This small beach town is famous nationwide for its oysters (if you visit the oyster parks, you can learn how they're cultivated). But what really attracts the large influx of travelers each summer is its bay, which is arguably one of the most picturesque places on Morocco's entire Atlantic coast. The fine sand is gently lapped by a sapphire lagoon, and in the distance white breakers collide beyond the cliffs. The main beach is surrounded by a promontory to the south, a gap where the sea enters the lagoon, an island, and another promontory to the north. Around the corner, a second beach seems wholly untouched, and dunes bearing tufts of grass alternate with little rocky hills.

Sand and sea aside, there aren't many "sights" here. If you have a car, however, the drive south along the coastal road from El Oualidia to Essaouira is a rewarding one with magnificent views—especially in spring, when the wildflowers are out. The town also has a Saturday souk, which is definitely worth a visit.

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