Paris Hotels

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Paris Hotels

What is the best hotel for the price in Paris. It will be the first time in Paris and I want a hotel that is a must for 100-200 US Dollars. Any suggestions?
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Sorry KSS, but this is way too vague. Best hotel for what? Close to the main tourist attractions? Close to the biggest museums? Close to the best night life? Close to the best Jewish quarter? Close to the best gay area? Close to the least amount of tourists? Close to the best shopping?

Anyway, I've yet to spend more than $85 a night for a hotel in Paris.
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There is such a big difference between 100 and 200 USD per night in hotel choices. It's almost like saying what is the best car for the price, if I am prepared to spend 10 to 20 thousand dollars.

I don't think there are such different ideas on what defines "best hotel for the price" - - as indytravel suggests - - but it's true, there are no universal most-haves, at any price. Good location, clean, roomy, nice decor, elevator, modern amenities - - all these are important, and all have to be balanced against location, location, location.

But I come back to the "best hotel for the price" being quite different at $100/night, at $125 at $150, at $175 and at $200.

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What do you mean by "I want a hotel that is a must"? I can think of a thousand definitions of that. Please be specific. Paris if full of wonderful hotels for under $100 for a double room, but unless you can provide details of your requirements, no one can answer you with any authority.
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If you will, take a look at this web site,

It will give you a good list of Paris hotels. Notice that there are over a 1,000 of them listed. There are over 180 of them listed for the 6th Arr alone which includes the Latin Quarter.
The 5th and 7th Arrs have long lists as well. The 8th has about 200 listings.

No one who contributes to this forum can say with any authority which is the best hotel in Paris. It is not possible.

The immense length of even an incomplete list is one reason I get a laugh out of people who swear up and down that hotel so and so is the best one. How do they know? They probably have not stayed in over 5 of them at the most, unless they are in Paris 10 times a year. Usually those people have several to suggest, anyhow.

People can tell you that they found a hotel that they liked, but there is no way anyone can tell you the best one, although the often presume that authoritative opinion.

I often wonder how people can say "I have narrowed my choice down to the Muguet and the Levesque." How in the duece can any rational choice be made sight unseen? Why not pick two names out of a hat?

How do I select a Paris hotel? I took some advice twice. The first time the advice was not so good and I went to a hotel that was crossed of my list. The second time, I was lucky and went to a good hotel. Is it the best one? I have no idea. It satisfies me to the extent that I go back because I am comfortable enough to make the trip enjoyable. There might be a better hotel in the $120 - 150 range, but I know that there are plenty of worse ones.
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As mentioned, Paris is packed with hotels, most of them small. There is no one best hotel. There are many great hotels. And I agree that there would be a huge difference between a hotel room for $100 and one for $200. No elevator vs elevator, no a/c vs possible a/c, quiet room vs noisy one, shower stall not enclosed perhaps vs a bathroom with a tub and shower, minuscule bedroom vs slightly larger, etc.

Take some advice. Do a little research by searching on this message board for Paris hotel, or by going elsewhere here at to the hotel Rants & Raves section. Most recommendations will be for convenient locations.
If you're going in the next 6 months, don't wait any longer to book. Popular hotels fill up months in advance, at least they used to when travel was at its peak.
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