Hong Kong-Best location to stay?

Dec 4th, 2005, 01:31 AM
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Hong Kong-Best location to stay?


I would appreciate some advice on the best location to stay in Hong Kong. We are only there for 2 days in June 06 as it's a stopover on our way home.

Our plan is to do shopping.

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Dec 4th, 2005, 05:12 AM
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If you'd rather not do a search (where there is a wealth of information), check out the following article in today's NY Times (free reg. required):


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Dec 4th, 2005, 06:55 AM
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i prefer kowloon area...i have not stayed anyplace else however....it is the center for much of the shopping, but not all...

the tourist bureau at the star ferry used to have a pamphlet for outlet shopping....you might ask them....

we found the best shopping was located above the ground floor....just look at the overhead signs that advertise bargains on the 6th floor, etc...
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Dec 4th, 2005, 06:57 AM
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not sure of your budget but a couple of places to stay come to mind....the kowloon hotel, next to the peninsula and the salisbury YMCA...both could not be better located imo
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Dec 4th, 2005, 07:13 AM
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What kind of shoppping are you talking about? If the really high-end type, then either the Four Seasons (linked to the high-end ifc mall) or the Landmark Mandarin Oriental (on top of the high-end Landmark). Both in Central.

If you want high-end accomodation for low-end shopping, there's the Langham Place. 5* hotel, steps from the Ladies' Market in Mongkok.

And then there are the JW Marriott, Conrad and Island Shangri-La, all at the Pacific Place Mall on HK Island.

Those are on top of the normal choices of Tsim Sha Tsui.
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Dec 4th, 2005, 08:40 PM
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Hong Kong is pretty small and has a very efficient and cheap public transport system, so it doesn't matter too much where you stay. I also would agree that the type of shopping you want to do might affect reccos on where to stay, mostly if you are interested in large warehouse shopping outside Kowloon, or antiques or discount porcelain or Prada in the Aberdeen area, but even those areas you could get to from the Hong Kong Island side or Kowloon almost as quickly.

If you are from the UK, electronics may be cheaper, you can find them in many places, a good place to start might be Fortress, a large and well-regarded chain of electronics shops, you can look at prices on their website at http://www.fortress.com.hk/en/home.html. While somewhat fixed price, they will bargain a bit, esp if you buy in volume and pay cash. I would avoid the electronics shops in the Nathan Road area of Kowloon (where there are a lot f hotels) as these are aimed at tourists and priced accordingly.

For high-end designer clothing in retail shops, Hong Kong is not any cheaper than Europe or the US and may even be more expensive given exchange rates, you would need to do some comparison shopping before you leave for items you are interested in to make sure you are getting a bargain here. There is no tax of course so that is one advantage, but generally you won't find any bargains, although things like Rolex and other high end watches are generally cheaper, again do some comparison pricing at home so you have an idea of what is a bargain.

There is not a lot of cheap outlet shopping left in Hong Kong and more disappears every day, but is some, if that is what you are interested in, let me know I can provide some details.

A pretty good book for really dedicated shoppers is Suzy Gershmann's Born to Shop Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, you might want to get it before you leave. Another good book is Setting Up in Hong Kong by Fiona Campbell. While primarily for people moving here, there is an extensive and very good section on shopping. I believe you will only find this in Hong Kong, you can find it at Dymocks Booksellers, go to http://www.dymocks.com.au/contentsta..._Hong+Kong.asp for locations.

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Dec 5th, 2005, 01:24 AM
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Designer gear at a fraction of the price is at Horizon Plaza in Aberdeen . Issey Miake at affordable prices and bigger sizes which are hard to find in Hong Kong. We just got a taxi there. It does not matter which part of town you stay in as the metro and the ferry system is so efficient. Also loved Chinese Arts & Crafts stores for silk pjs
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Dec 5th, 2005, 02:52 AM
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Thankyou all so much for your help. I have found some hotels that look really good and have received good reviews but I was worried they'd be too out of the way. Thankyou.

rizzuto, great article-very helpful.
Cicerone, what an awesome break down, that's fantastic.

I would consider myself more the bargain shopper. I would love to wear designer labels but to be honest, I don't have that sort of budget.

We are also looking to buy some electronics while we are there.

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Dec 5th, 2005, 05:22 AM
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Angelblue - Electronics are usually not a good idea. Not cheap, you don't get warranty, etc. However, electronic ACCESSORIES are often good buys.

If you have specific hotels you want to ask about its location, go ahead.
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Dec 5th, 2005, 07:17 PM
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Cicerone, Plese give more details on outlet shopping.
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Dec 7th, 2005, 05:45 PM
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For outlet shopping, I am putting together a list for my sister-in-law who will visit in June, and is an Olympic-class shopper. Some places I have not yet been to myself, so can't comment on what is actually to be found there. I think Stevan above is referring to the Lane Crawford outlet in Horizon Plaza which is in Ap Le Chau near Aberdeen, see info below.

I have limited my list to clothing, but there are outlets for all kinds of things, for example there is a place in the New Territories where you can design your own china as well as buy their pre-made patterns. These are at a pretty good price, but I doubt you want to lug this around on a vacation or pay to ship it to the US. There are several outlets in the Aberdeen area for blue and white porcelain jars, vases etc. There is a guy who makes beautiful silk lampshades starting at about US$45. Rugs are a good buy here. Not sure what your interest is. I have found that while designer clothing at outlet prices is hard to find and getting rarer, you can still find get good quality hand-made items here at good prices.

You should consider getting the Suzy Gershmann book as well, or borrow it from somebody or see if your library has it, although you need an edition that is not more than a year old, as things are getting torn down pretty quickly here.

1. Pedder Building
12 Pedder Street
(about 2-3 blocks from the Star Ferry
next to the Central MTR stop)
Central Hong Kong
Every day until around 7 pm

This is very conveniently right in Central and is worth a look, esp for discounts on Chanel Suites and other designer goods, although sizes tend to be small. There are also several cashmere shops. There is also the wonderful but decidedly non-discount Blanc de Chine which is worth a stop. Shanghai Tang is located here on the ground floor and basement and has lots of interesting stuff (think hot pink silk Mao jackets) and good gift items (ginger spice candles, Mao watches), but again not at a discount. Take a look at http://www.shanghaitang.com/shanghaitang/index.jsp

2. Lane Crawford Warehouse
Horizon Plaza
2 Li Wing Street
Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong Island
(near Aberdeen)

This is in a huge warehouse of mostly furniture/antique stores (expensive to ship but they have some really wonderful shops and very good prices). Lane Crawford is an upscale Hong Kong department store and has a good size discount outlet here. It can be very hit or miss, but bargains are there are designer goods. You need to take a taxi, will take about 20 minutes from Central and cost about US$20. You could combine this with a trip to Aberdeen as it is not too far; could also be combined with a trip to the Prada designer outlet at Space (see below).

3. Space
Marina Square East
2nd Floor Commercial Block
South Horizons
Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong Island

This is the Prada designer outlet for all its lines. You also need to take a taxi, would be about 20 minutes from Central and cost about US$20. I was here for the first time about 2 weeks ago, they do have a lot of stock. You have to be a bit patient and look.

4. Lok Wah
Lok Wah City, 11 Lee Garden Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong (Causeway Bay MTR)
Lok Wah Bo, 193 Fa Yuen Street Lok Wah (Mong Kok MTR stop)
Top World, 175 Fa Yuen Street, Lok Wah (Mong Kok MTR stop)
Top Place, 53/55 Granville Road, Kowloon (Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Stop)

There are 4 outlets, one on Hong Kong Island and three in Kowloon. Have not been, but they apparently sell various designer brands at good prices, but you have to be lucky and hit them on a good day.

5. Kaiser Estate
Hung Hom, Kowloon

This is one of the original discount outlet areas in Hong Kong. I have not been myself, and am relying on info from friends. Apparently, you can take the 5 C bus from the Star Ferry piers at Hung Hom, alight when you reach Ma Tau Wai Road. You are looking for buildings on Man Yue Street, and Hok Yuen Street. A map of this area is helpful, you hotel may have one, or the Hong Kong tourist office may have one. You can also take a taxi, cost should be under HK$50 from the Star Ferry.

6. Dickson Warehouse
Kowloon MTR

Carries all kinds of brand names. They tend to have all sizes, including larger Western sizes. They have a good selection of ski jackets, outerwear and sporting goods. I would say there prices are good but not fantastic, do some comparison shopping at home to make sure you recognize a good price here.

7. Stanley Market

I am not sure how much designer discount stuff you will find here other than copy bags and maybe T shirts, however, it is a very pleasant way to spend the day even if you don't find anything, do stop for lunch at any one of the several good restaurants along the water, my favorite is the Boathouse, at 8688 Stanley Main Street, the first one along the water on the main village street. To get to Stanley from Central, take the 6A or 6 bus from the Central Bus terminus, sit upstairs preferably in the front seat and enjoy one of the most fun rides in the world, IMO, as the bus goes up and over the mountain and down into the Southside. A real bargain at about HIK$9. (Check with your hotel as to the correct bus number, they sometimes change, you do NOT want the bus which goes through the Aberdeen Tunnel as you will miss a good bit of the most scenic and fun part of the ride IMO.)

8. Jardine's' Bazaar
Sogo Department Store area Causeway Bay MTR
Hennessey Road

This area is changing a lot, and every time I go, more little stalls are closed and are replaced by restaurants, mobile phone shops or second hand designer bag shops. But if you have the time to walk around all the little streets here and spend a few hours, there are some small shops do have designer items at good prices. You have to have patience to find bargains. Lok Wah, mentioned above, is not far away on Lee Garden Street, so you could do both and spend the afternoon wandering the little shops.

9. The Lanes on Hong Kong Island
Li Yuen East Street
Li Yuen West Street
All days until around 7 pm in the evenings

These two narrow pedestrian lanes run between Queens Road and Des Voeux Road in Central. They are just past a McDonalds on Queens Road on your right. Some designer stuff, mostly T-shirts and some knock-offs. May be better for fake bags and watches.

I would agree with rkkwan on electronics, unless as I said before you are from the UK or elsewhere in Europe, then prices in Hong Kong will probably be cheaper. Please do a good bit of comparison shopping before your trip so you know what a good price is, even if just for accessories. If you buy in Hong Kong, make sure you get an international warranty, that is, one that will allow you to have the item repaired under warranty in your home country. You would need to read the actual warranty in the store, the shop owner should be willing to show this to you, if he isn't I would not buy from him. If you are from the US, make sure the item is dual-voltage, most items sold these days are.

While I did originally say it did not matter where you stay, if you have a choice and can pay the price, I would definitely pick a hotel room with a harbor view, and the best view would be from the Kowloon side. For many reasons I think the Hong Kong side is the preferred side to stay, but there is no doubt that the better view is a from a harbor view room from the Kowloon side. If you can afford it, the Intercon or the Penn would be great choices, with the YMCA Salisbury Road a choice as well.
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