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For centuries, Morocco has inspired travelers with its colorful energy, fascinating history, and dazzling combination of Arab, European, and African influences. From vibrant and bustling medinas to the breathtaking Sahara, and craggy mountain ranges, the country packs a remarkable punch around every bend.

From Mediterranean beaches to the highest peak in North Africa, Morocco is an incredible diverse country. In the north, sleepy beach towns come alive in summer, while inland, wild boars and Barbary macaques roam the forests of the lush Rif Mountains. Farther south, the rocky Atlas Mountains rise out of the desert, with tiny Berber villages tucked away in valleys.

Surfers catch waves along the windswept beaches of the Atlantic coast and hikers trek the scenic mountains thatRead More
split the country. Crumbling kasbahs and squared minarets offer a glimpse of Morocco’s storied history across the southern desert regions and areas east of the High Atlas Mountains.

If a city adventure is more your style, Morocco offers a mix of new and old. Slip into one of the hip cafés or design riads to experience Morocco’s modern, cosmopolitan side. Walk outside the door to experience the ancient medina areas of the very same city or spend time in the “new city,” which nearly every Moroccan urban area has. Visit the countless historical sites to get a sense of traditional Morocco, while also experiencing contemporary culture.

Across the country artisans form the backbone of the culture. Handmade products are a source of immense pride. Dozens of tribes in Morocco create their own styles of wool rugs made today as they have been for generations—thread by thread on basic wooden looms. Metalworkers hammer and cut intricately designed lamps while tileworkers hand-chip colored zellige tiles to build tabletops, fountains, or decorative walls. Leather is tanned in vats that have existed for generations—it’s done today the same way it was decades ago.

Don’t forget to tuck into the culinary delights that set Morocco apart. The cuisine isn’t spicy but relies on layers of flavor to create dishes that combine sweet and savory tastes. Multi-course meals are a regular occurrence and use seasonal, fresh produce as much as possible. Sweet mint tea is served throughout the day and ideal to savor while sitting on a rooftop admiring the scenery.

As one of the most stable countries in the region, Morocco is a great choice for travelers who want to experience a different way of life without extended travel time and inconvenient connections.

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