiple topless at the pool and at the beach but it did not look like it was causing a disturbance at all, despite the signs it was well tolerated.
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Aug 25th, 2003, 11:49 AM
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Dondiega: We usually stay at the Cancun Palace and I have not noticed topless sunbathing around the pool. There is a spot close to the beach where I have seen an occasional topless sunbather but not often. My best friend honeymooned at Moon Palace last year and was commenting on the topless sunbathing going on around the pool area. Other friends I know who have been to Moon Palace at other times have commented on it as well. I hadn't thought about the European aspect of it which would make sense since they think nothing of the topless issue.
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Aug 27th, 2003, 01:50 PM
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In response to the comment that the Cancun Palace was a real Party Place and I would not take my family there and that the lobby was not with AC. It's true the lobby did not have AC and it was hot but what can you do. Its true almost every night they did have some type of contest in the lobby for the young people and young people at heart and after the contest they had a great latin band. Would I call that a part place? Absoulutely not, after the contest was over which was about 9 or 10 o'clock the majority of the young people and families went to their rooms. After that there was not many people left in the lobby till 1 am when the bar and band closed down. I certainly would not call that a party place, it was just a lot of families and young people having fun. Yes in town there were clubs where people went to party to the wee hours of the morning but not at the Cancun Palace, you couldn't get a drink past 1 am.

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Aug 27th, 2003, 01:52 PM
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Im not saying that those contest's were my style but it was just a good feeling being around people who were enjoying themselves and having fun, I didn't see one person who was looking for a problem with this at the Cancun Palace. As a matter of fact some people told me that they stayed at the Moon before but now would never stay there after staying at the Cancun Palace because it was more fun.
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Aug 28th, 2003, 05:33 AM
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We stayed at Cancun Palace with a 13, 16 and 21 y.o., and they all thought it was the best. There were no drinking contests going on when we were there.The beach, pools and food were all good here, and we would definetly return again.
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Aug 28th, 2003, 07:39 AM
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Bottom line is if you don't want topless- stay in Cancun(which is very American) if no top (or occasionally... nada!)is OK with you - go South to Riviera Maya(more diversities).
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Aug 28th, 2003, 10:17 AM
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Dondiega - Didn't you already respond to my post a couple of days ago? Or do you just go through these message boards looking to disagree with everyone? We know you've already been to Cancun Palace and know everything about it. I was just stating my OPINION of MY trip from two weeks ago. I didn't post on this board for confrontation from anyone. It was more of an FYI for people that have planned a trip to the Moon Palace.
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Aug 28th, 2003, 03:49 PM
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Devitoc, yes I did respond to your post a couple of days ago but about a different subject than what I responded to about this time. I felt compelled to respond this time because you only spent minutes in the Cancun Palace and I spent 9 days and I wanted my opinion to be heard because I felt that your few minutes of knowledge could not give justice to what was really happening at the Cancun Palace, there is no possible way you could know, its not your fault. I believe that this is what this forum is for to express different opinions and I did just that and I am sorry that you are displeased that I disagree with you. Furthermore your displeasure with the manager of the Moon Palace I find is a lack of sensitivity to the life of the Mexican people. These people may make just a couple of hundred dollars a month and I can imagine that it is difficult for them to feel for you when you are in an outrage because your rooms are not steps away from the pool or lobby. And probably seeing you do a dance with getting your travel agent on the phone at that time is an embarrassment to the American people.
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