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  • Last trip
    Santa Fe/Tokyo
  • Next trip
    Key West in winter; back to Schloss Elmau in June '17
  • Favorite destinations
    Africa, east Asia, Europe, Pacific NW
  • Best travel tip
    Avoid growing old
  • Favorite hotel
    Schloss Elmau; Andaz Tokyo; Hong Kong IC (harbour view room only); Four Seasons Sayan (Bali); Hoshinoya (Karuizawa) RIP: Shompole (Kenya)
  • Favorite restaurant
    Hamersley's Bistro (Boston) [RIP]; Le Normandie (Bangkok)
  • Never travels without
    An AmEx card. They saved my butt when I found myself stuck, far from home, with all my cash & credit cards stolen.
  • All-time best travel moment
    New York to London flight, May 2002, seat 7A, flight BA 002
  • Quote
    "We live in an age where lemonade is made with artificial ingredients and furniture polish is made with real lemons."

    --A. E. Neuman
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