Amalfi Coast vs Tuscany - 6 days

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Amalfi Coast vs Tuscany - 6 days


My husband and I will be traveling to Italy for about one week in end of April, and would love to hear your thoughts on whether it'd be better spent in Amalfi Coast or in Tuscany. Due to scheduling restrictions we really only have 6 full days, which is probably not enough time to spend in either regions. But! our hearts are set on Italy and we've narrowed it down to two regions we want to commit our time to: Amalfi Coast or Tuscany. We considered splitting our time between the two regions but concluded that we shouldn't waste any more time on transit (unless someone can tell us that it's doable!)

I understand that these are two very different regions and it will depend on our preference in activity, food, etc. Putting all of that aside, I'm currently interested in hearing about your experiences and opinions about either/both regions. and if you've been to both regions, I would love to know which region you liked better or would choose to spend your 6 days with your significant other.

Any feedback is much appreciated. Thank you!
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I'm assuming that when you say "Tuscany" that you mean the wine-growing rural Tuscany, not Florence.

For me it would depend on whether were both happy with a driving holiday (Tuscany) or wanted a more strenuous walking holiday, with swimming and seafood. The Amafli coast is also more commercialized for shopping. If shopping is not fun for you then it's possible to ignore (but increasingly, you need to deliberately get away from it). There are plenty of tourist shops in Tuscany, and a whole industry of wine-making, but it is much easier to totally get away from consumerism in rural Tuscany for six days.

The Amalfi is lacking, for the most part, in the density of art and historical attractions that rural Tuscany has, especially south of Siena. Many people try to combine visiting Pompei, Naples & the Amalfi coast (or Paestum & the Amalfi coast) and the remoteness of the Amalfi towns make it a challenge. So one really has to be in the mood, I think, for a purely scenic holiday of relaxation, mental rest and indulgence in hedonistic pleasures at the seaside, whereas in rural Tuscany, one can easily seek out cultural attractions or simply enjoy the scenery and relax, but as one chooses, but both options are there.

The cuisine & wines of the two regions are so different, that if one has a strong preference, better go with that preference. The cities of the area are so strongly different -- Florence & Naples -- that it's best to be really enthusiastic about sightseeing in them if you want to include them, and it is difficult to have a good experience of either city unless you are willing to spend a meaningful part of the 6 days in the city.
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Wow, big question and in April too when the buds are only just forming on the hillsides. Lots of thoughts...

Yep, I'd go with Massi and go to Tuscany, for me I'd like a agriturismo south of Siena with the chance of poping into Siena (parking is easy) or Florence (parking is harder but possible) for a couple of the days, a bit of hiking and a bit of car touring.
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I think Tuscany (with a strong Etruscan bent) also wins with spas and some pretty nice museums, though obviously the Paestum takes some beating as does Herculaneum and Pompeii
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I would look at weather, though I think it may be a draw there.
You are correct to choose one! I would look at airfare also--for the AC in 6 days, I would only choose Naples airport, but you may have more options for Tuscany.
Think about what you want to do/see and how you want to spend your days. In the AC, our focus was on visiting Pompeii (#lifegoals), hiking, and eating seafood. I don't think there is a lot of variety in the highlights and what most people choose to do there. OTOH, Tuscany can mean many different things. My best Tuscany trip was one which was very much like my AC trip--hiking and seeing impressive archaeological ruins, but with driving involved.
Important considerations:
Do you want to spend time in a city or village?
Drive or pubic transit?
How much "sight seeing"/cultural attractions are you interested in versus blissing out with scenery.
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Tuscany around the Va d'Orica is breathtaking in April. With the fields covered with green winter rye, it looks like a green velvet blanket has been tossed over the hills. With cypress trees "dancing" on a ridge and a medieval hill village poking up here & there. Plus fields of wild tulips. We've visited Tuscany in June, many times in Sept & Oct, and twice in early April. Our April visits have been the most scenic & enjoyable - by far.

We've visited the Amalfi coast on three different occasions. Always on longer trips in Italy that included different regions. It's good for about 4-5 nights - then I get a little bored. I would also be worried that if it is overcast & rainy in April, it would not be "fun" on the Amalfi coast. Whereas if it's raining or overcast in Tuscany, I would visit Siena or Orvieto for the day.

My wife's Shutterfly book. The Tuscany countryside is on the cover, and starts on page 34.

Stu Dudley
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I agree with Stu. Go to the Val D'Orcia region of Tuscany. There is so much to see and do and it is absolutely gorgeous! Driving in that area is very easy and you can cover a lot. Have a great trip!
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Thanks everyone for your response!
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