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The 11 Wackiest Themed Restaurants in Taiwan You Have to See to Believe

Visiting these zany cafes just might make you feel like a kid again!

The Taiwanese have always been heavily inspired by Japanese culture and they have adopted Japan’s love for themed cafes and taken it to the next level. Among the most popular themed cafes in Taiwan are a toilet inspired cafe, hospital-themed restaurants where waitresses donning nurse uniforms will inject beverages directly into your mouth, and all kinds of animal cafes. The Taiwanese have a whimsical sense of humor and you’ll find examples of that in these insane eateries.

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OIA Cafe

WHERE: Xinbei, Taiwan

Alpaca fans rejoice! Finally, you can enjoy a cup of tea with your very own alpaca within petting distance at OIA Cafe in Xinbei. As long as you don’t mind if your shirt gets munched on while you dine on pasta, you’ll be in alpaca heaven. Two friendly alpacas roam the cafe and are easily bribed by carrots for moments of their attention. If that’s not enough for you, there are 10 more alpacas located outside in the back. OIA Cafe is located in Xinbei about 40 minutes away from Taipei and features beachy decor, as inspired by the nearby surroundings. Just remember, don’t hug the alpacas–or you might get spit on!

INSIDER TIPThe owner of the cafe is a fan of exotic Savannah cats imported from the states. To visit with these cats, just ask and you might get a VIP pass to head up the second. Behind the cafe is a beautiful stretch of beach which is perfect for an after mealtime stroll. Just follow the stone steps behind the cafe to the edge of the water. Watch your step, as the spacing of the rocks are irregular!


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The Modern Toilet Restaurant

WHERE: Taipei Ximending, Taiwan

The Modern Toilet Restaurant is one of the most popular themed restaurants in Taiwan. It has a location in Hong Kong, and over 10 spots in Taiwan alone. The restaurant even has its own Wiki page. One memorable dessert is the “Hemorrhoid Ice” which comes to your table slathered in strawberry syrup, marshmallows, raisins, and so much more. It’s all topped off with a chocolate poop-like ice cream swirl. Drinks are served in urinal-shaped glasses or urine collection bottles that are given to guests as souvenirs. Entrees consist mostly of hot pots and curries and are showcased in miniature toilet bowls.

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The Rilakkuma Cafe

WHERE: Taipei, Taiwan

Even if you aren’t a fan of the “Relax Bear” known as Rilakkuma, you can enjoy the Kawaii cuteness overload at the Rilakkuma Cafe. Every dish at this cafe is ultra Instagram-worthy and super adorable. Rilakkuma plushies and figurines pepper the booths and countertops and there is the requisite gift shop on site with all the latest and greatest from the Rilakkuma universe. Some of the most popular dishes include the Rilakkuma Cheese Onigiri, Rosemary Fried Chicken Thigh Pasta, and Seafood Risotto with Tomato Sauce.

INSIDER TIPMake sure to make your reservation in advance, or you may not get a seat at all.


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Alice is Coming

WHERE: Taipei, Taiwan

At this restaurant, you can indulge yourself in the ultimate waking Alice in Wonderland dream. Meals are served inside booths designed as teacups, quite similar to the Disneyland ride. Much of the food is themed with heart-shaped chicken nuggets and a selection of beverages inspired by card suits. Alice in Wonderland artwork and details are featured everywhere with checkered floors, life-sized books, and waitresses donning blue maid uniforms.

INSIDER TIPThe entrance can be a bit confusing, it is located to the left of the Family Mart downstairs and may not be apparent at first. When you do find the entrance you might feel reminiscent of when Alice fell accidentally down the rabbit hole.


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Brick Works

WHERE: Taipei, Taiwan

This lLego playland features dining tables individually outfitted with its very own Lego set. Visitors can customize their own figurines out of the legos to take home as a souvenir for just NT $100, a total steal! Don’t miss the epic wall of Lego Stormtroopers and countless Lego-inspired pastries. Make sure to order the Lego Waffle. It’s perfectly baked with a light crispy exterior and Iis complimented with whipped cream, mango ice cream,  and a super cute presentation of sugar cereal and chocolate sauce.

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The Maiden Diner

WHERE: Taipei, Taiwan

At the Maiden Diner, a bevy of ultra-feminine maids donning frilly, pastel uniforms is ready for service. Miming the cutest Kawaii poses featuring heart hand signs and telephone signals, these girls are primed to entertain and make sure all guests are fully welcomed and catered to. Meals feature Japanese homestyle food embellished with swirly ketchup emojis and heart shaped rice. After dinner, enjoy a game of cards or a board game with the maids, these girls just wanna have fun!

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Gudetama Chef

WHERE: Da’an District Taipei, Taiwan

This cafe is a celebration of the ever-popular Sanrio character Gudetama. Unlike the other super sweet characters in Hello Kitty Universe, Gudetama is a bad-tempered lazy egg who does nothing but lie around all day. The Gudetama Cafe features endless amounts of lemon-yellow Gudetama adorned decor. Everything is themed from all the Gudetama emblazoned food all the way down to the waitresses’ hair clips. If you want to take home a souvenir, order the Tricolour Slush which comes is a plastic bottle jazzed up with Gudetama’s mug, it’s yours to take home. Reservations are mandatory but if you don’t make it in, you can still snap an Instagram selfie in front of its exterior yellow brick wall.

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Minimal Cafe

WHERE: Taipei, Taiwan

This popular cat cafe features 14 tabby cats roaming the venue. It’s a great place to grab a bite to eat and study, the wifi is good and the cats are snuggly. Not only are they approachable but they will often come up to say hello. The cats have free rein of the place and hang out everywhere. Don’t be surprised if an overly friendly tabby jumps onto your table to examine your meal. There’s a one drink minimum to hang out–the Taiwanese Calamondin drink is a popular option. There’s even an alcohol menu! Booze and kitties, what more could you want?

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PS Bubu

WHERE: Taipei, Taiwan

PS Bubu is Taiwan’s only vintage car themed cafe. The restaurant is filled with vintage American collectibles including parking meters, license plates, and more. The car aficionado’s paradise was dreamed up by two car enthusiasts who cut several authentic vintage cars in halves and fashioned them into dining booths. Featured throughout are Volkswagen Beetles, Mini Austins, and Cadillacs. The type of food served consists of Westernized and fusion dishes, and the ever-popular Taiwanese set menu.

INSIDER TIPReserve in advance if you want to dine in style in the only “whole” car in the restaurant: an entire pink Mini Austin.


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Zoo Coffee

WHERE: Da'an District Taipei, Taiwan

This coffee house and restaurant is a relaxing jungle oasis from the busy streets of Taipei. This cafe features animal and wildlife themed decor and plenty of greenery. Expect funky, bohemian decor throughout with animal head mounts and indie pop playing through the speakers. The Italian fusion menu is both affordable and tasty. This is also a dog-friendly restaurant.

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Hello Kitty Shabu Shabu

WHERE: Da'an District Taipei, Taiwan

This is an officially licensed Hello Kitty restaurant. They’ve replaced Hello Kitty’s signature red bow with a camellia flower, which a novel rebranding of this iconic character. All the menu items are branded with Hello Kitty from Hello Kitty shaped food, Hello Kitty printed food, Hello Kitty shaped ice cubes, and more. The hot pots, glasses, utensils, and many of the serving dishes are also themed. The Taiwanese are obsessed with Hot Pot and Hello Kitty alike so this was the obvious combination in the world. If you didn’t get enough of a Hello Kitty fix during your meal, you also leave with a complimentary gift: a Hello Kitty emblazoned bib or coaster.

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