Berlin or not Berlin?

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Berlin or not Berlin?

As a GI and later as a tourist, I saw quite a lot of Germany. Then the Wall came down. Now I wonder about Berlin, a city that was much less accessible during earlier travels. I have heard it is dirty and its burgers unfriendly. I also know that a lot of history abides there and that a lot of new construction of magnificicent public buildings is going on. Is it worth a couple of days?
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Yes, absolutely. You won't be dissapointed.
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Berlin is one of my favorite places in Germany. Absolutely great history of all sorts, and great culture as well. The people are just as friendly (in my experience) as they are elsewhere in Germany. The economy is in no way as tourist-driven as it is in, say, the Black Forest, but then that's a lot of its charm. Not as dirty as Paris, and pretty clean for a large city (MUCH cleaner than U.S. cities). If you need an escape from the city hustle and bustle, visit the Tiergarten, a large oasis of green and tranquility.
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I agree with Brian, you should visit Berlin. That said, compared to other cities we visited on our trip, it was dirtier and we ran across some unfriendly people. But, there were still many beautiful places (Tiergarten) and many friendly people. I'm so glad I went, it is quite a unique experience: A tremendous feeling of history combined with dramatic change and excitement for the future.

As our tour guide said - you can go to many cities in Europe ten years after your visit and they will be the same. Come back to Berlin in two, and it will be dramatically different.

Enjoy the city!
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Yes! Go to Berlin. It will be different than you remember I'm sure, but it's still Berlin. It's been a few years since I've been there but you should, if you like memorials, definitely visit Treptower Park(if it's still there). Take the S-Bahn damn near as far east as it goes, then walk a bit and you'll find a Soviet WWII Memorial Park that you won't soon forget. Enjoy!! Berlin, Berlin, so sehn wir uns doch wieder!!
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Berlin folk were very friendly and fun loving when I was there. There is a certain feel to it which is unique. One of my better memories of Germany.
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Just returned from Berlin this past weekend. I found it most comparable to NYC-a little dirty, a little noisy, a little crowded, a lot of construction, and a wonderful city to visit. We spent just over three days in Berlin, but could easily have spent our whole trip there.
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All good comments here. Berlin IS a different place, which is the best reason to visit there. Compared to other Germany cities, it's the more bustling, chaotic, and "ungroomed". But compared to US cities, it is very clean, friendly and entertaining. DO go and enjoy seeing the mix of old and new.
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To be or not to be, that is the question...
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You could fill a couple of days with very memorable things in Berlin. I enjoyed somethings in Berlin, such as going to Checkpoint Charlie museum, and the pieces of the wall that are still up, (Brandenburg Tor was covered up when I went in 2001). Also Potsdam is a good day trip. However I personally didn't like Berlin that much. I think it is because I am more of a small town person and would rather explore smaller, older towns and see a bit of the old world charm and some culture. (Although I really like Paris and enjoyed Rome). Berlin is very modern. Since it received so much damage during the war almost everything has been rebuilt. It felt like Toronto plus a few "must sees" and everyone speaks German. (BTW I don't like Toronto). People didn't seem as friendly as other regions of Germany I have been to. That is probably due to the language barrier and since Berlin does not rely on tourism. It really depends on what you like.
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