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I rented a car from ( paid for it in full +insurance ) for collection on 29/06/2019 from Birmingham Airport at 12.30 .

The flight was delayed by 3.5 hrs from Dublin and therefore I was unable to get to Birmingham on time.

I rang when I arrived at Birmingham ( as instructed ) and it took them 50 mins to arrive and was then asked to go to their depot to collect the car.

I ( and my family ) proceeded to collect the car from Birmingham and I was told by representative , `` You are over 2 hours late and the car has been given to another customer``

I asked , ``was this stipulation on the Terms & Conditions``, and got no reply!.

I requested another car therefore and I was told, `` The money you paid for the Car Hire is non refundable as you are over 2 hours late collecting it , so therefore you can book another car but you must PAY for it AGAIN `` , which I refused!

I rang Head Office of and was told the same. `` Sorry but should you want another car you must PAY for it AGAIN ``

I had 4 family members with me and all the luggage and had no alternative but to get a taxi from Easirent Depot to my hotel .

I have checked the Booking with CarJet and can not see any reference to being late collecting the car.

Do Not Hire From This Company !!! SCAMMERS !!!

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Jul 6th, 2019, 04:41 AM
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The T&C give you four hours to pick up your car. You might have already been passed that time by the time you called them. Did you give them your flight number when you booked?

You could try contacting head office, or getting the press involved. A query from one of the national newspapers, if they take up your case, usually works wonders.
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Jul 6th, 2019, 05:28 AM
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If the flight number was not provided at the time of booking, the rental company won't know what flight you are arriving on and won't know that the flight is delayed and won't know to hold your car for you until you arrive and might think you are not turning up and might give your car to someone else.

I had a similar situation last month (but have had this situation happen several times) where my flight was delayed by around 4 hours and was diverted to another airport which meant the rental station was closed by the time I arrived at the correct airport and had to collect the following morning, which I did without issue.
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Jul 6th, 2019, 05:42 AM
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They are not scammers, just a typical business designed to lure in bargain hunters and then squeeze out the last euro cent.
Lots of red flags on their website:

- off airport, garbage rental companies (Gold, Inter, etc)
-pay for full tank of petrol, bring back empty.
-selling third party insurance (Zurich)
-terms and conditions not easy to find.

You got what you paid for.
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Jul 6th, 2019, 05:57 AM
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Originally Posted by cdnyul View Post
They are not scammers, just a typical business designed to lure in bargain hunters and then squeeze out the last euro cent.
Lots of red flags on their website:

- off airport, garbage rental companies (Gold, Inter, etc)
-pay for full tank of petrol, bring back empty.
-selling third party insurance (Zurich)
-terms and conditions not easy to find.

You got what you paid for.
Hertz, Avis, Europcar are offered thru carjet and are not garbage rental companies.
They offer pick up with full tank and return with full tank
Selling 3rd party insurance is normal
T&Cs are dependent on which rental company you book thru Carjet. They are just another comparison website.

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Jul 6th, 2019, 06:50 AM
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AutoEurope is comparison website, the difference is AutoEurope's layout has a side by side comparison with all the information needed to make a decision on the first page.
It takes a lot scrolling on the CarJet site to find a reputable car rental company.
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Jul 6th, 2019, 12:56 PM
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The problem isn't the actual car company but the broker you rented through, it appears. I'm sure your contract was with them about the prepayment, etc. Although I personally never prepay for a car rental as you never know what can happen, I would think most companies wouldn't promise you a car iof you were that late and they gave it away, but would just tell you that you had to wait until one became free. But they wouldn't keep your money and refuse to give you a car when one came in.

I don't know why people prepay car rentals, you are taking any risk when you do that and if you are late, etc. I never do. I can easily book a rental in Europe direct with Hertz, for example, getting a discount as I have AAA, and not pay a penny and be able to cancel up until time of pickup, no penalty. Autoeurope has a somewhat stricter policy, actually, you have to cancel about 48 hrs in advance, I think, to get a refund.

actually, what they did was perfectly legal and exactly what their terms state, presuming you booked the cheapest rate possible that is titled "nonrefundable". They have others that are cancellable. This is exactly their terms, which are clear on their website with the rate shown, if you bother to look at them before paying:

<<Please note that the supplier for this booking allows up to 3 hours of courtesy from the time on your rental voucher. If you do not collect your car or inform us or the supplier of a delay before this time, your booking will be cancelled by the supplier. Please note that in case of accident or damage to the car you must always contact the supplier straight away. You will need to complete a damage or accident report form for the insurance, otherwise you may not be covered.

Cancellation policy: This is a special offer and therefore non-refundable. It is not possible to cancel or modify this booking. No refund will be given if you do not collect the car.>>

Now Autoeurope has the same rules about no refunds if you don't collect the car, and no cancellations within 48 hrs, but they don't seem to even specify what time limit they consider "no collection." As least Carjet specifies it clearly. I think Autoeurope even implies there is no leeway, not even 3 hours. This is what they say
<<Reservations made on an Internet Rate are subject to a cancellation fee of $75 USD if cancelled within 2 days of pick up and there will be no refund in the event of cancellation after the scheduled date and time of pick up.>>
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Jul 29th, 2019, 05:44 AM
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carjet only compares between car suppliers

carjet is a car rental price comparison website. The procedure to rent a car is always the same, I usually rent a car every year. I rent a car for 4 every spring on the web, but the provider (goldcar, europcar, dickmanns, etc.) holds me 1100 euros, usual. The supplier's office employee checks the car for damage when I return the car. If he finds any damage he subtracts the cost of repairing at 1100 euros withheld. Carjet insurance assures you those 1100 euros. You will always recover the money withheld even if the car has some damage. Simply, you have to be smarter than office employees. When you pick up your car take pictures or videos with the full date. Thus, when the office tells you, that the car door damage has been done by you, and the money withheld is not returned, you call Carjet and pass him the photos or video and they take care of fighting with the supplier. In the end I always receive all the money withheld although carjet usually takes a month to get back my money. Because Carjet is only a comparator, like
The cheap provider has more possibilities of having hidden extras while the slightly more expensive provider usually has fewer problems. I recommend Carjet because it is always a little cheaper than the others.
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