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Honeymoon Info

I am considering going to St. Lucia for my honeymoon (April 2003) and need feedback on a few questions. First, I am looking at Ladera and Anse Chastenet. Does anyone have inpressions on both? Also, if I were to book Ladera, is it too early (or late) and what is the best way to book.
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Fred, I went to St. Lucia for my honeymoon in 1999 and hated it! I would never go back. If your looking for a clean, safe, romantic enviroment, this isn't it. Try elsewhere.
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I echo the sentiments of the previous poster. St. Lucia has been getting alot of negative press lately for bad service, attitudes toward guests, and run down resorts.
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I went to St. Lucia last year and stayed at Anse Chastenet. The resort is on mountainside and does require a lot of walking. If you prefer a honeymoon that is more relaxing, make sure to get a room that is beachfront. The restaurants were average and there is NO night life there whatsoever. The villas are nice but it does get really hot in the evening and there is no Air conditioning (not sure what time of year you are looking at). Anse Chastenet is scuba diving resort and they offer at least 3 dives per day (including night dives) so if you are an avid scuba diver, this is a great place for you. Otherwise, I probably would not recommend it for a honeymoon. There are much more romantic places in the Caribbean.
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Hi Again. I've been to several places in the Caribbean Islands. The nicest resort that I've stayed in is The Four Seasons Resort in Nevis. If you are considering Anse Chastenet, then definitely take a look at it. The rooms are absolutely the best and they have caribbean appeal. The service is absolutely wonderful and the food is great. It is a little $$, but it would be a very romantic and memorable honeymoon. Lots of plantations to visit and other great restaurants, beautiful scenery, and some nightlife in town.
Old Jul 9th, 2002, 06:27 PM
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To Michele and Bud:

Yes, St. Lucia is such an awful, horrible, terrible place to vacation/honeymoon -- must be why readers of Conde Nast rated St. Lucia as the 5th most favorite island in the world to visit (not 5th most favorite in the Carribean, but in the world), ahead of islands such as Fiji, Caymans, and Bahamas. Maybe the real problem is not with the island of St. Lucia and what it offers but with the choices of people like Michele about where to stay and what to do on the island. St. Lucia, unlike many islands in the Caribbean has a great variety of dramatic natural scenery (beaches, rain forest, waterfalls, mountains) and much of it is still unspoiled. It has several first class resorts (Ladera, Jalousie Hilton, Royal St. Lucian) that are clean, safe, romantic and luxurious. It also has some that are not and you can end up at one of them if you don't do the research. Of course, just about any Carribean island you pick has some places that are not "clean, safe and romantic" (remember, you are in an area that is, in many respects, Third World). So, Fred, don't let the naysayers discourage you away from St Lucia. It truly is a island with awesome beauty.
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Thank you Roger,

I am going to St. Lucia for my honeymoon in August and have never been, your words of how St. Lucia is reaffirms our decision.
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blue eyes
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We've just come back from St Lucia. We were married there in May and I would go again tomorrow if I had the chance. It is the most beautiful place that I have ever visited. First time in The Carribean but well travelled in rest of the world.
Yes there is poverty, but isn't that fairly common in the West Indies?
Yes there are a lot of vendors, most accept a simple no if you're not interested.
Bad Service? Our resort...The Rendezvous was excellent, if anything the staff were too keen to help.
Wherever you go, enjoy yourselves.
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While it is lush & beautiful it rains a lot! Consider that in your planning. Check out the following site with great weather stats for anyplace you are considering:
We were there a week in June and stayed at Ladera -- it rained the entire week. Also, altho they have private pools, the pool was not filled due to a water shortage (not sure why when it rains so much), so we could not enjoy that - the villa was lovely, tho with the western side open to the Pitons.
So seriously consider all aspects in your planning.
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My husband & I went to St. Lucia in 1998 for our honeymoon. We stayed at the Sandals St. Lucia Golf & Spa. It was great. We found the people to be very friendly and the island's landscape is beautiful. Many of the world's rain forests are bring chopped down. The rain forest in St. Lucia is a nature treasure. Also, if you can recognize that there are many economic / income levels in the world, then you will enjoy St. Lucia. When we went into Castries, we never encountered "begging" people. We will be returning to St. Lucia in the Spring of 2003.
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Been to St. Lucia twice - once in 1992 and again in 1999. Stayed at Ladera and Anse Chast.
You will get from St. Lucia what you put into it.
If you are friendy and polite, people will be friendly and polite to you.
If you are adventurous and outgoing, you will find some of the best hiking and SCUBA diving in the Caribbean.
If you love nature and scenic beauty, you will laugh at the little birds trying to cadge a bite from your breakfast and marvel over the beauty of the Pitons.
To the people who complain about the vendors or visible poverty, you have no one to blame but yourselves for not educating yourself prior to going.
The Caribbean is a place where people who make less in a year than most tourists make in a week or month LIVE and work. It wasn't set up like Disney World just for your enjoyment.
All the islands in the Caribbean - with the exception of maybe Haiti and Kingston - are safer than most major cities to be found elsewhere in the world.
Go and have a great time Fred.
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Val: I agree with you completely. We never had any beggars or vendors approach us while in the north but in the south, a whole different story. It became very unnerving after awhile. They're ruthless down there, especially by the Soufrierre pier and the tourist areas like the underground volcano and the botanical gardens. But it is beautiful. However, I would never go back there. Twice is more than enough.
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Liz S
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Wow....after returning recently from my honeymoon (read: vacation of a lifetime) in St Lucia, I'm surprised at all of the negative comments! I guess we all see the world through a different lens.....

I stayed at both Ladera and the Jalousie, and LOVED Ladera. Words can't describe how incredible it was. Better service than I've ever experienced in my stateside travels. Really enjoyed the food and the view....absolutely amazing.

We also left the resort areas and didn't encounter what I would consider abject poverty. (but maybe it didn't surpirse me because I had seen it before) And we spent a lot of time in Soufriere (even at the pier)and some time in Castries and I wouldn't consider anyone ruthless - especially considering the few people who approached us were kids!

Anyway Fred, feel free to email if you'd like more information. Have fun planning your homeymoon!
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