Prague or Berlin?

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Prague or Berlin?

(I know this is my 2nd question today)But...
Spouse and I can't decide-
Husband says Prague; I say Berlin.
Which city would this forum suggest? I would like to visit one other locale in Europe, while I am staying in London. (I have 2 days to do this).
Have already been to most cities in France and Italy...
Interests- architecture, am a history nerd, and of course the food.
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I visited both in 1997. Prague is a lovely old city, but Berlin was totally unexpected--far more gracious and open than I expected. Areas like the Gendarmenmarkt rival any public spaces that I've seen, plus the new construction and pace of life was exciting. Of the two, I'd love to return to Berlin, but Prague wouldn't be in my top five choices of must go backs.
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Having been to both my vote would be Prague. While I find Berlin fascinating (and less jam-packed with tourists) Prague is just gorgeous. It is one of my very favourite European cities. If you are looking for architecture and history it cannot be beat. You may have to do a bit of looking to find fabulous food but it can be done!
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Between the pickpockets, maniacal drivers, rude inhabitants, disappointing food, overrated beer, pushy Russian tourists and very tacky souvenir shops I don't care if I ever see Prague again. I went to Prague expecting a gem but instead found Berlin to be a far more precious gem. The people of Berlin were much friendlier and have a wicked sense of humor. I thought their beer was much better (and more expensive. Berlin's food surpassed Prague's and despite spending more time in Berlin than Prague, I left Berlin feeling like there was much more to see.
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It really depends on your interests.

Berlin is a much more modern city - since so much was destroyed in WWII - and is does have some great museums.

Prague on the other hand is a jewel - unique among major cities in central europe in having original architecture from all periods - since it wasn't destroyed in WWII. The Castle Precinct is incredibly impressive and the Old Town wonderfully charming to explore - never mind the touching displays in the ghetto - which everyone should see. It also has a fantastic music scene - lively, varied, great quality and inexpensive versus western europe.

I would go for Prague in a second.
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Am I reading this correctly: you have 2 days to visit the city of choice?

If so, I'd say Prague definitely. We've been there twice - for 3 or 4 days each time. The old part of Prague are fairly compact and you could cover the highlights in 2 days' time (one day in the Old Town and one day across the river in the Castle district). Prague is visually stunning, so well worth exploring. We didn't find any outstanding food, but weren't looking that hard. Prague can be VERY crowded and quite touristy in feel - both the fellow visitors and all of the shops geared to the tourist trade.

Berlin is a huge bustling capital city and the sights and attractions are quite spread out. There are some old parts, but they are tucked in among much newer, and rebuilt, construction. The city's buildings tend to be more spread out anyway. The modern architecture is quite varied and exciting - we have several wonderful architectural guidebooks for Berlin. The museums are world class. And of course history from many different periods. But I don't think it's worth visiting Berlin you have fewer than 4 days. I went with my daughter and I went with my husband (2 different trips) and for all of us, it took a few days before we began to 'get' Berlin. If we'd left after 2 days I don't think any of the three of us would have liked the city. As it is, we all love the city and I'm about to head back to Berlin for my 3rd 1-week visit. (And I'm in no hurry to get back to Prague.)
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I am not particularly fond of either. But I'd say go to Berlin. Especially for the much better food. Architecture is more modern in Berlin. Since you've been to France and Italy Prague won't be *that* breathtaking architecture wise.
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Since I have lived in Berlin for 10 years, I am a bit biased towards my former home town.

But noe847 has a good argument when saying that Berlin is much more spread out, and to get at least some first impression you will spend much more time riding subways and buses from A to B than in Prague.
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Since you are a history nerd, I would choose Berlin. This city is so much a part of the United States' history that, in my opinion, it can't be missed (even if you only have two days).
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The cities are very different from one another--as I'm sure you know. I don't think you can go wrong with either one. You might flip a coin.

As others have pointed out, central Prague looks great. But Berlin has a broader selection/variety of museums and sights, and certainly more good choices for foodies.

Again, with only 2 days, either city will fill your time nicely.

What time of the year are you going, and what historical periods and architectural styles most interest you?
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