Door County


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Jutting out from the Wisconsin mainland like the thumb on a mitten, the 70-mile-long Door County peninsula is bordered by Lake Michigan and Green Bay. Each of the half-dozen quaint lakeshore towns on the peninsula is filled with charming restaurants, shops, and inns. First-time visitors often make a circle tour via Routes 57 and 42. The Lake Michigan side is somewhat less settled and has a rougher landscape.

Your visit to Door County is not complete unless you sample the region's famed fish boil, which originated more than 100 years ago. It's a simple but delicious meal that has reached legendary status in the region. A huge caldron of water is brought to a boil over a wood fire. A basket of red potatoes is cooked in the caldron, followed by a basket of fresh local whitefish steaks. At the moment the fish is cooked to perfection, kerosene is dumped on the fire, and the flames shoot high in the air, causing the caldron to boil over, expelling most of the fish oils and fat. The steaming whitefish is then served with melted butter, potatoes, coleslaw, and another favorite, Door County cherry pie.

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