How to dress?

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How to dress?


I will be going to Sydney (5 nights), Ayers Rock (2 nights), and Palm Cove (5 nights) at the end of October/beginning of November.

How do people dress to go out to dinner at these places? I'm assuming that Ayers Rock and Palm Cove are more casual, but I'm not sure about Sydney.

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For most of Australia and for 95% of the restaurants smart casual is the norm. By that I mean a nice pair of slacks and top or dress. Although you would still get in if you wore jeans - that is not really smart casual here. My husband was in Katherine ( a small town in the Northern Territory) and was not allowed into a night club because his designer knit shirt did not have a collar though I am sure that anything would go for Ayers Rock as long as you were covered with something. PC would probably look at you a bit funny if you turned up in rubber thongs and swim-suits
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Thanks Liz.

Do you think it's ok in Palm Cove for a guy to wear nice shorts and a collered polo type shirt?

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That should be just right I would think. I am also sure that you can wear a sarong too if you like.
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We will be slightly limited in our clothing choices for the 3 CLIMATES we will encounter over our 2 week stay. Hobart should be 60's, Syd 70's and GBR 80's humid. Not to mention the cool nights in Hobart....

Unfortunately JEANS can be worn in almost all that weather and travel much better than the easy wrinkling khaki type pants. I plan to bring once nice outfit (top and long skirt) for at least 1 nice meal out but don't plan to go to places that require us to "dress up".

WILL we be totally out of place at most of the restaurants? Not sure if you are familiar with our typical American Applebee's type restaurants--bar with a decent selection of entree's that fit a variety of tastes--where you can wear shorts and tshirts but also nicer casual clothes and not feel out of place or uncomfortable.

My husband to be is NOT into fancy cuisine or oriental food. He is a basic meat and potato kind of guy. Burgers, fries etc.... pub food etc....

WILL we be underdressed in our JEANS and nice tops (polo type shirt for him)??

We are not looking to do the best of Australia food tour! AND I am not implying Applebee's is great food for comparison purposes. Just trying to establish a basis.

What type of places should we look for a decent meal at a decent price and not walk away hungry??? -Where we can be dressed appropriately without changing clothes from our day of touring.

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The very best type of places for good wholesome and inexpensive food that cater for people who are not dressed up are Pubs, Rugby League Clubs, Bowls Clubs, Returned Serviceman's Clubs etc. You don't have to be a member but you will have to sign in if there are poker machines there. In places like the Gold Coast you can get a roast meal at the Services Club for $2.99 Australian which is about $1.62US. In Hobart your absolute best bet for nice sea-food is at Fish Frenzy on the wharf where there are a lot of casual places and jeans will be the dress of choice there. Also Salamanca place for other type of meals - again same dress.
Sydney will depend on where you go and actually my preference for something different is the pie van at Wooloomoloo - for pie and peas ask for a pie floater AND you don't have to worry about what you wear! Jeans are uncomfortable in the tropics and usually just a nice pair of shorts are much more comfortable and they are acceptable in eating places. The idea is to have an easy going holiday and really no-one cares what you wear ( except the owners of the club in Katherine, N.T. and a few other twits) so come as you like and have a great time.
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I noticed you mentiond the word "entree" in your reply. In Australia an entree is the appetiser (the entrance to the meal) What people from the US would call an entree is referred to here as the main course. Causes a lot of confusion with visitors from the US
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oh thanks for the help! I do have shorts for the Reef weather!!! But that is only 4 days of our 16 day trip so I am not as worried!

Would have never thought that entree' was considered an appetizer somewhere else! Wonder how that got turned around here in the States?! Someone probably thought it sounded better than Main Course because it was French ?? That is what I get for taking Spanish in school!

I am not so worried about cheap-we figure our average meal will run 10-15 per person for lunch/dinners American $ and then perhaps 1 or 2 nights where we spend about $75-100 US.

We are spending so much on sightseeing/entrance fees etc....gotta save a little bit here and there!
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Entree in either French or English means "beginning or entrance or start place" therefore it is the first course of a meal. Perhaps the person who thought of using it for the main meal had no idea of the meaning in any language.
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Hi Shannon
Cheap meal does not mean bad meal. I would think there are several million cheap meals per night are served at the Clubs around Australia so save your money for the really good restaurants and for something special.
Hate to tell you this but the word "entree" is only used for the main meal in north America and no where else that I have been but what the heck - a rose by any name etc etc. Your only problem will arise if you order an entree for your main and its too little and doesn't fill you up.
A lot of the better hotels around Australia have a wonderful seafood smorgesbord on either a Saturday night or Sunday lunch or night which can be really worth going to. So check some of those out. They do serve other things if you don't like seafood. They can be quite economical but offer a great range of food.
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