Is This Enough Time in LAX ???

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mrwnrfl: there's a part of the equation you are missing...
I booked these business class flights using AA FF miles -- and I did not have enough miles to book one itinerary from NBO to LIH. Hence the separate ticket from LAX to LIH. The cost of buying the additional miles was wayyyy more than booking separate LAX to LIH tix.
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Tthat does add 001 to the equation. Those are the first three digits of your ticket numbere. It is a + that your ticket was isItssued by AA.

If you are still considering going on to LIH on the day you arrive at LAX. and you get an AA ticket to LIH, then it is more likely that they will be able to protect you if QR is late or either airline has a schedule change that messes up; the connection. QR business class is pretty good (ime, DEL-DOH-IAH). Its not like you will be in the last row of economy on an old 747 on a flight that takes for forever.

You go to AA dot com and book a Main Cabin ticket and get a seat upgrade and maybe even first class. The you get that info and the award ticket info together and call AA. Explain that you wanted to get it all on one ticket but didn't have the miles so you got the second ticket. Now you are worried about QR being too late and worried about schedule changes. And you don't want to lose the value of the second ticket if you are a deemed a nb-show and you don't want to have to buy a last minute ticket. You ask them what to do. Can they link the tickets and protect you if the connection doesn't work out. If you don't like the answer then you can cancel the LIH ticket for a full refund (make sure, before you press the purchase button, that you can cancel/refund it within 24 hours of booking)
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Hmm ... I like this idea, but the AA flight departs 45 minutes earlier than the Delta flight.

mrwunrfl: have you ever had an airline agree to this kind of arrangement? I would guess the agent would say it's "impossible."
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It is 45 minutes earlier but you still have 2hr 55 min from scheduled arrival and departure. The arrival could be late but it probably will be on-time and could be early. The departure could be delayed, You have GE, no checked bags, and an airside transfer, so no TSA. The AA terminals are closer to the TBIT than Delta. The TBIT is between T4 and T5, as I think you know.

I am assuming that the airside transfer is quicker than going outside and thru TSA. Either way, with pre-check, carry-on, checked-in but no bp, and cleared I&C with an hour before departure, my anxiety level would not be too high.

Yes, they quite likely say "impossible". I tend to ask for what I want. If I get a "no" then I ask to speak to a manager. Sometimes get it despite my expectations of being denied. Airlines can and do make exceptions to their policies. This is not a request for an employee to do something that would get them in trouble.

They could say they require a minimum of three hours for that connection and say no. Your GE and no checked bags are worth at least 5 minutes. Whatever it is, you just appeal to a higher authority and if that person doesn't grant an exception then I would ask who can. You are special.
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No, I have not made the kind of request that I am suggesting. I would, if that is what I wanted. This is not a pound-the-table demand, just a simple request that would make me a happy customer. I have many examples of getting what I want by asking.

I booked a ticket on AA and decided to cancel/change it within 24 hours of booking only to find out that it was no-change/cancel. I think it was within 24 hours of departure. So, I called and they explained and gave me an exception and gave me a refund. If I make that mistake again then I will call again and see what happens (probably, I would have some guilt in asking, knowing it was my mistake and knowing the deal).

My thoughts on your situation might be outdated. I did have a somewhat similar experience that sets my expectations. Granted this was more than 10 years ago and it was on Japan Airlines, not a US carrier. I was in first class on the TPAC segment but I don't think that mattered much.

I had an AA award ticket to fly JAL from JFK to Tokyo Narita. I had a second AA award ticket to fly JAL from Narita to Sapporo. When I checked in at JFK I learned that the Tokyo flight would definitely be three hours late, I was going to miss the connection. The agent knew about the second ticket and did something, I think she "linked" them.

When I got to NRT there was a person there to help, give directions. I got vouchers for: transport to Shinagawa, meals, a nght in a hotel, transport to Haneda Airport and a confirmed seat to Sapporo the next day.

I got that without asking and maybe JAL would not do that today, but I would ask.

That reminds me. If I asked for what I was suggesting above and it was granted then I would ask if they would provide hotel and/or meal vouchers or put me on a different carrier if I missed that last AA flight of the day to LIH, fully expecting to be denied even if it was asking the president of AA.

Worst case is that they say no and you keep the ticket and miss the connection, the second ticket is worthless, and you have to buy one at the last minute at a price that is probably closer to $200 than to $500 and not $1000 and have to go to Hotwire for a night. Or you use that Southwest backup.

No rush in doing this. There could be schedule changes. It is too early to book the Southwest ticket in Sept at this point, anyway.

But, it is a long flight LAX-LIH, and if you just plan to spend the night near LAX and fly the next day then you will have an itinerary that WILL work. But it would be at the cost of a day at home (which would be a high cost for me if that day was a work day).

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