Any Suggestions About Punta Cana?

Old Jul 3rd, 2002, 04:55 AM
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Any Suggestions About Punta Cana?

We are going to the Melia Resort in Punta Cana in a few weeks. Does anyone have anything to suggest either about Punta Cana or the resort? Any help would be appreciated regarding food, dress, fun, etc? Thanks. Rebecca
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We just returned from Punta Cana, we found the people to be rude and the language very hard to understand if you dont have a group to help you figure out what they are saying. Service was very bad.Two of the couples we were with got sick on the water so be carefull! the island itself was beautiful and the beach was great.
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Can't be so hard on the staff at Punta Cana hotels like the last poster. The thing is that few of them speak english very well. I don't think they should be obliged to either...If you want to speak english, hell..go to the Bahamas.
I found the service to be just fine. If you're staying at the Melia Paradisus, the resort is heavenly !!
You should take nice clothes for dinners in the formal restaurant or else they won't let you in (men especially). If you want great reviews on this hotel and other Punta Cana opinions go to
I didn't leave the hotel in 4 days (and didn't care to either) since the hotel was so lovely. I didn't think I would find anything nicer than the hotel outside. Dominican Rep. is a poor country and not very beautiful outside of the hotel area.
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worse vacation sorry got very sick from the water or food. it was one of the hottest places ever never would go back
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Parrot Mom
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Have not been to the Melia in Punta Cana, but was at the Catalonia and this was our 7th time in the D.R. and it was wonderful.. Dress is very casual..don't drink the water goes without saying and stay away from too many fruit based drinks, The Dominicans are kind and sweet people..unless you act like a jerk..and then they are still polite..
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You can't please everyone all the time should be the motto of this site. I've been to Punta Cana once(Bavaro Beach) and my Mother has been there three times. I am 27 and she is in her 60's. We both absolutely loved it - something for everyone at our resort. Food was amazing (we gained 10 lbs! lol), we drank bottled water and neither of us got sick. Most people eat too much, stay in the sun too long, stay up too late and drink too much. We would all get sick if we did this. You are going to have an amazing trip but remember it'll be as fun as you want to make it...
Old Jul 5th, 2002, 11:04 PM
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Rebecca, I have been to the Punta Cana area and found it to be absolutely excellent! Much better beaches then almost anywhere! As one poster stated, see for additional information about almost anything to do with the DR, including resort reviews. I'd be willing to bet that the poster called "Fran" hasn't travelled much. Does she expect that everyone speaks English? If not, Why not? How rude!
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My husband and I spent 5 nights at the Melia (Caribe side) from June 19 -24, 2002. We really enjoyed the resort very much. The beach is wonderful - soft white sand and warm beautiful water. The pool was amazing, it's HUGE. Several people that we met did get sick (either from the food or water, not sure). I would suggest bringing some Pepto-bismol (we brought 2 bottles). We both took a dose in the morning and at night and seemed to do fine. I would also be a bit careful about the food choices that you make. It's probally best to avoid a lot of the fried items and the seafood. Do not eat at the "Capri" restaurant. The service was awful and food worse. We found the majority of the staff to be very accomodating. Remember, people will usually treat you with the same amount of respect that you show them. As far as clothing goes, very casual during the day but people did dress up somewhat at night (sundresses or light casual skirts for woman and long pants for men). Be sure to wear a lot of sunscreen, the sun is very strong - again; use common sense. We tipped our maid about $3.00 or $4.00 per day and seemed to get very attentive service. A little seemed to really be appreciated. I would suggest bringing $50.00 in singles. I think it's always nice to show your appreciation for good service (I'm sure the staff does not make much money). Hope you have a great trip. I wish I was back there myself. Enjoy!
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We stayed at the Riu Bambu and unfortunately my blood pressure went very high while we were there but the doctor was fantastic. The hotel was very nice and spotlessly clean and the food was more than adequate. The highlight of our trip was to take the helicopter ride for half an hour. To say it was fantastic is an understatement. It was amazing. The coast line is the most beautiful breathtaking sight I have ever seen in my life. The animation team were very friendly but there English was very poor. BUT !!! So was my Spanish.
Old Jul 7th, 2002, 01:48 PM
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Just returned from Punta Cana yesterday. The weather is extremely hot and humid. The only place you could get relief was on the beach near the water. We stayed at the Iberostar for seven days armed with a years supply of Immodium and all four of our family were sick for most of the week.A years supply lasted a week.A beuautiful beach and resort salvaged an otherwise disastorous week. We followed all of the advice found on this site and others, moderation in all things and still became ill.
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As far as heat & humidity goes...this is typical in this region, so I'm not sure why people are complaining about this....if you did the research prior to traveling, you would know about the heat!
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We we're at the Sol de plato in April. It was like paridise. We are going back in Feb. You must go on the Bavarro safari .It was a riot and educational.
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we were there last fall. we also got quite ill and that compromised an otherwise really great week. most of the americans there also stated that they suffered from stomach distress, etc. BUT the beaches were beautiful and I have always from the Dominicans to be very good hosts, very friendly and accomodating. there is no real "town" nearby, so you are kind of limited to the food and nightlife (virtually nil) at the resort where you stay-most of the places are therefore "all inclusive" will only fair food. Great dollar value; we are going back despite the illness and we are going hopefully prepared for it!!!!!! watch out for the fruit/ colada style drinks!!!!
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we stayed at the P"aradisus in March and were absolutely thrilled. The beach was gorgeous and the people were wonderful. We went on 2 day trips and walked to town in the afternoon. We would go back in a second. You can read my report on under checkers43.
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We just returned from the Fiesta Bavaro and had a wonderful trip! Gorgeous beach, good food, lots of activites, nice people. None of us got the least bit sick.

We stopped at the Melia to let a group off, it looks like a beautiful place. The dress is very casual. Try the bulletin boards at for much more help and info.
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Rebecca, Just back from Punta Cana on the 6th of July, it was great stayed at the Iberostar Bavaro, and traveled with our 13 year old and our 9 year old. No one got sick and we found no one rude or hateful, in fact everyone went out of their way to help and you can communicate if you try in fact we enjoyed trying to communicate. The food was incrediable something for everyone. We did not drink the water or brush our teeth with the water and yes we drank lots of coco locos and so did our kids virgin of course but it was wonderful. Enjoy!!!
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