Swiss Foods

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Swiss Foods

I will be in the Berner Oberland this summer and know about the rosti but what about the Swiss fondues? Is it available in the summer? Is the cheese fondue heavy on the liquor or can I order it without liquor? Do they have Chocolate fondue with fruits for dessert? Do the Swiss have ice cream like gelato or some other specialty? Any other foods I shouldn't miss? Thanks
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Hello Chuck,<BR>We've gone in summer and have been able to get fondue--but fewer restaurants serve it out of season, so to speak.<BR><BR>Don't know about chocolate fondue--I've loved the cheese one so much that I've never wanted any other kind. AS to the liquor, I think that the temperature of the fondue pot essentially boils off the alcohol--but don't know that for sure. I can say, though, that I don't ever recall being overwhelmed by the liquor.<BR><BR>Two other great swiss items:<BR>1. Geschnetzeltes-veal, chicken or pork with heavy cream sauce and mushrooms. It's like strogonoff, only better. Great with rosti.<BR>2. Raclette--fondue type cheese on a very hot plate with potatoes, onions and pickles--sometimes with tomatoe. This is typically a cooler weather dish like fondue. Very good.<BR><BR>Zum Wohl!
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<BR>Hi Chuck,<BR>If you are worried about the kirsch in the fondue, you can order it without. But as John states, the alcohol content is minimal.<BR><BR>There is also chinese fondue where the boullion stock is heated and meat is cooked in. Then the boullion can be made into soup afterward.<BR> <BR>Chocolate fondue is an American creation. Not eaten by Swiss. And after a cheese fondue you most likely won't have room for anything else.
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Fondue is only a winter food -- it is kind of like ordering a turkey dinner and all the trimmings on July 4th in the US. I am sure you would like to experience it, but it will definiately mark you as a tourist to be ordering fondue in July....
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Hey Chuck,<BR>How about a day-trip to the Jungfraujoch, there you'll find enough winter-atmosphere during summer in Switzerland to enjoy a fondue. A lot of Restaurants do serve you a cheese-fondue during summer if you ask them. Don't drink beer with the fondue (even if you feel like it in summer) - your stomach will apreciate it. And yes -we have ice cream! Have fun.
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Chuck -<BR><BR>We looked high and low for chocolate fondue in Switzerland, but only found it at one restaurant in Zermatt, and it was a bit of a disappointment. I think Lisa is probably right - it must be an American creation. Too bad though, because Swiss chocolate is sooooo good...<BR><BR>We've had cheese fondue in early summer (guess we looked like the tourists that we were) - it's good, but can be rather heavy.<BR><BR>There's excellent ice cream to be found, and most restaurants offer a variety of sinful ice cream concoctions. <BR><BR>Excellent fresh salads are abundant in the summer as are strawberries. Barley soup seems to be available year round. <BR><BR>Oh yeah, don't forget the wurst with onion sauce -
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Hello. The felchen filets (fillets?)are wonderful. Are they lake perch? My fish expertise is pretty much limited to cat-, salmon, and sardine, so if you can enlighten me, I'd be happy to learn. At any rate, I recommend them highly. J.
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Etter, a Swiss distillerie around Zug, I think, makes absolutely delicious fruit liqueurs (pear, raspberry, cherry, etc.). Not schnapps, but liqueurs that are smooth and heavenly. The bottles are attractive, too. I paid about 27 SFr for a medium sized bottle of the Etter Birne (pear) liqueur and brought it back for our German relatives. We each had a small glass with some Schiesser chocolates (from Basel) and yumm!
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for jw re: fish. I've had &quot;Filet de Perche&quot; many times when staying with friends in Vevey and Montreux. I'm not sure if this is the same as you mentioned. When I asked what kind of fish it was, they just waived their hand outside (we were sitting on the lake promonade) and said &quot;lake fish&quot;.
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cha cha
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Have a meat and cheese platter. A variety of wonderful cheeses and for lack of a better american description salami-style sausages or procuitto-type meats. These are served cold and sliced very thin. My favorite is a dried sausage with chunks of walnuts.<BR><BR>I'm not familiar with Berner Oberland, is it in the mountains? I ask because when I was in the Geneva area last summer it was HOT (90+degreesF) and a fondue would have been the last thing I'd want to eat!
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And have a muesli with fresh fruit and a blob of whipped cream for breakfast, Chuck.<BR><BR>Also - don't miss the Swiss cheeses in any shape or form. It's worth having a picnic of crusty bread or rolls and cheese!<BR><BR>There are dairies en route where you can buy fresh products and they often let you watch the cheese-making and explain the process to you, too.<BR><BR>The best chocolate is from &quot;Spruengli&quot;.<BR><BR>To the fondue - well it IS made with white wine and kirsch, but the alcohol evaporates on cooking and just leaves the aroma. MMMmmm! It won't knock you out. Don't worry.<BR>
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You've got a good list already from previous responses, but also be sure to try the bratwurst (veal sausage) with a burli (roll) as well as the Alplermakkaroni (a typical cheese, pasta, bacon and onion dish). I've lived in Zurich for the last 2 years and my vote for best chocolate goes to Teuscher. Absolute heaven!! If you'll be here in early summer, you might also still get a chance to experience the asparagus season (spargel). You'll find entire menus devoted to asparagus (white and green)recipes. Enjoy!
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FYI, felchen is a deep water whitefish. Perche is a cold water perch. Both are caught locally in Lake Thun and lake Brienze. And both are delicious.<BR><BR>There is a small hotel/restaurant in Lauterbrunnen that serves a delicious beef fondue with about 20 sauces. Don't know the name, but it is right on the main road and has tables right out in front.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR><BR>Jinx Hoover
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Also know that Swiss food varies by the part of the country you're in (French, Italian, or German speaking). It also varies quite a bit by what is fresh seasonally (i.e., you won't get a venison stew in summertime).
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Thanks, jinx! Delicious, indeed. J.
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