The township of greater Huntington embraces five navigable harbors, several beaches on the gentle waters of Long Island Sound, and 17 communities, including the attractive Huntington village (the township also includes Cold Spring Harbor and Northport). The township's most famous resident, the poet Walt Whitman, was born here in 1819. Later, he founded a local newspaper, the Long Islander, which is still published today. The late 1800s and early 1900s saw the development of this region of the North Shore's Gold Coast, which attracted estate owners William K. Vanderbilt, Marshall Field III, and Walter B. Jennings, among others.

Today, Huntington village is the heart of the township; historic buildings and excellent restaurants and shops pepper the bustling downtown. Among the stores here are a large independent bookstore, charming gift shops, trendy boutiques, and antiques stores.

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