What to wear in October...

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What to wear in October...

My husband and I will be in Venice, Rome, Florence and Milan (in that order) from October 26-November 5. What should we pack? I was thinking 1 pair of jeans, 1 long skirt, a few pairs of khakis and black pants for bottoms. I was thinking a few long sleeve shirts and sweaters for tops. What do you think?

Also, please recommend a pair of comfortable walking shoes that I can pick up locally (department store, or DSW) or order online to arrive before we leave.

Thank you so much!!!
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Are you really planning to take a brand new pair of shoes? Won't your feet prefer an old, well broken-in pair? Mine would, definitely.

Add a rainproof jacket, an umbrella, a warm sweeater/fleece and a pair of warm socks to your list. The latter will mostly be needed indoors. Italian landlords don't switch on the heating before Nov 1, and I would not rely on hotels to be more generous, so prepare for chilly rooms with stone pavement.

Italians dress up much more than, for example, Americans. If you and your husband are plannung to visit a theatre, a concert, or a fancy restaurant, bring appropriate evening clothes.
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I would lean more towards the black pants rather than khakis. We were there last winter and I never wore the khaki trousers I took. Maybe it had to do with the black coat wore, but everyone was wearing jeans or dark pants.

As for shoes, twice I've taken "new" shoes on a long trip. One was my Merrell slip-ons...I could walk 20 miles in them.
The other was a pair of Sesto Muecci boots. Very comfy.
I ordered both online, but had tried them on at a shoe store before ordering.
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I agree with the clothing suggestions here (and ditching the khakis).
I wouldn't order good walking shoes on line. There are many good brands; I like Merrells too, but others swear by Mephistos or Eccos or any number of others. You really do need to try them on, and walk in them a bit in the store, wearing a typical sock.
Bring bandaids with you anyway; even the best shoe in the world can suddenly irritate a hot or sweling foot after miles of walking.
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I agree w/ ditching khakis and not taking brand new shoes. Darker is better - and hides dirts better.

I'd take the absolute most comfortable 2 pairs of shoes you own now. even if they are not terribly stylish, and are a bit worn.

Unless you can go out in the next day or two, buy a pair and wear them nearly every day from now til the 26th . . . .
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I'm leaving Friday for Umbria and packing:

1 pair of cream-colored corduroys
1 pair of lightweight stretchy jeans
1 pair of lightweight tan "travel pants" all kinds of zippered and velcroed pockets and compartments

1 mid-calf-length tiered dark green medium-weight skirt
three long-sleeved jerseys
1 ruffly long-sleeved blouse
two lightweight form-fitting sweaters
1 heavier cardigan

1 pair of Aerosole short boots with 1" heel
1 pair of "fashion sneakers" I bought in Rome last summer
1 pair of suede flats with good rubber soles.

I'm wearing a leather jacket and have a very lightweight rain parka with hood.

All fits in a 22" rollaboard, too, including a few books and my toiletries.
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I agree about the marble floors. That's when polar fleece socks do the job. I even wear them to bed in Spain in Jan. I use them as slippers because they take up less space.
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You need some outerwear of some kind. A blazer, or jacket, or heavy sweater. I would not take khakis, rather dark jeans or pants.

I would go asap to a department store and try on everything they have in your size in the comfort lines... Merrills, Eccos, Aerosole, Clarke, Geox, HushPuppies have all worked for me in the past. You need to wear them around at least for a few days prior to your trip! I would take 1 2nd pair, something you already own and know are comfortable, even if that's your gym sneakers.
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I swear by my black fur lined Merrill clogs... I walked for miles in them right out of the store. Never once did they pinch or hurt my feet. Fit perfectly!! Kept my feet warm and dry!
I agree with basic black for most of your wardrobe. Dress it up with a scarf, which you'll need anyway to keep your neck warm.
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I've taken brand new shoes on trips several times, and had no problem. I don't think shoes should need to be broken in if they fit properly and are good quality. I've never owned a shoe that was comfortable after being broken in but was uncomfortable when new. I suppose if it were, I would never wear it long enough to break it in. Don't let any shoe salesman tell you differently, either, or give you the stretching nonsense about shoes that are too small. I do think it's important to wear a new pair of shoes at least one day before you travel, just so you know how they feel over long term, though, as sometimes things can seem comfortable just when you try them on, but aren't even over an hour. There are so many good pairs of walking shoes and everybody has different favorites -- I like Ecco, but find some shoes very uncomfortable that other people love, so you never know. Just go to a good store with a very good selection of walking shoes and try on a lot. I find DSW very hit or miss in that regard, but I guess that' because they get odd lots of stuff. They often won't have my size or very good selections, but they have some good brands at reasonable prices if they happen to have the style and size you want. Some of their shoes aren't really that much cheaper than in other places, though (like Clarks, which many people like a lot but I always find uncomfortable). You might try Naot or Dansko, also.
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Re pants: I agree-- drop the khakis. Bring something dressy as well-- Italians tend to dress up more so than Americans for dinners and evening activities.
As for shoes, try shoes by a company called Kean, They are fairly new to the market but you can find them everywhere--Nordstoms and Macys especially. They are SUPER comfortable and lightweight and somewhat fashionable.
Also, maybe bring a pashima wrap and don't forget an umbrella. Have a fabulous trip!
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How old are you? What physical shape are you in? Do you walk to the supermarket or drive? Is this a 4/5 star trip or a budget outing? Why aren't you wearing 'comfortable walking shoes' now? Set up a spreadsheet... I note that you will be travelling/in transit for 6 0f your days. Do you have a 'travel uniform'? Charles Lindbergh travelled the world with a 20 pound personal luggage allowance!
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By now you probably got the idea you need to rethink this packing thing. Couple of notes: jeans are great travel clothing for active-sporty type vacation, but are a horrendous choice for the type of travel you are doing. Jeans are heavy to pack, if they get wet or dirty they are a nightmare to clean, and, in Europe, they are not as versatile as in the USA....My advice is 3 dockers; 2 black, 1 navy blue, one skirt, 3 short sleeve blouses with 2 cardigans. As far as shoes, a pair of walking shoes that you have used for at least two weeks prior.
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Agree totally with Viajero: 3 trousers + 1 skirt. If you're buying new, look for stretchy blends with some Spandex. I took 2 pair for 16 days. Wash out, wring really well (blot with towel), hang over radiator/towel warmer...wear the next day with no wrinkles. The fabric makes all the difference.

I also agree jeans are iffy. This time of year, you're likely to encounter rain and I find nothing more annoying (or ugly) than wet jean hems.

Long sleeved shirts and sweaters are fine. You can remove the sweater inside. If it turns really cold, you can look for gloves/scarves at the market in Florence!
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Candicerose--I will be in Rome/Positano/Rome the EXACT same week. We may bump shoulders in Rome. How many days do you have in each city? I've also been dwelling on the packing aspect. Just remember that Rome could still be on the mild side (60-70F).....Venice may be chilly, so you have to be prepared to layer. For shoes, I plan on only two pairs--wearing my Dansko clogs(which NEVER fail me) and taking a dressier comfy Kenneth Cole Reaction flexible,comfy) that I found at DSW. I plan to take everything Black/grey & white with a few red and tan accents. I'm wearing black yoga style pants on the plane with a black cordoroy jean-style jacket. I will probably take another pair of non-wrinkle tan pants. If there's room, I might stick in a pair of stretch-type jeans that have a grey wash finish. I will bring a couple of T shirts (2 long sleeve, 3 short sleeve), a camisole top, 2 blouses that can go over the T shirts or alone, a black cardigan, a black tiered non-wrinkle skirt,and a black knit short-sleeve knit dress that I can be worn over the long sleeve T shirts. My dilema is the jacket. I just bought a packable rain-proof hooded anorak at Target which can fit OVER my cordoroy one, which I will carry in my handbag if it looks like rain. I'm wondering if I need one dressier black blazer for going out to dinner.
In any case, have a wonderful time!!

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shoes: Christina's suggestion of Naot! These were a new brand to me this summer and I have two pair of sandals that are incredible.

I agree with the viewpoint the brands that are good for some are not good for everyone. And that shoes should be comfortable from the start. "Breaking in" is not necessary for proper fitting shoes. That said, some do turn out to be more comfortable than others in the long run.

Shoes are WAY more important than exactly what clothes you bring imo.
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