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Nov 1st, 2004, 11:30 AM
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I don't think an apartment is a possibility on that budget.

I think the Montparnasse area is fine -- rue Alesia does have a lot of stores, but many of them are clothing and apparel, it's great for off-label designer stuff. However, given the very tight budget, I don't think blowing money on clothes is in the cards. There are some groceries, etc. on that streets, of course, like any where, but it's known for discount clothing.

I've been to Brussels as a day trip and enjoyed it very much, but I would not think it worth the cost given your tight budget. It wasn't cheap, the Thalys was very expensive. I'd much rather spend that on a decent hotel in Paris, if I had to choose. I'm sure you'd enjoy it, but it was expensive and I wouldn't put it at the top of priorities.

JUst a suggestion that this budget is very tight for a triple hotel room with a minibar. I think most hotels charge something for the extra cot for a child in a double, also, which isn't much but on that budget, will be noticeable. I was going to say that you really don't need a minibar for milk. That sterilized milk that keeps on a shelf is very common in French supermarkets (I don't care for products kept that way as they have an odd flavor to me, but the child might not notice). They are good until opened and I think come in small packs.

I don't know about St Andre des Arts for this family (it's not very near rue Gay Lussac, which is south of the Sorbonne, so maybe Suzie is thinking of some other hotel). I wouldn't assume hotels would keep drinks for you in the hotel refrigerator in their kitchen, and you might have limited access to that (espec. at night) even if they did. I wouldn't book a hotel room assuming that if it were important to me.

I think the Marignan could work for this situation, although even they are not well under 100 euro for a triple; they are about 100 euro.

I would try to go in February, as that's one choice, as some hotels give 10-20 pct discounts in February (some in very early March, but Feb more find-able probably). I often find discounts on, for example, They have discounts in February at the 3* Hotel Renoir in Montparnasse (now this one is right in the thick of things on the streets with the creperies) which has minibars, and they list a triple rate in Feb. for only 99 euro. That is a pretty good deal.
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Nov 1st, 2004, 12:12 PM
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oh my goodness gracious! so much information! thank you thank you.
i don't think we'll really need a triple as the critter sleeps in with us (how romantic?) so we'll save money there. i am very drawn to the suggestions in the 14th because of their low prices and good reiviews. i think at this point we need to make a very loose itinerary with a short list of hotels and a map of the public transport options and parks/run free areas.
a fridge isn't so important but it's nice on those mornings when you're slow moving and the critter is starving.
jeez, now i know why folks just book packages that tell them where to stay and what to see. but where's the fun in that?
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Nov 1st, 2004, 12:28 PM
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trishiad, whether you need a triple will depend on hotel policy. Also keep in mind that French double beds are often somewhat narrower than American double beds. In that situation, if the hotel allows it, I'd probably suggest two single beds if you and your daughter can fit into one, and your husband in the other.
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Nov 1st, 2004, 04:51 PM
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trishaid-Lots of good points from everyone. Beatchick-I knew someone had stayed at the Jeanne D'arc recently, glad you liked it. The reason I picked that hotel was because the Marais is more centrally located and they said there was no charge for a baby bed. The Jeanne D'arc rate was between 75/115 E for a double. The end of February might be cheaper and you'd have to e-mail them to see if they allow a baby bed in a double. I agree there aren't parks in the Marais district but remember we are talking February. It could be pretty cold so don't know how much time they will spend in parks.

One of the things trishiad said in her first point was she would be able to walk to as many places as possible. I agree. Taking a young child on the metro, juggling a stroller, etc, would be OK for a few trips but not all day long. I think staying in a more central location is key. We stayed in the 6th and could walk to just about everything. Took a quick bus ride to see the Old Opera House and took the metro to the Eiffel Tower, otherwise walked everywhere (didn't make it to Sacre Coeur-sigh-oh well next trip).

Hotel Monge looks good, not sure what their rates are for February but you could e-mail them and see and also ask what their policy is for a double with a young child. They do have a frig and the hotel gets good reviews.
I was also impressed with the Marignan at least looking at their web page. The rooms look pretty big and their double room with a bath/shower is 78E/100 triple. They also have the kitchen and laundry as previously mentioned. You'd have to also check with them as to policy for children.

You should also sit down with your budget and look at it again to see how much more you can spend on a hotel if you take out the trip to Brussels. (Chocolate in Paris is wonderful.) If you could even spend a little over 100E, you would have a much easier time finding a hotel that's centrally located and has a frig. Several that have been mentioned here are close to that price. Also some of the hotels may include a continental breakfast. Even though trying pastries at different shops is a fun experience, you could save a few dollars on breakfast if it is included.

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Nov 2nd, 2004, 10:02 AM
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who says i can't have a croissant at the hotel and some more pastries at 10 and 11 and then again after lunch and .........?
yes, i think you are all correct and we should save brussels for another trip so we can be more comfortable in paris.
the three year old is learning french!
hotel monge
hotel de blois
jeanne d'arc
hotel de france
grand l'eveque
hotel du globe
hotel le home latin

we'll check these against our list of things we'd like to do and the metro map.
thanks everyone, i am really enjoying this. trish
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Nov 2nd, 2004, 11:46 AM
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trishiad-Pastries every hour LOL. I'm with you, I could eat them all the time and trying them out at different bakeries is soooo much fun. My family was laughing at me when we went to Paris because my list of things to do included the usual tourist spots and then a long list of bakeries. I will say though that my daughters enjoyed them as much as I!

I think you are wise to skip Brussels and save it for another time. I think I said it before but I e-mailed the hotels I was interested in and told them what I was looking for in the way of a room. They were all very nice and some offered me a discount via e-mail. So let us know what the hotels on your list offer. It is fun picking out the hotels and even more fun when you get there. Sometimes the anticipation is as good as than the trip, but not when you're in Paris!!
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Nov 2nd, 2004, 02:30 PM
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There is more than one Hotel de France, so be careful which one you really wanted to book...

108 r Monge 75005 Tel: 01 47 07 19 04
(I don't see 'minibars' as an amenity)

102 bd La Tour-Maubourg 75007 Tel: 01 47 05 40 49
Does have minibars

Locations you probably wouldn't want:
82 av Doct Arnold Netter 75012
1 r Pierre Dupont 75010
56 r Piat 75020 PARIS
12 r Lyon 75012
3 r Jarry 75010

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