Bali safe?

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Bali safe?

We are going to be in Bali at the end of this month. Is there any Tsumani realted illnesses to be worried about? I assume the general precautions would be Ok, right? Any other advice would be helpful? Is shopping better in Kuta and Denp. then any other place?

Thanks in advance
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Bali is a long way from Aceh province, so that shouldn't be an issue. Make sure you go to the see the silver smiths on the side streets of the village of Celuk. Don't go to the tourist shops on the main road.
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Bali was not at all impacted by the tsunami.

If you are looking for crafts, you want to visit the craft villages. Each village has a different traditional crafts (Ubud is for paintings, Batubulan for stone carving, Celek for silverwork, etc). Kuta is really not the place to shop.
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If by "safe" you mean was Bali impacted by the tsunami, no, it wasn't. But is Bali "safe" from a security perspective and the possibility of terrorist attack? That's another matter entirely.

You should know, if you don't already, that Bali is under a RENEWED TRAVEL WARNING issued 1/13/2005 that warns Americans to defer all non-essential travel to Bali as it is still very much under threat of terrorist attack, an attack against western interests, inicluding western hotels. You can read the Travel Warning yourself by going to the following website:, click on "TRAVEL WARNINGS" to the left, then, INDONESIA 1/13/2005.
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As mentioned above, Bali was not affected by the Tsunami, Moreover, turism is expected to rise in Bali as some of the other resorts islands of SEA, were severly impacted (phuket, andaman islands, and so on).
On the other hand, where do you live utlonghorn? since Bali may be as secure as your hometown (I used to lived in Mexico City, and I feel a lot more safe in Bali than there.)
I would recommend UBUD and the towns nearby to make good shopping (arts & crafts), also browse for more ideas.
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JContreras-(and this all I'm going to say on this matter) don't you think that pretty much everyone feels safe before a terrorist attack hits and bodies go flying? Everyone sure felt safe the morning of September 11th, didn't they? That's the whole reason governments put out warnings-to put people on notice so they can conform their plans and activities accordingly to minimize the threat.

Does that mean that a terrorist attack will occur if you go to Bali? Of course not. Chances are, nothing will happen, but there is a much greater likelihood than other places in the area that an attack will occur in Indonesia, and that western hotels and other institutions will be targeted.

And could you perhaps allow for the possibility that the US Govt. and the Australian Govt., might know just a little bit more than John Q. Citizen about the threat situation in that part of the world? That's part of their non-delegable duties to their citizens, to assess threat conditions by using a variety of means to come up with specific and credible threat information.

People then have to decide for themselves whether, in spite of the Warnings, it's worth it to them to accept the risk.
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To answer your original post and not get out of control on the travel warnings - Kuta is not a good place to shop - mostly junk. You might find interesting things in Denpasar at the bazaar or elsewhere but it is not the primary place for Bali shopping. As indicated above, Ubud and surrounding towns are the place to buy high quality items unique to Bali. For my opinion on safety and more on my experiences see me trip report at:
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I had my shoulder bag expertly removed from my shoulder before I even knew it, by two young kids riding a motor bike in Legian.
No harm done to me, but I lost our two cameras with all the photos from our European trip, as well as odds and ends. (We were on the way home to Australia)
I did know the warnings about this - but had a momentary lapse in concentration. That can happen anywhere - the robbery, I mean, as well as lapses in concentration!

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I am not aware of any current travel advisories for Bali though keep an eye for one before you fly out particularily if you are transiting/travelling through either Thailand, Cambodia, China or Vietnam.

1. The H5N1 bird flu is said to be spreading rapidly through Vietnam & Cambodia with cases reported in Thailand.

2.Meningitis infections & casulties are on the rise in China and the Govts of both Hong Kong & China are keeping a sharp watch on this due to the Chinese New Year travel beginning next week.

Otherwise Bali should be as beautiful as it always has been. Kuta is ok for general shopping but prices tend to be higher as most foreigners will buy stuff there. Ubud & Celuk (antiques, silverware etc) is also recommended if you do find the time. I would ignore Denpasar compared to the other 3 mentioned.

I love the various bamboo & coconut shelled & crafted wind-chimes which will constantly remind you of Bali whenever the wind dances through its various corridors !!

Happy Shopping & Safe travelling !
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