Anyone get really sick in DR?

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Anyone get really sick in DR?

We just got back from Club Med in Punta Cana. Had a great time, but all of us got deathly ill. I mean serious stomach illness. I can't figure out if it was the water, food, or just a virus. I won't go back ever again unless I identify the source of our illness.
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Did you ask the staff if anyone else had same experience? (not that they'd tell the truth) Did you eat or drink anywhere else outside of Club Med?
I heard that water was ok there, so I am curious as we had planned a stop there.
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I've heard alot of different things about Punta Cana. I heard that when they get bad weather and their water backs up, that it actually backs up into the waterlines. And people can get real sick. Also, I heard that sometimes that area different virus's around.

Are you better? If not, you should see a Dr to make sure you don't have any serious illness. I agree, I will only travel to Aruba or some other well known "Americanized" place!

Hope you are MUCH better!
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Hi Kimberly!
Sorry to hear you got sick while your stay at Punta Cana Club Med. It is very extrange, this is the first time i hear anyone getting sick there. I go there every year or so and I never had any problems. The water is usually pretty good, Plus they usually suggest to buy bottle of water. Try to remember if you tried a dish that may have been cooked with seasonings that you are not use to eat, like coconut milk. Some people are very sencitive that could really, really make you sick!!
Hoping that you and your family are feeling better and that this incident does not stop you from going back to the Dominican Republic!
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Been there and definitely done that. Matter of fact we got stuck in the airport because of bad weather and got talking to at least 4 other couples. All staying at different places and all sick. It seemed to affect the men more severely then women. Although I must say I had the runs for days.
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Hi Kimberly,

I was sorry to read about how sick you got at Club Med. We were there the week before you and did not have problems with the food/water. However, my son had a VERY high fever our last two days at Club Med including our travel day :^( There is so much stomach illness going around work and the kid's schools right now, I wouldn't know if I got an illness at Punta Cana or brought it from home.
I hope that all is well with your family now.

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Thank you to all who replied. Fortunately, my baby is doing great. She bounced back really quickly, I am still feeling crummy, but am going to start on an antibiotic so all should be well soon. I appreciate everyone's concern!! I guess I'll never really know what caused us to get sick, but I did hear some other people in the airport who stayed at a different resort talking about how sick people were at their hotel too. So, it wasn't just us. I have always been careful in Mexico, and have never gotten sick. I think I would advise people to be equally cautious in the DR- simply to avoid this if possible. Trust me, it really stinks to be that sick on vacation. Thanks again to all who responded!! Kimberly
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We went to Juan Dolio last May, and took our own water. I became terribly ill when I returned, and had to get an antibiotic from my doctor. I took about 2 weeks to get over it. My husband, who is a native West Indian, had no problems whatsoever, and we ate exactly the same things. My only guess is that it may have been the fruits for me. But I would go back without hesitation, just start taking antibiotics before I go and while on the trip.
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I just returned from the D.R., spent about 5 days in Cabarete. I ate the food, had bottled water everyday and never had a problem until the last night I was there. My friends and I decided to have pasta with fresh garlic....well, we boiled the water (from the sink, about 8 minutes) and used Dominican Olive oil (maybe too much) and all of us were sick the next day. I'm not sure if it was that we didn't boil the water enough or if it was the oil or garlic, but I had the runs and was throwing up when I got home to the states. It took me 4 days to get back to normal.

I've read the other posts here and I guess the best advice is to drink (and for boiling!) only bottled water, stay away from fruit, and stick to foods you're familiar with.

Happy travels!
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I spent a week at Club Med Punta Cana in Feb 2003 with my husband & kids (ages 6 & 8). We traveled with three other families. Of the 15 of us, only four of us got the runs (that I know of). It hit toward the end of the trip. Fortunately I knew to bring Pepto Bismol. It worked like a charm & I was fine in a day or two. My family drank the water there, & ate whatever we pleased, so who knows what caused it...after all, many of us didn't get sick. It was really just an annoyance for me; didn't affect my vacation at all. It was much worse after my trip to Cancun nine years ago (& we were NOT at the Club Med there).
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My husband and I vacationed in Punta Cana several years ago. We did not stay at Club Med but another resort. When we returned to the states, on the airplane coming home my husband was very ill for 4 days after. Fever, chills, vomiting. It was awful. I was fine. We do not know why nor have we ever been able to figure it out. I know a travel agent told me prior to going not to eat fish. I did not, and he did. It is a beautiful beach and island. We will not return as a result. Sorry you had a similar experience. Many people travel there without any problems at all. Travelers runs are one thing but when you are really ill it is not good. We won't take that chance.
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Guess we are the lucky ones..of the eight times we have been to the D.R. have never come home ill.. We were told besides not drinking the water not to drink too many coconut based drinks as that causes problems as does all the great fruit. As a precaution for years I took Pepto-Bismo several times a day..and if I really think I'm going to be drinking alot of Miami Vice I take a, but have never had to take an antibiotic except when returning from Peru...where I drank from a "magic fountain". The resort we were in this winter had two health inspectors on the premises and the manager reported they had the highest sanitaton rating in Punta Cana.. A couple coming back on the plane from another resort said her husband spent several days in the hospital with food poisoning..At the "americanized" hotel in Punta Cana...there was always bottles of water being offered at meals and available at the bar, not to mention in the rooms. Oh yes, we stayed at Sunscape.
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yep, I did too. We stayed at the Iberostar, and a lot of people were sick as well. I think it was from the fish. I got sick the day after having it for dinner, and it seemed other people we talked to had eaten fish before they came down ill. My husband never ate the fish at the hotel and never came down with anything. So that is our guess on what was ailing me.
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I travelled to the DR, specifically Punta Cana, several years ago, and was left with a lingering illness that took 20 lbs off an already slight frame. Couldn't prove it, but all doctors stated that they felt it was something I picked up in the DR. It was such a beautiful place to visit, but unfortunately, have been scared to go back ever since...Shoould note that after visiting both Mexico and Cuba, never had any problems with food or water.
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I think in many of the islands it is hit or miss. I was deathly ill at Club Med Martinique and my husband was the same in Jamaica. I've had friends who had the same problems in Mexico, etc. I think it isn't Club Med but rather the islands. Americans are used to a high degree of cleanliness, so when it is the least bit "dirty," we get sick. That is my unofficial diagnosis of the problem. I would still go to CM and to the islands.
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