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She'll be fine ... I have two daughters, and when they went off to school (and one went off to Rome at age 19)I remember getting those late night panic-stricken phone calls, where everything is too utterly awful and they are falling apart, complete with tears and much anguish.

And then after days of hand-wringing on your part ... the next time you talk to them, they are fine and mine have actually acted like I was crazy, because they can't even recall being as upset as they had sounded.

She's 20 years old ... hardly a child ... but when they're talking to their mom, it brings out the vulnerability in them.

Easy for me to say "don't worry" ... NOW ... but I was just as you are when mine were in the same situation. Really, she will be fine, and hopefully will have learned something from the experience.
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Dear scdreamer....you made me smile today! I am not a weird mom! I thought I was overreacting with worry but you made me feel totally normal! Thank you so much!

And yes you are so right..she falls apart for me because she knows that she can and will not be ridiculed for it. I spoke with her teacher who had bumped into her at the market and did not see a hysterical young woman. She said that my daughter looked and sounded just fine. She saved her panic and hysteria for me and as a result passed along a bit of this hysteria to me.

As my sister told me...my daughter will just have to suck it up tomorrow and go and buy what she needs to survive til the bag gets to her.

And you're also right in that at the end of her trip she won't even remember how upset she was and will, of course, tell me I should have given her better information all along.

Mommies are always there as a safety net and a soft cushion for a fall. Thank God for mothers!
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Just a quick update. Since my daughters cell phone was dead I was up at 1a.m. this morning making calls to try to locate her bag. At 4 a.m. I went to bed with the assurance that her bag would be delivered today between 2 and 6 p.m. Paris time. When I got up at 7 a.m. my time I called the dorm and lo and behold the bag had finally arrived! When I finally was able to speak to my daughter she said that her suitcase was better than any Christmas she had in the past. The stress was gone from her voice and she was now beginning to enjoy her stay.

Thank you to all who allowed me to vent and gave advice and encouragement. I truly appreciate all of your imput!
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I'm glad it all worked out.
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Well, I am glad she got it,,,,certainly took a while! It is an awful feeling not to have your things, I can relate. Since it happened to me I am not so trusting of the system before I just checked everything.
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