2 weeks in Spain

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2 weeks in Spain

Firstly, Thanks to everyone for replying to my previous post about a month back. Based on the feedbacks received, I changed my plan and now I am only doing 2 weeks in Spain rather than combining Portugal and Morocco as well. I will be flying into Barcelona and flying out Of Madrid. I am traveling alone in August and I know it is going to be really hot but that cannot change now. I guess I will deal with heat. Based on the reposes these were the places I narrowed down but it seems like too much in 2 weeks. I would really appreciate if I could get guidance on what places, how many days and how to travel. I will be using train/bus for all my travel within Spain. I am mostly interested in usual tourist things to do.

Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, Malaga, Seville, Cordoba and Madrid.

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Although you have made progress, seven places in two weeks is a bit much. Measure the distances. You have not taken into consideration traveling time and all the attendant time associated with moving.

If you go to Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville with a side trip to Granada, you will easily fill up the time. A flight from Barcelona to Sevilla and then the AVE to Madrid, might work.
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When you say 2 weeks do you have 14 nights? Or is it 12 nights with 2 days travel?

I'd budget a minimum of 4 nights each in Barcelona, Madrid and Sevilla and 2 nights in Granada. You barely have enough with just the minimums for these places. If you like a moderate to fast pace this would work. Fly Barcelona to Sevilla and visit Cordoba as a daytrip from Cordoba (or stop along the way from Sevilla to Madrid). But you'll have to sacrifice Valencia.
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When in the South, I think you should put in a couple of days along the coast for not so high temperatures and some beach time. All the time in inland Sevilla, Córdoba and Granada could be just too much. Málaga city is fabulous, but you might consider Nerja (with the spectacular caves) close to both Granada and Málaga. http://www.nerjatoday.com/

Nine small and large beaches among the cliffs in Nerja.

Buses all the time from Nerja to Granada and Málaga, and a couple of direct buses every day to Córdoba and Sevilla as well.

The famous Nerja caves: http://www.cuevadenerja.es/index.php?lenguaje=en

For some 10 days in Andalucía in August, I would have done two days in Granada, four days in Málaga/Nerja along the coast and four days in Sevilla. You could do a daytrip to Córdoba from either Málaga or Sevilla, only some 50 mins with the high speed AVE train. Bus from Granada to Nerja/Málaga in some 1,5 hours, and train from Málaga to Sevilla in two hours.

The high speed AVE also takes you from Málaga, Sevilla or Córdoba to Madrid in no time.
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Hi Vivek,

From what I have learnt, keep no more than 4, maximum 5 places & give each place minimum 2.5-3 days to do justice.

I am planning a similar trip in Aug. I got valuable feedback from fellow travelers. You may click on my profile & check their responses on my query.

Have a good tirp!
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I wouldnt sacrifice Valencia then I am biased as I live there!
It is often overlooked but offers soemthing different...
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@aduchamp1 - This is what I am also thinking . Barcelona -4, Seville-3, Cordoba- 1, Grenada - 2, Madrid -3
@CathyM - I have 13 nights. I know the above plan seems aggressive but I like to see as much as I can. My vacations usually are not meant for relaxing
@kimhe- I do not think all inland time will get too much. In fact, I am not much of a water/beach person. But I am gonna check out Nerja. You are the first person who has ever recommended that.
@rtwin80days - I saw your posts and questions and your and my itinerary are gonna be very similar with different times. And yes, we are traveling the opposite directions since I start in Barcelona and end in Madrid.
@Cehegin - everyone says Valencia is good but somehow when there is time crunch, this is the place which always gets lower in priority. I am gonna have to plan really strict and see what I can get in
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With 13 nights I'd do: Barcelona (4), fly to Granada (2), Sevilla (4)-daytrip to Cordoba; and Madrid (3). I wouldn't do a 1-nighter in Cordoba given the time it will take to move your stuff,check in/out and acquant yourself with the area. You'd be better with such a quick schedule to visit as a daytrip from Sevilla or as a stop along the way from Sevilla to Madrid (you can store your luggage in lockers).

Malaga and Nerja are quite nice but I don't see how you can squeeze them in with only 13 days and a desire to visit the other cities - something would have to give.....

Rest up - this will be a fast paced trip!
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I liked your last statement Cathy "Rest Up!". It sounds absolutely right. I am gonna follow the same now. Barcelona (4), fly to Granada (2), Sevilla (4)-daytrip to Cordoba; and Madrid (3)

Are there bus or train options as well (overnight) from Barcelona to Granada? Just curious. How much time does it take?
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you could do
barcelona - vlc on train.( 3 hours) see the city on an overnight, taking a day from Barcelona or Sevilla.. better than nothing.

night train to granada.
then continue from there.
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Personally I'd fly from Barcelona to Granada. Airfares are quite reasonable and it will be much quicker than a train - especially when you have limited time. There is a night train from Barcelona to Granada. But I don't sleep well on trains and am tired the next day so prefer flying.

You can take bus or train from Granada to Sevilla. They're both 3 hours but bus is more frequent and you end up in a more central (walkable to many hotels) location in Sevilla.

The high speed AVE train is the way to go between Sevilla-Cordoba-Madrid.
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I forgot you can also fly from Valencia to Sevilla or Málaga.
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Hey Vivek
Am planning a similar trip (almost the same cities) this May and wanted your inputs on it. Did you manage the trip? Was it too rushed? Anything will help.
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Hi Shreya
Yes I did manage the trip and was quit exciting actually.ITs been almost 1.5 years now. I did Barcelona (4), fly to Granada (2), Sevilla (4)-daytrip to Cordoba; and Madrid (3) and it was just perfect. I could have spent another day in Barcelona but it was still good. I am the person who always likes to be on the go and so I managed to see everything

Good luck with your trip
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