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so we are flying from Orlando Florida to Paris then going to Rome and visiting Naples and flying home from Naples. I have booked all hotels for Paris, Lyon, Nice and Rome, but when I read about Naples, crime, etc...I am not sure if I should spent 3 nights there. Please help...should I spent my nights elsewhere and still fly home from Naples? Help help.
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What is that you are trying to do in Naples? If Naples is the only place offering something, how does it help to go elsewhere? Also, is this a case of The pot calling the kettle black? If you look at, your starting city, Orlando is neck and neck with Naples.
I just came back from Naples for the third time. I like the city more each visit. But, it is not for everyone.
If you are comfortable living in a gated community, Naples is not for you.
If you insist on keeping valuables in easily pickpocketed places just because you think being aware is all it takes, Naples is not for you.
If you rely on merchants to give you the correct change every time, Naples is not for you.
If walking through what appears to be a rundown street gives you the creeps, Naples is not for you.
I feel the energy in Naples.
The Campania wines, Napolitan pastries, gelatos, and pizzas are heavenly and cheap.
The nearby Pompeii and Herculaneum are superb.
The archaeological museum is world class.
Do a virtual walk using the google street view. If that gives you the creeps, you might want to stay elsewhere.
If your destinations are Pompeii, Herculaneum, Capri, and the Amalfi Coast, then Sorrento can be substituted.
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We spent several nights in Naples about 2 years ago. It looks gritty in places but we never felt unsafe, and we walked around a lot, day and night. I loved the "feel" of Naples. I found it to be a very interesting city to walk around. Pompeii and Herculaneum were two of the most amazing sites I've ever been to. I hope to get back to Naples again soon, as I find myself thinking about it often.
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I adored Naples and wish I had given it at least a week! But it really depends on what you want to see and do and your preferences.

I think greg has given you a good starting point for assessing your tolerances. I would add:
  • If you love art or architecture, Naples is a delight! And it holds SOOoooo many more world class sites than greg mentions!
  • If you love scenery, the views over the Bay of Naples to Vesuvius can be breathtaking.
  • If you enjoy walking through areas where layers of history overlap and converge with the youth and energy of a university town, Spaccanapoli is one of the most fascinating streets I've ever walked.
FWIW, I was never short-changed in Naples -- but then, I suspect I radiate "alertness" signals.
And I agree that Naples is a place where one does well to be alert.

Hope that helps!
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To Gregg I donít live in gated community nor afraid of bad areas. My family are from Csoe Verde Island and I lived in Senegal, W Africa for several years. Just concerned as we are 3 ladies traveling. Yes we want to visit Pompeii, but can do that while in Rome. However we want to visit Amalfi Coast and Capri from Naples. Is that feasible? Still trying to figure out which hotel to stay in Naples. Thank you for your input and appreciate your advice.
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Solo female traveler here, spent 3 nights in Naples a couple years ago, and wished I'd spent at least 5. When I return, I will likely stay at the Grand Hotel Oriente, which I think is perfectly located.
Grand Hotel Oriente in Naples - Book a luxury hotel in the center of Naples
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As noted above, I adored Naples. What I didn't say is that I visited as a solo female.

Pompeii can, indeed, be visited from Rome -- but it can be visited much more conveniently from Naples, Sorrento, or Salerno. And it would be difficult to give sufficient time to both Pompeii and the excellent museum in Naples that holds the artifacts from Pompeii on a single day trip from Rome.

The Amalfi Coast and Capri can also be easily visited from Naples (or Sorrento or Salerno), but what makes most sense depends on what, exactly, you want to see and do and in what time frame. I, personally, would not visit these places on day trips from Naples, as I would want more time than that. I'm glad I spent a night on Capri, which is much more magical, IMO, after day trippers leave. And I'm glad I spent a few nights along the Amalfi Coast in addition to my time in Naples and on Capri. YMMV.

Hope that helps!
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We spent two nights in Naples. The pizza is to die for. We stayed at the Palazzo Decumani in the Historic center. I do not know if this is in your budget but a wonderful hotel in a
very safe area with plenty of restaurants etc nearby. You could ferry to Capri from Naples. I imagine you could get to the Amalfi coast from Naples as well. When we went we stayed two nights in Naples then 5 nights in Sorrento. Good luck
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I spent five days in Naples last year as a solo female traveler, before moving on to Ischia. I got a great rate at the oriente, a lovely hotel with a beautiful roof terrace in a central location near the Toledo metro. Via Toledo is pedestrian only there so I felt somewhat insulated from the traffic chaos you hear about so often when reading about Naples (and honestly I didnít find it THAT bad). I loved the city, took normal city precautions, felt comfortable and canít wait to go back to enjoy the abundance of treasures and treats. My advice FWIW - Go, be smart and Enjoy!!

Grand Hotel Oriente a Napoli - Prenotazione di un hotel lusso nel centro storico di Napoli
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Last September we stayed at “Eurostars Hotel Excelsior, Naples”. This location is on the water. The ferry is located across the street. I did not use it but if you call the hotel for advice ... I think it goes to Capri or maybe Sorrento. Naples is Easy by train to Pompeii.

I felt safe in this area but you have to be careful and be contientus of your surroundings at all time.

We went to Naples for pizza! So much fun...
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If I had to fly out of Naples, I would NEVER, and I do mean never, visit Pompeii from Rome. It's just silly to spend so much time when you have to be in the vicinity of Naples anyway.

Lots of responses here about loving Naples. I will throw in that I didn't actually love Naples. I live in a city, in a city neighborhood and spend most of my vacation time in cities, and on a budget, so I'm not a person who doesn't like gritty.

My friends, who are 1000 times softer and more luxury loving than I, loved Naples. They stayed on the waterfront; we stayed in the old center. We were budget travelers, they are much more likely to splurge, and would never ride a bus or metro.

I don't know if there's any sort of lesson in all of this, but perhaps Naples is in the eye of the beholder.

But since Pompeii is on your list of musts, why not stay in Sorrento, which is easy for Pompeii, and no problem to get you back to Naples for your flight out. Or Naples for a day and night, and one or two on Capri, which is my first choice.
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If I wanted to see Pompeii, Capri and Amalfi primarily I would base in say Sorrento - much closer to Amalfi and Pompeii than Naples and a place you will feel very comfortable at day or night than perhaps in Naples.

If you also want to see Naples you could day trip there from Sorrento and spend the day there en route back to Rome, etc.

I liked Naples and it can look gritty but like others had no problems there - Book Rome-Naples trains very early to get discounted fares - Acquista il biglietto con le nostre offerte - Trenitalia or - different companies using same tracks and stations and similar trains. has lots on booking your own trains online - general info also; BETS-European Rail Experts.

Naples to Sorrento can be done by a commuter train for a few euros.
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