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Is anyone able to comment on the crime rate on the East End of Grand Cayman compared to Cayman Kai/Northside?? We had spoken to a real estate agent who felt that the crime on East End was more of a concern. Thanks!
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Would you give us your definition of "crime", or what your concerns might be ?

Are you traveling fom the US, and if so, what area of the country ?

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Marion- I guess crime would be any situation requiring involvement of the local authorities. We are traveling from the US, specifically the midwest. Thanks!
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We have stayed on the northside of GC, Rum Point, for years and have never experienced any sort of crime. No break-ins, theft, muggings, absolutely nothing. The only crimes I've ever heard about on the east end involved drugs and wasn't tourist related. GC is a very safe island destination and especially the areas your talking about. Areas like West Bay tend to have more problems on that side of the island.
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We're from the Midwest too and stayed on the east end for the last 5 years and never saw any sign of crime - one of the reasons we love it.
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I'm in East End... crime... don't understand... please explain what this word means ?
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After staying in a rental villa in Tankah, Mexico, we will no longer stay anywhere else but our lovely yellow rental house on the north side of Cayman.
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Suanniammsncom,could you explain? Grand Cayman was high on our list due to the safety factor. But we have considered renting in Mexico. Do I read your reply as advising against it?
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Unfortunately, I would advise against it. Our rental came with two guard dogs, as well as security lights, system and all windows barred. Even my 17yo son felt unsafe. The owner even admitted there were frequent break-ins(he said that when we were already their) even thou we didnt have problems, we were always concerned. Also, if you were to try to walk on the beach all the other rental houses dogs would attack you, I was so glad to come home.
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Love Grand Cayman and Mexico (have only been to Baja Peninsula - Cabo and Loreto). The snorkeling close to the reef in the Cayman Kai area of Grand Cayman is one thing that makes it the best place on earth to stay.

Some areas of Mexico I would never go to because of reported crime. Having said that, I really like Mexico and the people. But we do use more caution than when in GC. In Cabo there were some places we did not go at night, etc.

Went to Loreto this past February. Was a little freaked out when we got off the plane and members of the Mexican army were posted at the airport. The people who owned the place where we stayed explained to me that:
If you are at a town, etc and see the Mexican army, you know you are in a pretty safe area. In many areas the local government is corrupt, but the army is not corrupt and you can feel pretty protected and safe when they are around.

Hope this does not cause a big controversy, just reporting our experience.
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