The Hill Country: Places to Explore



You don't just find yourself in Mason; you have to want to get there. Nestled in the rolling hills at the very northwest corner of this region, this pristine town was once a bastion of civilization for hunters on their way to or from various excursions, but today it's one of the Hill Country's best-kept secrets.

Among the many things to see and do around the town, visitors shouldn't miss a trip to Fort Mason. Just up Post Hill, this historic site played a pivotal role in the success of the town by protecting settlers from Indian raids through the late 1870s, and by providing employment opportunities for residents. The fort is also known for producing some of the Civil War's most notable generals, including Albert Sidney Johnston, William J. Hardee, and Robert E. Lee.

Mason is home to famed novelist Fred Gipson who wrote the classic novel Old Yeller. Texans might also recognize historical fiction and non-fiction writer Scott Zesch who wrote the critically acclaimed The Captured, which recounts true stories of children abducted by Apache Indians in the Mason area. Zesch is the son of Gene Zesch, a woodcarving artist renowned in the Southwest part of the country for depicting humorous caricature of life on Texas ranches. Original pieces of Zesch's carvings are on display in the Director's Room of the Commercial Bank in Mason.


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