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Nicknamed the Big Island, Hawaii the island is a microcosm of Hawaii the state. From long white-sand beaches and crystal-clear bays to rain forests, waterfalls, luau, exotic flowers, and birds, all things quintessentially Hawaiian are well represented here.


Big Island Hotels

Even among locals, there is an ongoing debate about which side of the Big Island is "better," so don't worry if you're... read more


Big Island Restaurants

Between star chefs and myriad local farms, the Big Island restaurant scene has really heated up in the last 10 years. Food... read more


Big Island Experiences

  • Top Reasons to Go to Big Island

    Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: Catch the lava fireworks at night and explore newly made land, lava tubes, steam vents, and giant... Read more

  • Sustainability

    Although sustainability is an effective buzzword and authentic direction for the Islands' dining establishments, 90% of Hawaii's food and... Read more

  • Back-to-Basics Agriculture

    Emulating how the Hawaiian ancestors lived and returning to their simple ways of growing and sharing a variety of foods has become a... Read more

  • Tourism and the Economy

    The over-$14.3-billion tourism industry represents a third of Hawaii's state income. With a record number of visitors coming to the... Read more

  • Sovereignty

    Political issues of sovereignty continue to divide Native Hawaiians, who have formed myriad organizations, each operating with a separate... Read more

  • Rise of Hawaiian Pride

    After the overthrow of the monarchy in 1893, a process of Americanization began. Traditions were duly silenced in the name of citizenship.... Read more

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