The resort town of Pucón, on the southern shore of Lago Villarrica, attracts Chileans young and old. By day, there are loads of outdoor activities in the area. The beach on Lago Villarrica feels like one of Chile's popular coastal beach havens near Viña del Mar. By night, young people flock to the major night spots and party until dawn while the older crowd has a large array of fine restaurants and trendy shops to visit. Pucón has many fans, though some lament the town's meteoric rise to fame. Be warned that accommodations are hard to come by in February, which is easily the busiest month. Outside of summer, most stores, restaurants, and pubs here close down.

With Volcán Villarrica looming south of town, a color-coded alert system on the Municipalidad (city hall) on Avenida Bernardo O'Higgins signals volcanic activity, and signs around town explain the colors' meanings: green—that's where the light almost always remains—signifies "normal activity," indicating steam being let off from the summit with sulfuric odors and constant, low-level rumblings; yellow and red indicate more dangerous levels of activity. But remember that the volcano sits a good 15 km (9 miles) away, and you are scarcely aware of any activity. Indeed, ascending the volcano is the area's most popular excursion.

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