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By and large, people have the wrong idea about Mexico City. To many the name alone summons two words: crime and pollution. No doubt there are areas to be avoided, but the Distrito Federal is packed to the gills with decent people who will usually look out for one another, and for you.


Mexico City Hotels

Although the city is huge and spread out, most hotels are clustered in a few neighborhoods. Colonia Polanco has a generous... read more


Mexico City Restaurants

Mexico City has been a culinary capital ever since the time of Moctezuma. Chronicles tell of the extravagant banquets... read more


Mexico City Experiences

  • Top Reasons to Go to Mexico City

    Hitting the hippest spot in the country: Mexico City is the undisputed cultural capital of Latin America, with a lifestyle as... Read more

  • Cuisine Old and New

    The capital may be able to sate your cravings for blini or sushi, but some of the most intriguing dining experiences stem from Mexican... Read more

  • Gay Bars in Mexico City

    Gay and lesbian life in the capital is something of a contradiction. In one of the largest cities in the world—and one that has just now... Read more

  • Mexico City Background

    Mexico City is a city of superlatives. It is both the oldest (founded in 1325) and the highest (7,350 feet) metropolis on the North... Read more

  • Take a Tour

    Red double-decker, open-top buses operated by Turibus run 9–9 daily. The $14 daily pass (purchased on board) lets you get on and off as... Read more

  • The Sun Stone

    The Aztec calendar stone—the original Piedra del Sol (Stone of the Sun)—is in the anthropology museum's Room 7 (Sala Mexica).... Read more

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