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What do people think about Hamburg? I have heard wonderful things about the city but also that it can be somewhat sleazy and has a lot of industry. Is this all true?
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Geoff Hamer
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Hamburg is a big city, second in size in Germany to Berlin. It has beautiful parks and lakes, elegant buildings, and sleazy run-down areas and industry, like any other big port city. I've been there several times and like it, but other people might not: it depends on your tastes.
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We spent a couple of days there two years ago, and yes, everything you say in your post is true.
We enjoyed it and accepted the sleaze along with the pretty walk out to the east along the water to Ovelgonne, and a couple of walks through parks and by the lake. Its restaurant and entertainment scenes are great (yes, there is ANY kind of entertainment you might be looking for).
I wouldn't call Hamburg a "must see", but it is an interesting, lively, and diverse city.
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Hamburg was my introduction to Europe. I went there on business in the early 80s so, it's kind of like a first love thing for me as it got me hooked on European travel.

It's a business town but does have a great, albeit small, "old town" and the Rathaus has an amazing history. Hamburg was blown to kingdom come in WWII so little remains but you do come across stark reminders - I was moved by a monument that was one spire of a church with it's outside walls charred by the resulting firestorm from the bombings.

Areas of the city are laced w/canals (near the Alster) which promted someone to nickname Hamburg the Venice of Germany - big stretch IMHO - but it's a nice walk.

The "sleezy" area is pretty much confined to the St. Pauli district though the area is boarded by the Reeperbahn (theater district) and "the red light" area is gated/guarded. But Germany does have legal prostitution so forewarned is forearmed. If you are travelling alone, be prepared to be at least "eye balled" in bars, but by and large there is no problem. If you do go (to Hamburg), and visit the St. Pauli area, coming home to see those beer trucks advertizing "You'll never forget your first St. Pauli girl" will have new meaning. For anyone reading this and assuming I partook of the pleasures of the area, forget it, my German host drove down the Reeperbahn to let me see the area.

Our winter "road trip" will start/end in Hamburg this coming Jan/Feb. and it will be a sort of homecoming for me. I expect to be strolling along John Kennedy straße around Jan. 21st.
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Hamburg is not the second city of Germany. As you say Berlin is the largest. However, both Munich and Frankfurt are larger. Hamburg is only the fourth or maybe even the fifth largest city in germany.
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Not to get too technical, but Hamburg is the second largest city (based on population) in Germany; Munich is No.3,
Frankfurt is No.7.
Even though the city was completely destroyed during WWII, it has been rebuilt to a world city. It has a lot to offer to visitors; from one of the largest ports in Europe, a (restricted)
red light district, beautiful parks, one of the oldest zoos to museums and shopping areas. I am sure you can find something that interests you in or around this city.
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It may be a pretty and large city but there is nout to do there.
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We're talking Hamburg Germany here, not Hamburg, NY.

I've been to Hamburg (the Germany city) five times and managed (with very little trouble) to keep my days and nights full of things to do.
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Dick Yeager
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JOhn and Mike,

I just looked up the populations for the cities of Germany (Ask Jeeves). The stats are recent (2002). Berlin is the largest (3,425,759) followed by Hamburg (1,704,731). In third place is Munich (1,205,923), then Koln (964,311) and Frankfurt (643,469).

These figures are for the actual cities and do not include the surrounding area. n%2Fredirurl%2Efcg%3Furl%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ecity population%2Ede%2F%26qry%3Dworld%2Bcity%2Bpopulati ons%26rnk%3D1%26cz%3D17142e407b79ed8a%26src%3DDH%5 FASK%5FSRCH%26uid%3D06e546c3186a196d3%26sid%3D13db f6e02150dd9d3%26u%3D&ac=4&adcat=trvl&pt=City+Population+%2D+the+largest+cities+in+the+w orld&dm=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ecitypopulation%2Ede%2F&io=0&qid=605FA70D408E6C4CB019EEDC1088262D&back=ask%3DWorld%2BCity%2BPopulations%26qsrc%3D6&ask=World+City+Populations&dt=021004104633&amt=

Good luck. It's amazing what a simple search will turn up. I am not knocking any of the posters on this thread. But how many questions are asked here daily with absolutely no simple search attempt. Oh well, that is a good topic for another thread.

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