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Although the roots of fútbol (soccer) are probably English, a weekend afternoon game at Mexico City's colossal Estadio Azteca makes clear that this is the sport Mexicans are craziest about. Baseball has a strong following, too, as does the over-the-top lucha libre (wrestling). Mexico City is also home to the world’s largest bullfighting ring, where the controversial sport still draws large crowds.


Diablos Rojos. Thanks to batter-friendly thin air, baseball fans here are usually treated to slugfests at Diablos Rojos games. The season runs...


Monumental Plaza Mexico. Whether you consider it blood sport or ballet, bullfighting remains one of Spain's most lasting colonial legacies...

Lucha Libre

Wrestling has been around since the mid-1800s, or at least the early 1900s (there is some debate about how and when it began), but it is growing...


Estadio Azteca. Fútbol is the sport that Mexicans are most passionate about, which is evident in the size of their soccer stadium, Estadio...


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