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In a few weeks I'll be flying to Berlin and plan to take the train to Prague for three or four days. This will be my first trip to this region, though I was in Bavaria quite a few years ago. I have a total of six nights at my disposal, not counting flight time and I am considering a stopover in Dresden.
1.Should I consider another itinerary?
2.Would a detour to Weimar or Gorlitz,or some other smallish place(instead of spending 24 hours or so in Dresden) be preferable or would it complicate things too much?
3.Are train reservations essential or could I rely on seats usually being available at the last minute?
4. Would lodging in the Alexanderplatz area of Berlin be a good choice for a first time visitor to that city?
Any other advice?

Thanks very much,
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Lots to see in such a short time.

All three cities could easily facinate for 2-4 days each, so you may be attempting to pack too much into your alloted time.

As much as I love Dresden (having spent only a day there myself last year, wishing all the while for more time), I'd say you'd be smarter to divide your time between Berlin and Prague. If you still *really* want to inspect Dresden for a future trip, it's not a long train ride from Berlin, handy for a short day trip, perhaps.

Also, I was in Dresden in the Spring, which is a fine time to visit, as the Old City (Altstadt) focuses strongly on the river -- an area that is likely to be a bit chilly during the winter!

Re lodgings in Berlin: Alexanderplatz is I think one of the more expensive areas, but if your budget permits, then it's a fine, if somewhat crowded, neighborhood to stay in. If you are more budget minded, though, there are dozens of reasonably-priced and comfortable hotels and pensions in Berlin that will give excellent value. Bear in mind that Berlin has multiple 'centers', with excellent public transport available to get you from place to place quickly.

Enjoy your trip.
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I would agree with Fritz, with only 6 days, I wouldn't add more than Berlin and Prague. If you are playing it by ear and decide you don't like Berlin and want to get out of town within a day or two, Dresden is on the way to Prague, so I think that would be okay. I can't imagine why you'd want to detour to Gorlitz and back. I didn't think it was that fascinating, but maybe there is something there I don't know about, I just thought it was mainly as a rail hub between Germany and Poland, you have to often change trains there. I know there are some things to see there and it wasn't destroyed that much during the war, but it's not a small town, so wouldn't go there if that is the reason instead of Dresden. I don't remember how long it took me to get from Dresden to Gorlitz, but it was a couple hours as I recall, so wouldn't do that as you'd have to then go back to get to Prague (there is no direct line from Gorlitz to Prague).
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Dresden is about midway between Berlin and Prague and makes an easy stopover on the way. With the Frauenkirche reconstruction complete the Altstadt is a very nice site with lots going on.

Since you are passing right through why not break up the 5hr train ride with a stay in Dresden?

If you are pressed for time you could take a morning or mid day train out of Berlin, stop in Dresden for the night and enjoy some sites, a nice dinner out, and perhaps a show, then continue on to Prague the next day. Keep in mind that darkness falls very early (by 4pm), so your daylight hours will be limited.

In frequent trips both directions from Dresden I've never had a problem getting a seat on a train without a reservation.

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Thanks for your helpful responses. I am playing it by ear, but I suppose Berlin to Prague with the possibility of a stopover in Dresden seems the best use of time.

Would there be any complications in buying a round trip train ticket Berlin-Prague-Berlin that would allow a brief stay in Dresden?

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I don't recall the exact train ticket rules but you likely need to buy Berlin - Dresden, Dresden-Prague, and Prague-Berlin tickets.

I usually don't plan my trips on that route more than a day or 2 in advance so I'm not familiar with any online discounts.
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