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Cosmopolitan Chiang Mai, Thailand's second city, is regarded by many as its rightful, historic capital. It's a fascinating and successful mix of old and new, where 1,000-year-old temples and quiet monastery gardens exist side by side with glittering new hotels and shopping malls. Simple Thai outlets selling local fare rub shoulders with sophisticated restaurants that would merit inclusion in the good-food guides of any U.S. or European metropolis.


Chiang Mai and Environs Hotels

Soaring tourist numbers—particularly young Chinese visitors with newly acquired wealth and the urge and freedom to... read more


Chiang Mai and Environs Restaurants

All the city's top hotels serve reasonably good food, but for the best Thai cuisine go to the restaurants in town. The... read more

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Things To Do in Chiang Mai and Environs

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Chiang Mai and Environs Experiences

  • Monk Chat

    If you're like most people, a visit to Chiang Mai's numerous temples is likely to leave you full of unanswered questions. Head to Wat Suan... Read more

  • The History of Chiang Mai

    Chiang Mai's rich history stretches back 700 years to the time when several small tribes, under King Mengrai, banded together to form a... Read more

  • Thailand's Elephants

    The United States has its eagle. Britain acquired the lion. Thailand's symbolic animal is the elephant, which has played an enormous... Read more


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