Moulay Bousselham

The laid-back fishing village of Moulay Bousselham is very popular with Moroccans in summer, but is all but empty in cooler weather. It's made up of little more than a single street with a smattering of cafés and souvenir shops. Moulay Bousselham’s lagoon and beach are breathtaking. Its sandbar is somewhat dangerous for swimmers due to a rapid drop-off that causes a continual crash of breaking waves. However, this is one of northern Morocco's prime bird-watching locations, with boat trips organized to see thousands of birds—herons, pink flamingos, sheldrakes, and gannets. The best time for watching birds is just after dawn. The whole area is considered a wetland and thought to be protected by the Ramsar Convention (an international treaty working for the conservation of wetlands) and the village's two patron saints.


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