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About Christina

  • Last trip
    skiing -- Lake Tahoe and then Aspen
  • Next trip
  • Favorite destinations
    Paris, Prague, Krakow, Mexico, California
  • Destination wishlist
    Buenos Aires, Kenya, Chile
  • Favorite hotel
    Hotel Pariz, Prague
  • Favorite restaurant
    Relais d'Entrecote, Paris
  • Never travels without
    music and books
  • All-time best travel moment
    Playing Ravel's own piano in his house in Montfort-l'Amaury (I was invited to).
  • Interests and hobbies
    play piano (mainly classical), study languages (mostly French, some Spanish), reading, skiing, travel, health policy and global relief/humanitarian issues
  • Quote
    “Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustave Flaubert
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