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Dakar Travel Guide

PHOTOS: Scenes From One of the Most Vibrant Cities in Africa

This series of photos might just inspire you to plan a trip.

Senegal’s capital of Dakar is an ever-growing city of contrasts where local fishing villages cross over onto beaches lined with restaurants, hotels, and palm trees. Expensive cars litter dusty roads alongside horses and carts. Vibrant colors and music fill the streets as well as busy markets and food stalls.

It’s a town with a strong sense of tradition mixed with bustling city life along with the calm atmosphere of its beautiful beaches and islands.

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Locals play a game of soccer on the beach in the fisherman’s neighborhood of Yoff Tonghor, where many games are set up with wooden goalposts on the sand before sunset.

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A man selling pillows takes a break under the shade of a local shop front in the colorful and dusty streets of Yoff Tonghor.

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Street scenes from Yoff Tonghor, a local neighborhood of colorful buildings and shop fronts that lead to a beach filled with fishermen and boats.

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A man looks over the beach of Yoff Tonghor, where people are playing soccer, women are selling fish and snacks, and fishermen are bringing in their catch for the day on colorful wooden boats.

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An iconic building along the beach of Yoff Tonghor is the local mosque, Mausoleum Seydina Limamou Lahi Al Mahdi. Its white and green walls stand out against the contrast of the surrounding landscape.

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A boy takes dishes of food through the quiet streets of Île de Gorée—a colorful and quiet car-free community off the coast of Dakar.

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A local worker walks up the stairs of the House of Slaves—a colonial building with a dark past that is now a museum—on Gorée Island.

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A lady dressed in traditional vibrant clothes walks through the narrow streets of Yoff Tonghor, where you can really get a taste of the local way of life.

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