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Plan Your Taiwan Vacation

Also known as the Republic of China, this small island nation off the eastern coast of China is one of Asia's economic powerhouses. It's also a cultural Mecca for anyone interested in ancient Chinese art and artifacts—the National Museum in Taipei holds a huge collection that spans 8,000 years of Chinese history. These treasures were evacuated from mainland China when the communists took over and Chiang Kai-shek moved his government to Taipei. Outside of the hustle and bustle of Taiwan's high-tech capital city, enjoy mountain resorts, tropical beaches, and lush national forests.


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Top Reasons To Go

  1. Eat by Streetlight The best snacking in Taiwan is to be done at the night markets that can be found in every city.
  2. Buy a Ticket to Ride Drive a scooter around Taiwan's verdant coast and feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face.
  3. Experience a Different “China” Taiwan may be the Republic of China, but it's far more laid back than its giant sibling to the northwest.
  4. Visit a Coral Island On Lamay Island, Taiwan’s largest coral island, coral is used, among other things, for building fences.
  5. Appreciate Chinese Antiquities The Kuomintang fled to Taiwan with quite the bundle of Chinese artifacts and antiques, all of which are now housed in the National Palace Museum.

When To Go

When to Go

Peak Season: December to Mid-May Prices shoot up around Christmas, Western New Year, and Chinese New Year (between late January and early...

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