Lake Masek Tented Camp: Feedback?

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Lake Masek Tented Camp: Feedback?

We are ready to pull the trigger on trip 3 to East Africa, February 2011. Can anyone provide first-hand feedback on Lake Masek Tented Camp? We loved Ndutu in 2007, but this one seems a worthwhile alternative. One of us must have stopped or stayed there in the last year... Jim
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Hi jim, I have visited the new Lake Masek Tented Camp last August. It wasn't totally finished at that time (i went for an inspection trip) but it looked really nice. The tents are big with nice furniture. TWC always takes care of their customers very well.

In Februari this is a great area as you probably know for seeing the big migration.

I would definetaly recommend Lake Masek Tented Camp
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Hi Jim,
Good timing, we just got back from Lake Masek Tented Camp--it's beautiful. More expensive than Ndutu, but well worth it. Huge lodge with expansive porch, all with high overlook of Lake Masek. You'll think you are in a 5-star resort; but you'll have to unzip the room door instead of openning it. Food and service were both superb. Feb will be a great time for game drives and you won't have to go far.
Our first morning there were elephant with babies about 50 meters from the lodge porch. We also found simba and cubs about 1 km down the road from the lodge--in fact most of the animals we saw were within 5 km of this lodge.
I'd highly recommend-just like LuckyB. Give it a go!
-Van, from Minnesota.
PS. I've got pics of the lodge and cabins/tents to post, but have not yet since we just got back yesterday. I'll copy a link to you. The pics on their website are very accurate.
It just openned in DEC, 2009--so everything is new.
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Thanks Van! I have been tempted to bump this back to the top just to rebait the hook for an answer from someone that actually stayed as a customer. We are staying three nights at LMTC in Feb 2011. We stayed 2 days at Ndutu Lodge in January 2007 (I really liked it), but were a week or two early for the big push. This time our operator encouraged us to try LMTC based on feedback from his people on the ground in TZ. We sent in deposit last week for 10 days in Northern TZ and I am ready to go now. I look forward to seeing your pictures and perhaps a trip report. Jim.
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Van from MN.... Are there many fly-in guests there or is it mostly people bringing their own guides and transport? Also, with 20 tents do they run the dining and campfire "lodge style" i.e. separate tables and people pretty much left to mix or not as they wish or smaller tented-camp style i.e. dining with other guests at large tables and subtle intervention by the managers to encourage a communal atmosphere?

Not a question on which I want to form an opinion of whether it is good or not - just have my own reasons, and I think some other people who (unlike me) travel as singles will be interested in the answers too.

Thanks. Sounds like you definitely liked the place.
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Here is a (the only one) report on that camp

Sounds very good!

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kimburu, I think aby stayed there recently--or will be staying there soon. If you do a search you should find some info. I'll see if I can dig it up.
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Thanks Leely, SV.
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How much is the price diff pppd between Ndutu Lodge and LMTC ?

My provider is pushing for LMTC but the people I will be going with (in 2011) prefer hot water(without restrictions) and also don't want canvas around them . Plus, I believe it will be good for their wallet if they stay at the lodge(ndutu) but I dunno how much is the price difference.
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TP - If your friends don't want canvas... duh! Then stay at Ndutu. Lk. Masek Camp is more expensive than Ndutu Lodge, but not by much. However, this is very personal.

As to water restrictions, most camps provide bladder/bush showers with sufficient liquid to wet, soap and rinse. And, even enough to wash your hair.

Whether at a camp or lodge, water is precious and neither is the place to take a leisure 20/minute shower. Besides, there often isn't sufficient time to tarry.
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TigerP - We've booked three nights at LMTC in Feb 2011, changing from three nights at Ndutu Lodge in our original itinerary. The price difference in our quote for that change was $75pppd ($225pp total).

When we stayed at Ndutu in 2007, hot water was provided via the "Tanganyika Boilers" behind the cottages; has that changed? We never had problems with having hot water, but I recollect that the boilers were fired in the late afternoon and the morning shower was warm but not hot.

FYI - We really liked Ndutu Lodge, it was my favorite place on first Northern Circuit safari. We are using LMTC at suggestion of Operator and because its the only place with canvas that appealed to Mrs. W. (I would prefer canvas, she doesn't.) Jim.
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Thx, Sandi and Otis for the quick replies !

Trust me, there are some folks who might not think of bush showers as luxury..instead it could feel like an inconvenience .

Otis, wow...that's not bad at all. Are you going with a group? The pppd seems pretty low for peak season, is that $225 pppd for full board and safari drives ?
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$225 was the DIFFERENCE per person for three days between Ndutu Lodge and LMTC. Thus the daily difference in rates, in my particular quote, was $75pppd. I don't know what the rate was pppd for each of the camps, I don't ask for that detail.
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Doh, got it !
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