Spain in November

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Spain in November

We're thinking about planning a trip to the east coast of Spain in November (next month). Does anyone have any thoughts and/or recommendations?

Are the weather and prices favorable? Is there a good way to do it by rail once we arrive? Does anyone have an especially good itinerary they'd recommend?

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Could you be more specific:
When in No. . how long?
What is a favorable price? Hotels?
What are you interested in?
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To add to the above.....Weather is totally unpredictable. Weather history website can never predict what will happen either.
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Well Bob, I think a specific destination on Spain's east coast would help. Are you interested in visiting Catalunya, Valencia or Murcia? All are along the Mediterranean coast and all are served by Spain's excellent rail service.

Weather is up in the air, so to speak, as already noted.

Hotel prices will depend on where you want to stay, day of the week, and type of property you're interested in.
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Thanks everyone. The trip is very much in the formative stages so, at this point, we have no specific dates. We're considering a coastal itinerary, either in the north - La Coruna to San Sebastian/Pamplona, or the east - maybe a train, with multiple stops, from Barcelona to Malaga. My purpose in coming to this forum was simply to see if anyone had had an experience like that - or another - that they felt was a must-do.

The question about 'favorable' prices was simply to ask if it was off-season and relatively less expensive than other times of the year. While we're certainly not in a 'cost-is-no-object' mode, we don't need to do it "on the cheap", either.

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Bob, how long do you have to make this trip?
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Bob - We are looking at a November trip also. We started thinking Paris, then Spain, and have nearly settled on Portugal. It's more temperate than Paris in November.

That said, I love Spain and would go there any time of year. It just won't be beach weather. Alicante is charming and that would be a good train stop.

If I were going to Spain in November, I'd focus on Madrid south - I'd start in Madrid, wander south via Toledo and go to Granada and Seville, finally ending in Malaga. There, I'd do some day trips to Marbella, Gibraltar and Morocco. We stayed in Marbella last time and Torremolinos before.
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Thanks again, everyone.

We're shooting for two full weeks. We're more interested in food, wine, scenery, history and people than in the beach, so November probably works - as long as there is nothing like a miserable rainy season to avoid.
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You will have some rain in much , no one can predict.
As suggested, staying in the south would be better... the north can be cool and
rainy from Sept. on.
We were in Madrid in mid and late Oct...some rainy days , rather cool at night ( 10C).
I imagine the off season rates are lower in seaside resorts, but in
big cities like Madrid or Barcelona the difference might be negligible.
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I think you should at first form some sort of plan. Otherwise it is like asking an architect to build a house for you and him coming up with a building of his ideas and nothing you want.
The same on this forum. Even a route is needed to help you form a vacation.
Having said that if you plump for teh north coast route you should note most of the wine regions in the north of Spain are not located along the North coast, except the ones in The Basque country. After that you have to head inland.
Rain happens just a few days ago there were floods in Andalusia and around Barcelona. We luckily do not live in a desert!
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When we arrived in Seville mid Oct last year, it poured...the taxi driver made a joke ...
something like" never leave without your umbrella" . The rain stopped a day later.
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Rain and Hail flood Granada
Nothing too major for the residents.
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Thanks all.

Again, ribeirasacra, I understand your point but it's a bit of a Catch-22. It's difficult to come the Forum with a plan when my main purpose in coming here was to help formulate a plan! I think I had hoped to get lucky and have someone say, "We took a 2-week excursion by rail from X to Y, stopping at etc., etc. and we loved it. Be sure to..."

That said, I think I've gotten some good guidance from you all to begin targeting a geographical area and starting to fill in some blanks.

Thanks again.

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It is almost impossible to find a ready made plan for a trip on the Forum.
What some posters " love" might not be at all what you would.
I have often found hotels , restaurants and time spent in various locations suggested by some posters completely different from my experience.
Reading a few guide books and searching the Internet might give you better overview
of the country, various regions , weather, transportation and most of all , a focus on what YOU
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