Eleuthera or Andros?

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Eleuthera or Andros?

Iím trying to decide which Out Island to go to for 4 days in May. I have pretty much narrowed it down to either Andros or Eleuthera and am leaning towards Eleuthera. Weíll be in Nassau for 4 days before then, so thereís no reason we couldnít go to a different island (I just need to make a decisionóthis is driving me crazy!).

Iíd appreciate advice on whether Eleuthera is a good place to go and where we should stay. We'd really like to find a cabin (but a nice one). The guidebooks seem to say that Harbour Island is best, but I donít know where to stay there. A few places Iíve tried are booked.

I found a good-looking place in Governorís Harbour called Pineapple Fields. Anyone know about this? It seems like it might be hard to get to Harbour Island from there. We want to spend our time relaxing, enjoying the beaches, and snorkeling/scuba diving.

Thanks for your advice!
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Vic, My wife & I will be going to both islands this fall and I have done a lot of research on both, but to answer your questions, would need more info on what you're looking for on the island; seclusion, beach, diving/snorkeling, fun, food or partying. We are going to Eleuthera for the beaches, food and comfort. Andros is for diving and lack of people, save for the indigenous, who I understand are very genuine and caring...not to mention the bonefishing, which is the best. Give me more about what you are looking to achieve, and I'll try to help you out.
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On Eleuthera you might look in the Rainbow Inn, The Cove and Cocodimama all are easily reachable from N. Eleuthera airport.

Harbour Island is just on the other side of the airport and a short taxi ride and then a water taxi over to the island.

You might try some of these websites.


Island Realty on Harbour Island also rents out homes all over the island, and no matter where you stay you can't be more than a couple of minutes to the beach, the island is only 1/2 a mile wide by 3 miles long.

You also might do a day trip over to Spanish Wells, which is an interesting island, that used to be closed to tourists but now there are a couple of restaurants and 2 hotels on island and an amazing deserted beach.

Hope this helps, and have a great time.
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Thanks! It sounds like Eleuthera is more what I'm looking for. I do want someplace quiet, but not without some accommodations.

How do we go about arranging snorkeling/scuba activities? Is there a well-known local place?

Also, would you recommend flying to Eleuthera or taking the fast ferry one way and then flying back (because of the ferry's limited schedule)?
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CocodiMama (www.cocodimama.com) would be the place I would recommend staying. It is lovely RIGHT on the beach with a good restaurant, and you can probably snorkle right there. Staying there you really don't even need to rent a car, other than a day or so to tour some of the island.

Yes I suggest flying one way and taking the ferry the other direction.

Eleuthera is spectacular, miles and miles of deserted beaches and not much more in the way of tourist amenities yet, so not much in the way of crowds. Go there now because it will not be that way in 5 years. There are some major developments going in and shortly it will be a lovely island with more touristy things to see and do.

Two suggestions on things to do, for a fun evening go to S. Palmetto Point and have a conch pizza at Mate&Jenny's, Maitlin makes the BEST pizza. And please say HI for me. He took me on a tour a few years ago to Tarpun Bay which is a beautiful area that has become an artist colony. I even met Lord McMillan Hughes and Mal Flanders (both have passed away in the last couple of years). McMillan Hughes built a castle that was his home and his art gallery and you will know you are there, because you can see it from the "highway". Actually there is only 1 major road that goes the length of the island, Queens Highway, and there is only 1 stop light on the entire island at Govern's Harbour.

There are a couple of other restaurants on island, Rainbow Inn, The Cove, Cigatoo Inn a couple of bakeries and a large supermarket, in the Govenours Harbour area.

Hope this helps and have a GREAT time.
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Cocodimama looks fantastic, too. Do you happen to have contact info for Island Realty? I couldn't find them online.

Thanks again!
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I don't think they have a website yet, so you might check www.briland.com it may be listed there.

Also www.myharbourisland.com is another place to check for houses and villas that are available.

Also www.eleu.net is another good source for Eleuthera.
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I'm a Bahamas 1st timer who hears Andros bonefishing is tops. If that's true, I'm looking for reasonably priced lodging for a stay of up to 4 wks. in Feb/March 07.
However, if there's a fisherman who knows better,please give a new lead.
Anyone w any prospects?
Your help would be HUGELY appreciated.

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Andros is a very sleepy island and ther are not alot of hotels there, but check the www.bahamas.com site for suggestions on Andros. The island is not very populated and not very set up for tourists, that's what attracts alot of visitors.

Hope this helps and have a great time.
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Eleuthera is known for its spectacular beaches. Andros is known for its diving. As Andros is truly a swamp with hundreds of little islets, it makes sense that it would be great for bonefishing. Bonefishing is quite a lot of fun, a great fighting fish, but virtually unedible. One more tidbit about Andros- reportedly deep in the interior lives a chicharnie, some sort of Androsian swamp devil.

Unless you love to dive or fish, Eleuthera is your best bet.
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This may be too late for responding but we are going to Andros next Spring. A resonably priced place is Small Hope Lodge. It is said to be very basic (not tents) but cottages with 1/2 having A/C and an electricity surcharge.Designed for divers, snorkelers, bone fishing and "real relaxation"
The one we settled on, Emerald Palms is 1/3 more expensive but it is more of a resort with all cottages/rooms with A/C. Rates for an oceanview room in the main house is ~$300-$400 (with taxes and services) for 2 on an MAP plan depending on the season. The more private beach front cottages are $475-$575 for 2 with meals,etc.based on season.
We opted out of Kamalame Cay which is very upscale and looks beautiful but is a small all-inclusive and $1000/day for 2 for a Beach Front Cottage. You can go to Biras Creek, Peter Island, Jumby Bay.etc. for less.
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