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The First Craft Beer Hotel Will Have Beer-Filled Jacuzzis (and Other Beer Things Everywhere)

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BrewDog, a Scottish Brewery, plans to open the first craft beer hotel in Columbus, Ohio, where later this year they will open their first international brewery called The DogHouse. They were hoping to raise $75,000 of the $7.3 million necessary to make the hotel with their Indiegogo campaign, and have already surpassed this goal, with $124,859—so, get ready, because beer hotel is actually happening.

“Beer buffs around the world have been crying out for a beer hotel since we first floated the idea on social media, so we’re going to kick-start the most ambitious project we’ve ever planned, all with the backing of our global community of beer fans,” commented James Watt, BrewDog co-founder and CEO.

If you’re wondering what a “craft beer hotel” entails, here are the amenities that The DogHouse promises:

beer plans

There will be a craft beer spa. They will be offering a “craft beer spa” with beer-based spa treatments, such as a “hops face mask” and “malted barley massage.” So, you can get beer placed straight onto your face here, for an “I have beer on my face” glow.

There will be craft beers on tap, in your room. Great news: your hotel room is also a bar.

They will offer three-course breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that will all be infused with and paired with craft beer. They are going to basically be pouring beer straight into your soul at all hours of the day.

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There will be a fridge full of beer in your shower. Get clean while getting drunk!

There will be a Jacuzzi filled with their Punk IPA. You can sit in a giant pool of hot beer, right in your hotel room. And it’s not light stuff, either—you’ll be sitting in a big bucket of very strong and very hot IPA. 

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Anybody who contributes at least $25 to the campaign can get free stuff, like a tour and beer tasting or a shirt. If you contribute $150, you get one night free at the hotel for two people. And if you nicely contribute $30,000, you can have a whole one-night event like your birthday or wedding there, for free. So if you have $30,000 on hand and want to get married at a beer hotel, this is available to you.

It’s all beer all the time at this place. They’re aiming to open the hotel in September of 2018. Frankly, I’m hoping I can live there.

Insider Tip: Stay hydrated.

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