Hong Kong Hotel advice

Oct 3rd, 2009, 02:06 PM
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Hong Kong Hotel advice

Hi, I have read several posts on Langham Place and Salisbury YMCA but nothing about JIA the Philip Starcke boutique hotel in Causeway bay. These are the three we are considering for a 2 night stopover for a family of 3. They are the only ones I could find which offer one bedroom suites for three adults all at around the same price of under 200 euros per night. I understand the Langham's location is not perfect but rooms are nice , the YMCA has great views (we would have a harbour view suite for this price) but is uninspiring...any comments on the JIA? We'd like to be somewhere where we can walk around and is convenient for restaurants.
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Oct 3rd, 2009, 05:28 PM
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JIA is a converted and thoroughly refitted apartment tower, as revealed by the tiny size of its lifts, and staying there does give you a feeling of the kind of limited space Hong Kongers are used to: You may get kitchen (little more than a recess), sitting room, and bedroom, but all are small. Service is good, however, as is breakfast.

As for the design, rather like LAN Club in Beijing, this is one of those places where Starck's effort amounts to little more than shopping for furnishings largely at random, so he can mix classical, modern, and (mostly) kitsch in one space. The hotel mistakes self-conscious cleverness for comfort (although there's certainly no discomfort either). I like the hotel, but think Starck's contribution is over-rated. The rooms would certainly suit three adults (as long as two are a couple), but don't expect much in the way of square footage, nor an en-suite bathroom--the separate bath (with sixties mosaic tiles, and no tub, if I remember correctly) would be shared by all.

Certainly a stay here would be much more interesting than one at the YMCA unless the view is everything to you. I don't think I've stayed at the Langham, so I can't comment on that.

Peter N-H
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Oct 4th, 2009, 10:13 AM
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>I understand the Langham's location is not perfect

Langham's location has been misinterpreted.
The site used to be the bird market before mid 1990s.

Where Langham locates, Mongkok, is the main shopping and entertaining district in Kowloon.
It is the center for 24 hour party people, not Tsim Sha Tsui where Pennisula, Sheraton or IC locate.

I enjoy riding the long escalators in Langham shopping mall that goes up to the top floor.

I think Langham shopping mall itself is worth for tourists in Hongkong to stop by and take look.
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Oct 5th, 2009, 06:16 AM
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Thank-you both. The Langham has now run out of rooms for three!!!
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Oct 7th, 2009, 08:04 AM
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My thoughts would be as follows:

It is really hard to beat that billion dollar view from the Salisbury YMCA. On my very first trip to Hong Kong in 1986 I stayed at the Intercon (at that time the Regent) and the memory of that view has always stayed with me, and is certainly one of the reasons I ultimately decided to move here. While I would agree that the hotel décor is quite plain and not luxurious, that view can really make up for a lot. The view is the only reason to stay on the Kowloon side as far as I am concerned, as the main or more interesting sights are on Hong Kong Island or elsewhere (esp outlying islands). The location is also quite convenient for a tourist, esp. as you will only be there for 2 nights and do not want to spend a lot of time getting from your hotel to sights. The Salisbury is walkable in moments to the Star Ferry for the stunningly scenic 5-mnute ride to Hong Kong Island (my preferred method of transport between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, why go underground with no view?! And pay more for the trip into the bargain.) It also is about a block from the MTR station should you want to use the subway, and is on several major bus lines. While the restaurants in the area tend to be average (other than a few notable more expensive ones), you can get to Hong Kong Island so easily from the Salisbury that I don’t think you would find the lack of good restaurants within walking distance to be an issue. (And there are numerous small places if a bowl of noodles is what you want. Also several good but basic Indian places as well. And of course somthing like the Penninsula for tea for the experience.) Also, I don't know when your trip is, but if it coincides with something like Lunar New Year (mid-Feb next year) or some other holiday on which thare are fireworks in the harbour, then the Salisbury will offer you the best seat in the house for the show.

I would also look at the room sizes being offered at the Jia and the Salisbury to make sure you are comparing rooms of about equal size.

I am not a big advocate of staying in Causeway Bay, where the Jia is located, esp for a first-time tourist with only 2 nights. I think you will spend more time in transport to and from your hotel than you would want. Transport would be by MTR or taxi, neither are expensive but this can get tiresome after a while, esp rush hours on the subway when cars are packed. Buses would be a possibility but are going to take longer and may require changes; the tram is quite pleasant for leisurely people-watching, but to use it to get to Central would take the better part of an hour. The neighborhood offers some sights like an unusual circular temple and the pleasant Victoria Park, but overall does not offer much of note in the way of sights. It used to be an area of small shops selling discount designer clothing, but has been taken over in recent years by mobile phone shops and chain stores, and is not terribly interesting in my opinion. (There are several huge shopping malls not too far.) There are lots of neon signs and crowds of shoppers esp near the Sogo Dept store area which can be interesting, but you can find that in most places here. There are lots of restaurants in the neighborhood, but none that really stand out as exceptional other than a good Japanese place near to Sogo Dept Store and some over near the Times Square Mall (the hotel’s signature restaurant, Opia, which was hugely popular when it first opened, is currently closed for renovations and I am not sure when it is reopening, the other more casual signature restaurant Y, seems to have closed entirely.) If your plan is to go to the Peak, ride the Star Ferry, see the main sights in Central, go out to Stanley and/or Aberdeen, go to outlying islands like Lamma Island or parts of Lantau Island or to the bird/flower market in Kowloon, you may not find this area to be very convenient.

As you have indicated that the Langham Place is full for your room type, I won’t comment on it.
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