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Most of the accommodation along Providenciales’s Grace Bay is condo-style, with extra space for families and fully equipped kitchens and laundry facilities. However, you will also find a few hotel room–style resorts to choose from. The majority of places to stay on the outer islands are small inns. What you give up in luxury, however, you gain back tenfold in island charm. Another alternative

to a resort-style vacation is staying in one of the numerous villas that dot the islands. On Provo you will find a large selection, from one-bedroom cottages perfect for a honeymoon to villas that sleep more than 20 people, ideal for that extended-family holiday. On the less busy outer islands your options are limited. With demand high, especially in the busy season, it makes sense to plan as far ahead as possible. Those with flexibility can take advantage of the off-season.

There are also two very private ultraluxury resorts to choose from at this time: Parrot Cay and Amanyara.

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