Zurich Airport Hotels

Jul 8th, 2002, 05:15 AM
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Hello Deb,

What, are you nuts??? If I start exploring Italy, I'll probably get addicted to that, too, and then where will I be? No, a singular addiction is enough for this lifetime. There's still so much of Switzerland I need to see!

Do you see your Luzern Train Station post now? It's in the top 30 this morning, and Ursula and Shannan have given some good ideas. Unfortunately, I don't remember much about the station itself, so I don't have any positive suggestions. The best I could do in your situation was suggest meeting at the head of a track -- #1 for instance. Not much imagaination there!

Now, let's see, I think there's a door in this house somewhere . . .

Jul 8th, 2002, 05:36 AM
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By the way, S', I forgot to tell you that when I arrived and departed from the Zurich Flughafen several weeks ago, I thought about you each time -- remember your fine tale about searching for the grocery store? (Deb, it's on the second Support Group thread I think)-- Well maybe "fine tale" is overstating it a bit, but for those of us who think wandering around that absolutely wonderful airport is 'living', well it was a dandy vignette.
I don't think you've ever mentioned visiting the Heimatwerk shop at the airport. It's one of my favorites, though I look more than buy. They've got a website and I think four shops in Zurich itself.

I'm drinking my morning coffee as I write; sure wish I had some of the breads, cheese, liverwurst, ham, softboiled egg, yogurt (that WONDERFUL yogurt) with musecli (not a chance that I've come near the correct spelling on that one, granola?), homemade preserves from apricots or raspberries. oh help. J.
Jul 8th, 2002, 06:20 PM
Deb Seidler
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JW and S,

As it turns out, I actually found my way out of my front door today, and the only thing saving me from severe withdrawal symptoms was to log back on this evening. As you can see I am still a little green at this, so thanks for letting me know that someone had responded to my Luzern train station question. Can't wait to get my eyes on that smoking dog! If you can please let me know what you mean by the second Support Group thread I'd love to read S's story about searching for the grocery store in the airport. You have me worried that I may have to alter my entire itineray due to an unprecidented shopping opportunity!
I will definitely be in touch with you once I return from my trip, which as you know by now, includes a 2 week stay at a Villa/Farmhous in Tuscany. There are 16 of us staying at this place, which is apparently a working farm that happens to have a cook, a maid and a swimming pool! Our own little hotel of sorts. The large number in our group has made it very cost effective and as you can imagine, because the group is so very large, it has already gone through a natural breakdown process into smaller pods. So no worries about traveling in a herd! Although I was not responsible for booking the Villa you can check out the various properties at www.vbella.com We are staying in Villa La Gigliola with the attached Farmhouse Gigliola Torre. (click on Country Rentals)
Well, I must attend to some life things....like my dogs......I can't recall if I have fed them for the past 4 days!
Ci Vediamo
Jul 8th, 2002, 07:08 PM
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Hi Deb. My goodness, I hope you intend to keep a journal of your trip. 16 people? What stories you'll have to tell.

By the way, the threads are "Support Group for Those Who Love Switzerland" and the same title plus "Part II". Maybe if you search for "Support Group" plus Switzerland, they will both come up. I'm not very accomplished at the search process at this forum. Be warned, though, you'll need plenty of time with nothing better to do. J.

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