Japan Top Experiences

This Might Be the Best Country for Leaf Peeping

By La Carmina

Years Later, Japan Is Still Recovering From the Tragedy That Shook Fukushima

By Apeksha Bhateja

My Prescription Medication Is Banned in a Country I’m Visiting. Now What?

By Daniel Modlin

How to Find a Tattoo-Friendly Onsen in Japan

By Lucie Grace

Japan Has Finally Reopened. But There’s A LOT You Need to Know Before Traveling There

By Scott Haas

After 2 1/2 Years, This Asian Country Is Finally Fully Reopening

By Apeksha Bhateja

This Might Look Like an Ordinary Cat. But He’s Actually a Japanese Lord

By Ronan O'Connell

You Can Now Go to Japan (Sort Of)

By Apeksha Bhateja

He Built a Temple Complex to Honor His Mother. What Are You Doing for Mother’s Day?

By Laura Wheatley

Japan Has Its Own Version of Romeo and Juliet—and You Can Visit Their Shrine

By Ronan O'Connell

The Wonderful World of Japan’s Incredible Convenience Stores

By Becky Saunders

‘Inugami’ Demon Dogs Are Causing Illness in Japan, According to This Legend

By Ronan O'Connell

The Surprising Reason KFC Is Japan’s Biggest Christmas Tradition

By Katja Gaskell

Wait, How Are the Tokyo Olympics Still Happening?

By Apeksha Bhateja

How Solo Female Travelers Can Prepare for When the—Ahem—Hits the Fan (Literally)

By Emily Dickson

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