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Copenhagen—København in Danish—has no glittering skylines and hardly any of the high-stress bustle common to most capitals. Throngs of bicycles glide along in ample bike lanes. The early-morning air in the pedestrian streets of the city's core is redolent of freshly baked bread and soap-scrubbed storefronts. If there's such a thing as a cozy city, this is it.


Copenhagen Hotels

In Copenhagen hotels, rates are on the high end of the scale and rooms are on the small side. The city has, in recent years,... read more


Copenhagen Restaurants

Copenhagen, considered Scandinavia's culinary capital, has experienced a gastronomical revolution over the past decade. A... read more


Copenhagen Experiences

  • The Artlessness of Danish Design

    "There is one art—no more, no less—to do all things—with artlessness," Danish inventor and poet Piet Hein once wrote in the daily... Read more

  • The Danish Royals

    The equitable Danes may believe that excessive pride is best kept hidden, but ask about their queen and this philosophy promptly flies out... Read more


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